Civil Rights Movement in the USA

The process of writing coherent and compelling essays is undeniably hard. Compounding the difficulty of essay writing with the complexity of the subject makes the process even more complicated for a student. The fact that writing is not everyone’s forte is irrefutable. Nevertheless, with the following guidelines on how to write an essay on Civil Rights Movement in the USA can help any student find their footing in writing this piece.

Essentially, all forms of essays require one to follow a general structure and format which is beginning with the introduction, writing the body paragraphs and then closing with a compellingly written conclusion. This general structure also applies for an essay on the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

How to Start an Essay on this Topic

Typically, the introduction of this kind of essay has general information on civil rights, the general history of civil rights movements in the USA and the primary points on the subject that will be explored in the body paragraphs. In the introduction, the writer should also introduce critical points such as the physical and philosophical aspects that come into play in the discrimination of people on any basis such as their skin color; the struggles people go through in fighting fascism and all the culminating events that led to the ending of various forms of injustices that infringe the rights of people.

The introduction should end with a clearly elaborated thesis statement. The thesis statement forms the concluding part of a well-written introduction, and, in this case, the thesis should reveal what this essay on civil rights will discuss in the subsequent parts.

Introduction Example:

“For a long time after the Civil War, many African-Americans and other minority races did not enjoy freedom like their White counterparts. The racial discrimination and segregation experienced by the minorities were characterized by the separation of the different races in their daily lives, such as eating in restaurants, using the washroom or going to school. Additionally, the Blacks were not given fair trials in the judiciary system. Due to this unequal treatment, the Blacks started the Civil Rights Movements to get fairness.

The civil rights movements in the USA have been the topic of discussions for many years. Particularly, people have shown more concern on the actions of the civil rights activists in the 60s’ in trying to ensure that all races especially the African-Americans got equal opportunities and equal rights in the US with the Whites. Some of the most notable activists who ignited the change in how different races were treated include Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. The activists used various means of getting the government and the other concerned parties to listen to their grievances. These means included but were not limited to mass boycotts and strikes.

The most devoted activists such as the ones mentioned above fought to ensure that the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America led to an end in the discriminatory nature that the minorities were treated. The results of the movement included the equal access to opportunities and economic equality for all races. The epitome of the Civil Rights Movement was marked in the march that happened in 1963 in Washington DC. The principal purpose of the march was to get “Job Opportunities and Freedom” for every race without discrimination. Statistics showed that the rate of unemployment for African-Americans was at its highest. The climax of the Civil Rights Movement that happened in the 60s’ led to improved conditions of living for all races which in turn led to boosting of the US economy in addition to ending social injustices such as the segregation and discrimination of minorities in the US.”

How to Write a Body of an Essay on this Topic

The body of an essay should give a clearly written elaboration of the critical points by providing evidential support and examples that are linked in a way that forms a meaningful and sensible explanation. Each major point should be elaborately explored in a different paragraph. Nevertheless, all the points should be linked using effective transitions to give a sense of flowing and coherent text.

Body Paragraphs Example:

“The Civil Rights movements led to the great development of the African-Americans raising their economic conditions from the low class to the middle class. The development of the African-Americans from the low class to the middle class was so significant that it was actually published in magazines such as The Time in 1974. The article called ‘Race: America’s Rising Black Middle Class‘ indicated that the Black’s economic spheres had improved significantly after the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960s.

It also goes without mentioning that, the Civil Rights Movement led to the development of democracy in the US. Most of the minority communities that were formerly oppressed gained freedom to freely participate in platforms such as the cultural and political arenas that initially were privileges for the Whites.”

How to Conclude an Essay on this Topic

The conclusion of an essay should reveal the general idea and opinion of the writer on the Civil Rights Movements in the US. The idea is derived from the elaboration of the critical points discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay. A summary of the main ideas is also a great way to end this essay.

Conclusion Example:

“The Civil Rights Movement in America was effective in helping the minorities to express themselves and table their grievances against the rampant discrimination, the unfair oppression, segregation, racism and the inequalities experienced in the access to job opportunities and resources. The Civil Rights Movement in the US allowed all and sundry to have equal access to opportunities in employment, and equitable distribution of resources. Additionally, the degrading and discriminatory nature in which the minorities were treated came to an end. Besides the economic development experienced in the whole of the nation, the country’s democracy also advanced greatly.”