How to Write a Community Service Essay (What have you done to make your school or community a better place?)

Community essays are essays about any volunteering work done and its impact on you and the community you are in. Most students may be asked to write a community service essay when they are applying for scholarships or college. These essays are written based on answering one question,’ what have you done to make your school or community a better place?’ As you develop the paper, you will focus on elaborating on what you did, what you learned from the work and the significance of the community service to the society you are in.

Topic Actuality

Before you begin witting, you should first identify what the essay requires. Determine whether there is a specific structure to be followed and the length of the essay. You will then go ahead and choose an essay topic. The purpose of the paper is what will determine the topic you select. Your title should, however, be relevant. As you brainstorm ideas, ensure the community service activity you decide to write about is one that meant most to you. This way you will have adequate content for your essay.

How to Start Your Essay on This Topic

How you start your paper will determine whether or not the reader will be impressed by it. Your main goal should be to keep the audience hooked from the moment they begin reading the essay. The first sentence of the introductory paragraph should capture the attention of the person reading so that they want to continue reading it. Entice the readers using words that give information on what the article entails.

Introduction Example:

“As I looked at their sad muddy faces as I was led into the room, I knew that I made the right choice to come here. These innocent unlucky teenagers needed help, and I was willing to go out of my way to give it to them. I cannot say that the shelter was a palace, but at least it was a place that would keep them safe, away from the ruthless claws of the dark streets and the alleys.”

How to Write a Body of An Essay on This Topic

The body is what builds up the entire essay. It is the part that gives content to your paper. In the body, you will further explain about the work you did as community service activity. Highlight the most memorable experience you had while working. Explain when you began and how long you spent volunteering. You should also elaborate on the responsibilities you had working as a volunteer.

You can write the paragraphs based on the insight of what you per took in your community service. As you write about your experiences, ensure you go into detail. Specify what you did and include some of the memorable moments and people you associated with at the community service. For instance, if your essay is about working at a shelter home for homeless children talk about how the children at the facility were brought in and how they adapted to their change of environment. Point out how you worked one on one with these children to help transform their lives.  Remember to write about what you accomplished while at the community service. Mention some of the significant lessons you learned from the experience

Body Paragraphs Example:

“Working as a volunteer at Relief Shelter Home, I met with a number of children who had undergone traumatic experiences. Some of these children had been raised in abusive homes and ended up seeking refuge in the streets. As part of my duties, I gave talks to these children showing them how to cope and how they could make a life for themselves despite their backgrounds. I was assigned four teenagers who I mentored during my volunteering. I offered counseling and advice to those dealing with stressful situations.

I also created support groups to help those children interact with one another and also share their experiences. One of the unforgettable moments of my volunteering was two months into the program when a young teenage girl, Joan came up to me and asked in it was possible for them to reach out to some of her friends that were still living in the streets. I was delighted to see these once hopeless children come together with a determination to help others in the condition they were in.

With the help of management, we organized external seminars that children in dreadful environments could attend, and we could talk to them about how we could assist them in transforming their lives. We were able to collect some donations from well-wishers and bought blankets and food for some of the children in the streets. Many children moved into the shelter and also registered to attend the school in the area. By the end of the program, I had gained impressive social work skills and became perseverant. I was able to appreciate my background and also learned that someone’s past does not necessarily define their future.”

How to Conclude an Essay on This Topic

Finish up your essay by making a strong statement that leaves an impression n the readers. You could restate the purpose of your document and point out the outcome of your act to serve the community. Show your audience how what you did helped others in the society. As you sum up your article, readers should have an answer to, “What have you done to make your community a better place?”

Conclusion Example:

“In conclusion, saying that volunteering at the shelter home was a nice experience would be an understatement. By interacting with children from different backgrounds, I knew that many children are suffering in silence in unstable homes. As I talked to these children, I became better at counseling and also helping insecure teenagers open up. I was able to assist in getting a number of children off the streets, giving them a safe space to stay and enrolling them in learning institutions. I now have more respect for community work and those who do it. I look forward to taking on volunteer work whenever I have a break from school.”