What is EduBirdie?

EduBirdie is a company that offers academic writing services to its clients. Its website,, has an online facility to estimate the amount of the writing services needed
on a per page basis in their free order placement button. Chat service is also available to assist
the client in placing an order. If this would not be enough, a 2-minute video is provided to
demonstrate how to place an order.

The site states that “the service will be useful for research into the subject, generating initial
input for further reasoning and citations…paraphrasing in accordance with major educational
standards.” The website further highlights their strict compliance with plagiarism. EduBirdie
claims that they accept “any type of essay,” assignment, research paper, book or movie review,
term paper, presentation of speech, case study, admission essay, article review, and more.
The website targets clients who may be “stuck with a lot of homework and are concerned about
ordering papers for reasonable prices.” They promise to write unique, relevant, plagiarism-free,
within the deadline, and free of grammar mistakes, papers. They boast a large pool of
“professional writers who have been screened to ensure a high level of expertise and credibility.”
Client confidentiality is also guaranteed on their website.

The EduBirdie – YouTube Conflict

Because I (anonymous student, member of Brainy Bro community) was interested to

place an order with EduBirdie, after having tried other writing services as well,

I searched for possible reviews and articles concerning EduBirdie after visiting
their website. One thing that caught my attention is the EduBirdie-YouTube conflict.
Business insider Denmark (2018) says, “YouTube just pulled hundreds of videos sponsored by
paid essay-writing service EduBirdie, which encourages academic cheating.” That must have
been heavy for EduBirdie, but that headline did not discourage me at all. After all, I have been
hiring the services of professional academic writers because they are helping me a lot with my
hectic study-work life. I do not take it as cheating, I know the subject, I understand what needs
to be done, I just do not have too much time to cope up with the requirements, and I need their

I looked for personal reviews of Edubirdie, and I must say, I did not see EduBirdie on top of the
essay-writing services list. Having tried the services of the top three companies on one of the
review sites that prompted my screen and though they did help me with my previous writing
assignments, that did not stop me from looking for other writing services to try because I am
looking for better and lower-cost services, and this time, EduBirdie is next on my list. So I went
back to EduBirdie’s site. I caught their headline, which says, “as low as $16 per page”. That is
not affordable at all, I thought. There are cheaper services out there. So that gave me a negative
impression, but out of curiosity, I still tried their “free” order placement form. I ordered a 4-page,
A 3-citation essay about the Niagara Falls. The website gave me a suggestion, Prof. J.F who have
completed 254 works with a 99% satisfactory rate for $9.99 per page. So, their $16 per page
headline is not the lowest, after all.

EduBirdie Site Design

EduBirdie’s website looks professional with their blue, white, and gold theme. Their EduBirdie
figure looks friendly, I just do not like the idea of the image holding a stick as if the bird wants to
teach me. It should be more descriptive of the services that they want to offer.
The website design seems effective because it highlights the “WIFM” for the students, like the
“no revision limit, 200 dedicated essay writers even with 3-hour deadline, 24/7 support, and
double-checked papers”.

Testimonials are also present, but who believes these website-controlled testimonials, anyways.
Their features at TechCo, Telegraph, StudentWire, and The Huffington Post add up to their
credibility, but still would not guarantee quality. The website aims to provide answers to possible

questions, and live chat support gives friendly and professional atmosphere.

One of the things that I like about the website content is the way how they give judgment on why
their fees may be higher than other writing services by saying, “Any writing service that charges
below $10 an essay is most likely bad news because that writer will only receive around $7 out
of that initial $10, and who would possibly provide quality writing for that much?”

EduBirdie Social Media Presence

Before I finalized my order, I spent a few minutes studying their social media presence, which
might give me additional ideas to decide from. EduBirdie’s Facebook page has 4956 followers, and their twitter account

has 689 by the time that I am writing this. Their Instagram account is
impressive with 73100 followers. I can say that EduBirdie is actively managing its social media
presence for bigger marketing potentials.

My “Niagara Falls” Essay written by Edubirdie

I gave them five days to complete the essay. I did not provide specific details about the Niagara
Falls assignment, except that it should be narrative and in MLA format. It is a very broad topic,
and I understand that plenty of resources can be found on the web, and it may prompt the writer
to plagiarize. I paid for the order and was informed that the payment would only be released to the
writer once I claimed to be satisfied with the paper and that once the payments were
released, that was non-refundable.

On the fourth day, the writer sent me a draft of “Niagara Falls in this Modern Time” essay.
There were some parts, which I did not like and informed her about. Before the deadline, I have
my paper, and it was satisfactory, format and content-wise. I personally checked it with my
plagiarism software, and it was good. The paper was well-written, but I found some irrelevant
words, which I replaced with my own words to make it sound and appear personal. I would not
want to give my professor a hint that I did not write that paper, and I do that every single time
that I ask for writing assistance.

Since my writing project was only an essay, I cannot recommend EduBirdie for other deep-dive
writing projects, like a research paper, or dissertations. Honestly, I would be choosing a company
that I had a long-time business relationship with, and who had handled deeper topics for me in
the past. EduBirdie did not fail me, and that was not bad for the first time. I would hire
their services in the future, and try other writers as well.

Brainy Bro Conclusion

As a person who relies on writing services especially on hectic days, I can say that EduBirdie
offers affordable and professional writing services. But I cannot generalize that because I only
had one assignment with them, which is satisfactory enough to make we want to hire their
services in the future but I would think twice when it comes to longer term papers and research
projects. Anyone can try a writing service website, and my best practice is to give them a lighter
load for my first order, see their writing style, and their professionalism when it comes to
revisions and deadlines. The student must bear in my mind that one of the top reasons why you
are hiring their services is because you are overloaded with work and assignments and that you
need assistance. I had bad experiences with other writing websites with deadline issues, and that
made my situation worse. What I usually do is to give them deadlines wherein I still have at
least two days to review their work before my submission date comes.