How To Save Our World

The idea of saving the world is very old. People started thinking about it when they understood that there is something bigger than just a city or country, something that connects us all. Now, this theme is widely used in popular culture and people still like it every time they see it.

If you are going to write an essay on this topic, you should be ready for it. It is not just about thinking “what if”, it is a road to actions that may actually save our planet. Now you just writing about it but in a few years, you will be a person who applies all these things in practice to help millions of people.

How to Start this Paper

Most commonly, students start with the introduction. Get your readers familiar with your paper and tell them what interesting facts they could find there. This section is usually crucial for getting the attention so try to use it as the hook and involve readers, especially if you are going to tell them about saving the world

The short example of an introductory paragraph:

”Modern people go to the cinema almost every month to watch how heroes are saving our world. These films are very popular and movie companies keep producing them. But we don’t live in the movie and should start thinking about our own world that also should be saved.”

What to Write in the Main Body of your Paper

Before writing it, you have to do a research, start with considering what are the biggest problems of our planet that should be fixed soon. You can use infographics, diagrams, and tables, analytical data from online libraries. Get the help of people who study ecological and economic issues.

With the results of this research, you are able to define the three or more sections of your main body, and each of the sections will represent a specific issue that should be solved. It helps you to be clear in your thoughts and make your writing more readable.

State the problem and show why it is relevant for us. People wouldn’t read about it if they don’t think that it is actually a problem, and by using facts and evidence, you can involve them and show why they should listen to you.

Then, you should study what people are already doing for solving these problems and how much does it help. If they are doing anything wrong, you can mention it and offer your own way to fix these issues.

You shouldn’t write about all the problems in the world, because you don’t put them all in your small essay, focus on the biggest and the most relevant things that touch you and make you think about them. Remember that there are many countries and neutral territories in the world. You shouldn’t focus on problems of a specific state if there are bigger issues in other states and continents, even if they are far away now. That is why you should see the full picture when studying this topic.

The problems that you highlight in your paper depend on the requirements and the style of it. If you are going to write a comic essay with jokes, you can tell readers about aliens and space pirates as the main enemies of our planet. But if your work is not about joking, you should focus on things like global warming, air pollution, overheating problems, etc.

Don’t trust any source you read. The idea of saving the world is widely used in media and many people and social groups want to use it as they want, they can produce and spread unreliable information, you need to check everything that you read before using it.

Don’t just write that “we should protect the world from wars” or “we need to stop polluting water”. Try to find the relevant ways of solving these problems. You can find many of them in scientific sources, and many projects are already being implemented.

To make it personal, show how much it is relevant for you because people usually think about these issue like they are the problems of someone else. But it can touch each of us, and you can use your essay to convince people.

Notice that not all problems are connected with our environment. There are also issues with crime, politics, religion, technologies, and economics, that also can do big damage. You can mention those problems that would have the biggest influence on our world, but they’re still unsolved.

You need to find a lot of evidence to be confident that you can prove your opinion, and if other people will ask you questions, you should be ready to give them good answers. Think a lot about every issue you are writing about, every project, and every wise solution you are going to offer.

The short example of a paragraph from the main body:

“If we analyze the results of this research, we can understand that global warming is even a bigger problem than we thought. Millions of people are already suffering from its effects and there will be much more circumstances. But there are a few ideas on how to make it slower and protect people from the damage.”

How to Conclude the Paper

At the ending of your essay, you should summarize everything that you mentioned in the main body. Highlight the most relevant ideas that you want to be understood by your readers. Emphasize the ideas that can be implemented in practice if there will be encouraged, people.

When you tell readers about the scale of Earth’s problems, it may seem that the world is going worse every day and there is no solution. But when you write about people who are already working on the ways to solve it, your readers see the positive side. You can show that we can solve any of the stated problems if we collect our minds.

This is an example of a paragraph that can be a part of the conclusion:

“We understand that our world has many problems and people prefer not to see many of them. But there are activists who explain how to save our planet and want to start it right now, and by helping them, we keep our planet from destroying and build the better place for other generations.”