2010 Buck Module 25 Exam B

Hot packs applied to two areas.97010
Hint: See Hot Pack Treatment
Administration code for an influenza vaccine.90471
Hint: Administration, immunization, one vaccine/toxoid
Therapeutic IV infusion under the direct supervision of the physician of 45 minutes’ duration.96365
Hint: Infusion therapy, intravenous
Audiologic function screening test for pure tone, air only.92551
Hint: Audiologic function tests, screening
Electrocardiogram with 15 leads including the interpretation and report.93000
Hint: Electrocardiography, evaluation
Hearing aid check, one ear.92592
Hint: See Hearing Aid Check
Fitting and prescription of contact lens for one eye with medical supervision of adaptation of corneal lens.92310-52,92310 – 52
Hint: Contact lens services, fittings and prescription. Modifier -52 indicates the fitting and prescriptions of contact lens.
Simple pulmonary stress test.94620
Hint: Stress tests, pulmonary
Injection procedure during a cardiac catheterization of venous bypass grafts of two coronary arteries; code only the injection procedure.93540
Hint: Injection, cardiac catheterization
Total body plethysmography, with interpretation and report.93720
Hint: Plethysmography, total body