Facebook Addiction

You would be justified to refer to today’s society as the social media society, seeing that the boom of social media platforms has revolutionized the way people interact and the way business operations are conducted. Considering the numerous benefits that individuals and corporations have gotten to enjoy, social media has inevitably brought about a positive transition to the society. However, just as many things have a downside to them, Facebook, which is one of the most popular social media platforms, has had a negative impact on the society. Individuals across all ages have become addicted to the use of Facebook. Today, employees in the corporate world will visit the Facebook site during work hours which results in decreased productivity and a lack of attention in the workplace. Similarly, students will use their valuable study time by chatting with friends on Facebook rather than studying. This, at the end of the day, greatly affects the academic performance of students.

How to Start

The introduction of any essay plays an important role in determining the flow to the end and gives your reader an initial impression about your work. With respect to this specific essay, it is essential you start with a phrase that acquaints your reader with the current situation as it is concerning social media usage. In the first paragraph, convince your reader of your conversancy with matters about the use of Facebook. Here you can use statistical figures to demonstrate your awareness. This not only sets the pace for your essay but also gives your reader a positive impression and a desire to read more.

Introduction Example:

As of today, Facebook is estimated to have more than 1.5 billion active users, and the number continues to grow with the increased acquisition of smartphones around the world. These figures evidence the massive consumer base this social media platform has. According to estimated figures, 1 out of 5 active users logs into their accounts at least once a week. It goes without saying that others visit their sites on a daily basis, more so corporate users who use the platform for marketing and public relations. Regardless of the purpose for which individuals and companies use Facebook, the usage of this platform has been on the incline, leading to a question of whether or not today’s society has developed an addiction to the use of Facebook.

How to Write a Body

On to the body of the essay, this is where you break down your arguments towards defending your opinion on the subject matter. In order to comprehensively cover this segment, you ought to have three to four paragraphs which exhaustively address different idea points. Taking a look at the introduction example above, the paragraph ends with a phrase that doesn’t give a conclusive opinion on the topic of the essay but creates suspense in the reader who would then desire to read the body. It is in this part that you now introduce your verdict and supporting cases. In every paragraph, the first sentence ought to have the main idea which will then be discussed and supported by the following sentences. Make sure that you fully present your ideas without leaving them hanging to avoid creating doubts about your ideas in your reader’s mind. The example below discusses how people always check their Facebook accounts even when it is not necessary as one of the signs of addiction.

Body Paragraphs Example:

Firstly, users have developed a habit of often checking their Facebook accounts even at times they should be doing other productive things. Employers have enacted workplace policies governing the use of social media sites in offices, as this has been a concern in many companies in the corporate world. With a PC on the desk and immediate internet access, employees are always tempted to check their Facebook accounts even during work hours when they are expected to be discharging their responsibilities. With this in place, productivity has been jeopardized greatly. Other Facebook users have confessed to always check their Facebook accounts the first thing in the morning. In schools where mobile phones are permitted, students will tend to use their phones between breaks to chat with friends on Facebook, which in turn affects their one-on-one social lives. These phenomena show how the society has become ensnared to the use of Facebook.

How to Conclude an Essay

The conclusion of your essay gives you the opportunity to assert your verdict by using your arguments as elaborated in the body to support the subject matter of your essay. For a comprehensive and catchy conclusion, restate the main points that you highlighted as your supporting ideas in proposing that people have become addicted to Facebook usage. However, it is important to ensure that your conclusion is as short as possible, and in this regard, use one paragraph that summarizes your body succinctly. In your final sentence, structure your words in a way that avows the title of the essay.

Conclusion Example:

Conclusively, it is undebatable that since its inception, the usage of Facebook has grown staggeringly and is projected to continue inclining with the increase in the purchase of mobile devices around the globe. The Facebook usage culture has further infiltrated into the corporate and academic world, where employees use valuable time and resources within stipulated work hours to browse the internet and check their Facebook accounts. This happens even with the knowledge of the possible repercussions an employee would face in any case the employer gets to know of this unethical conduct. Though many users would argue that they are not addicted to the use of this social media site and that they only spend a few hours per week browsing it, their conduct—such as the often checking of notifications, changing of profile pictures and frequent status updates—points to their addiction to Facebook.