How To Prevent Medication Errors

Life is the biggest value all over the world. That’s why people should do everything possible to save people’s lives. If there are problems causing awful consequences including the death of the patients, they should be solved in different ways. There are a lot of trifles that people should pay attention to if they want to be healthy. These trifles depend on the nurses and other workers but also on patients. We should do everything to save a human life if it’s possible. Sometimes, it’s unimportant which remedies we should use for this. Does everything depend on the nurses and other workers or no? Everything is our hands.

Errors in this field can cause awful consequences including liver damage and excessive bleeding. That’s why it’s very important to prevent medication errors. Around 700 people die per day, and also in this situations, there are the second victims including nurses and other workers. How can they prevent these problems?

How to start an essay?

You can start an essay on this topic writing about how important to prevent the risk of errors made by doctors and nurses and how valuable people’s life is. Also, you can provide a reader with statistics about that how people suffer from this issue and die, which consequences medication errors can cause. You should catch a reader’s attention from the very beginning and provoke a reader to read this essay to the end. That’s why this is very important to explain to a reader how important this topic is.

Introduction example:

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” (c.)

People mix up the price and the value of the life. People’s life is invaluable. If there is an opportunity to save someone’s life people should save it. When somebody dies because of the mistakes of other people, this isn’t acceptable. That’s why doctors and medical workers should make everything possible not to do mistakes. Errors in the medication can cost someone’s life.

More than 250 000 people in the U. S. die from medication errors. Around 700 people per day die from this disaster. Other people become victims of the death of their patients including doctors, nurses, managers, social workers, and pharmacists. In this essay, you will get to know how not to become a victim of medication errors. What can we do to prevent this disaster and what should we do not to become a victim of medical errors?

Body paragraph examples:

Errors in the field of medicine can be the administration of drugs that cause harmful effects including liver damage and excessive bleeding. The most popular instance of medical errors is OTC drugs. People can purchase them without doctor’s prescriptions. They are very harmful to people’s organism because they contain acetaminophen. This component administered in the wrong dosage increases the risk of liver damage. Also, the most awful consequences caused by the overdose are very high prices of medication, patient disability, and a very low level of confidence in healthcare manufacturers. Very often, medical errors are caused by the wrong diagnosis by doctors. They lead to the administration of inappropriate drugs. To improve the safety of patients and a level of suffering in the medical centers, a lot of efforts have been made. The role of nurses in providing a patient with a high level of safety consists of “Five rights”. They include a right patient, a right drug, a right dose, right route, and the right time for safety.

Nurses should try to avoid mistakes in the administration of drugs to defend their patients from the death and other awful consequences. Which efforts should nurses do? Does a patient’s life have a value for nurses and other medical workers? Can they prevent all these awful consequences? Here, you will find some measures that nurses can follow to avoid the patient’s death, liver damage, and excessive bleeding. Among them, there are patient information, medication history, drug information, high-quality communication between nurses and patients, and environmental precautions that nurses should follow.

How high role do nurses play in the medication errors?

Nursers have to follow every measure to ensure patients the full safety. These measures include the information about the patient consisting of personal data about the patient. It includes the information about allergies and the history of infection. This allows doctors and nurses to administer the treatment correctly. This allows doctors and nurses to choose drugs correctly, to administer a right dosage and frequency. Also, before the administration of drugs, determining the age of the patient is very important because some groups of drugs are administered only for specific ages. Information about the allergy helps people to avoid uncontrolled allergic reactions. Also, incorrect interpretation of laboratory results plays a very huge role in the mistakes of medical workers.

On the other hand, data about drugs play a very important role. They allow avoiding mistakes that can cost somebody’s life. Medical workers should pay a great attention to the most important questions about drugs including how and when to use them. This information allows everybody to avoid awful drug events, for instance, very often different groups of meds are forbidden for pregnant women and children. This fact should be accepted during the treatment of the patient. Excellent knowledge about drugs should prevent the administration of wrong drugs for patients who have similar illnesses. For instance, if nurses got to learn information about drugs better, they wouldn’t mix up the antimalarials drugs with meds for the treatment of flue. A serious attitude to the information about drugs allows avoiding people’s death. Also, an important accept during the administration of meds is that drugs with the same color and package have different names and suitable for different medical cases. That’s why a nurse should issue a recipe.

Next factor influencing the administration of drugs is a level of communication between patients and medical workers. Effective communication significantly reduces a capacity of medication errors. The main reason for the language barrier is the lack of the necessary words, communicating in different languages or unclear writing. Such issues can cause more serious problems. Among them, there are the allergic reaction or the death of the patient. These communication barriers can be eliminated by the proper evaluation of the situation and solved by providing medical workers with useful guidelines. Every conflicting issue should be clarified due to the objective assessment of the third man. If there is a language barrier, translation support should be provided by specialists to avoid further consequences with the wrong administration of drugs.

Also, environmental factors play a crucial role in high-quality services of the patients. There are a lot of environmental problems that can cause the administration of wrong drugs including inappropriate conditions of the work, physical and emotional condition of the nurses and bad lighting in the workspace. Awful consequences were caused by the disruption of the nurse’s work. That’s why it’s very important for the medical setting to provide doctors, nurses, social workers, managers, and other non-manual workers with high-quality conditions of the work. They should have appropriate breaks and dinner, days off and vacations for the efficient level of the work.

How to conclude an essay on this topic?

In the conclusion, you should mention all the most important of the body paragraphs. You should list all the serious errors that cause awful consequences in the field of the medicine. Also, in this paragraph, you should provide a reader with probable ways of solving all these problems. You should write a summary of the body paragraphs.

Conclusion example:

During the administration of drugs, a lot of errors can happen. The first problem that can cause the overdose and the death is OTC drugs that everybody can buy without the prescription. Among other serious problems causing awful consequences, there is a bad communication between patients and medical workers, inappropriate conditions of works, not following all the necessary measures by nurses, etc. There are five main measures that nurses should follow. The role of nurses in the right administration of the drugs consists of “Five rights”. Among them, there is a right patient, a right drug, a right dose, right route, and the right time of safety. Before the administration of drugs, nurses should get to know a full information about drugs, information about the patient, information about allergies, and the history of infection. An attentive attention of the nurses and other medical workers to the patient impact the treatment of the patient. Also, the high-quality conditions of the work play a very significant role in the treatment of the patients.