Importance of Reading Books

Reading is important, and every author must endeavor to pass their key message to the readers and make them desire to read more.

If you are writing an essay on The Importance of Reading Books, you first have to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Before writing an essay, you must ask yourself, ‘What do I want my readers to know?’ ‘How does this information help them?’ and ‘What questions would they ask if they were reading this essay?’ Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes helps you stay relevant in your writing and benefit the reader.

The All-Important Introduction

An introduction is like a face. It is often the first thing people see. Much like a face, you need to keep your introduction clean and presentable. Try to keep it short as well so that you sustain the reader’s attention. Make sure your introduction states the purpose of your essay lest you lose readers to verbosity.

An example of an introduction:

‘It is fascinating how through reading you can travel all around the world, sample all types of cuisines, fall in love with multiple characters and live multiple lives all in one lifetime.

Reading creates endless opportunities for mental growth while improving one’s state of well-being through relaxation and active rest. Reading is a simple habit that is easy to start and needs little to no effort to sustain. In this essay, we focus on three reasons why you should get into the habit of reading.’

The Body of the Matter

The next part is the body. The body of your essay contains the subject matter. In this case, the subject matter is ‘The Importance of Reading Books.’ The most successful way to bring your body together is by first jotting down about three to six points that you feel are most relevant to the title.

Arrange your points in an orderly fashion starting with the most important. Keep your paragraphs short and concise.

An example of a body:

‘First and foremost, reading builds your mental strength. Studies show that individuals who read often tend to have more effective coping strategies to stress. This is because reading gives one’s mind something to distract them from harsh and difficult realities even for a few minutes. During the quiet time of reading, the mind is able to rest and recoup. The reader also increases their vocabulary and writing skills. Reading occupies time that would have otherwise been spent on destructive coping mechanisms to stress.

Secondly, reading makes you a better conversationalist. Have you noticed how interesting readers are when they speak? When you read, you embrace new perspectives and ways of expressing yourself. People who read often have more depth in their conversations. As they continue in their habit of reading, they learn to read into patterns of various writers and anticipate emotion and events that are yet to come. They subconsciously apply this in their everyday conversations and tend to have higher sensitivity to emotions during conversation compared to non-readers.

Great writers are inarguably assiduous readers. Do you want to improve your writing? Then grab a book and get a good read first. Stephen King says, ‘If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.’ For you to develop your skill in writing, it is important to learn from great writers the skills they employ in their writing.  It is by immersing yourself in reading that you develop your writing skills.’

Getting Your Final Words Right

The last portion of every essay is the conclusion. The conclusion acts as the ribbon that wraps the gift. You would like their experience to come to a slow and pleasant stop, much like a ship after a smooth sail.

What the End Needs To Look Like

The function of the conclusion is to summarise your entire essay. Your aim as the writer should be to ensure that the reader leaves having learned something new. Make sure to keep your conclusion succinct.

An example of a conclusion:

‘Books have remained a key source of knowledge and skill acquisition despite the advent of technology. It is true that there are things a book cannot possibly do such as playing videos, organizing files and creating content. The fact, however, remains that exposing one’s mind to the culture of reading makes them more creative, less dependent on gadgets and more peaceful. If you are yet to start the habit of reading, it is not too late. Visit your local bookstore and start today.’

In conclusion

As a writer, your most important task is to empower your reader with new knowledge or new skills. In such an essay where your aim is to teach your reader new skills, be brief as possible, use simple language and be generous with examples where necessary.