Chapter 4-6

The social smileDevelops around the six weeks of age
FrustrationAn infants anger is usually triggered by
SadnessIncreased levels of cortrisol are associated with an infants
9Usually , stranger wariness is first noticeable at __ months
Separation anxietyWhen a baby acts upset because a caregiver is leaving the baby is exhibiting
PrideWhich emotion seems to depend on the development of social awareness
A part of his motherRed is 3 months. According to psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler, he views himself as:
18monthsResearchers placed a dot of rouge on a babies noses and then look into a mirror . on average, at what age did most babies touch their own noses while looking at their refecltion ?
Linked to biological patterns that appear in infancyResearchers have found that a persons temperament is
Easy, difficult, slow to warm up, hard to classifyWhat are the four categories of temperament suggested by the new York longitudinal study
Responsive and timingSynchrony depends on
AttachmentThe lasting emotional bond that an infant forms with a caregiver is called
Maintains contracting with the caregiver while exploringA sign of secure attachment is when a child
Social referenceA baby searches the faces of her parents to see how to respond in unfamiliar situations. This is called
LaughCompared to mother’s , fathers are more likely to make their infants
Learning trust or mistrustIn erkisons theory, the infants earliest fast is described as that of
AutonomyAnother term for self rule is
Asserting control over his or her own actionsThe autonomy versus shame and doubt crisis invoices the child
SocialLearning takes place by observing other
Self awareDistal parenting tends to produce children who are
4 1/2; 3Between the ages of 2 & 6, a well – nourshied child will gain about pounds & grow about inches per year.
Their propensity to overeat and underexercise.Today’s children could become the first generation in more than 100 years to have a shorter lifespan than their parents as a result of:
She isn’t eating enoughParents of a typical five-year-old girl in America are most likely to say
Just rightKendra Age 4 is very particular about her daily routines especially at mealtime she will only eat from a certain plate drink from one certain cup and must have a folded napkin next to her plate she is exhibiting the phenomenon called:
Tooth decayOne of the most common diseases of young children in developed Nations is
Using scissors to cut paperAn example of a fine motor skill is
TertiaryWhich type of injury prevention begins after an injury and is done to limit the damage caused by the injury?
LeadWhich environmental substance has been shown to reduce intelligence and increase behavior problems in young children?
75A two-year-old human’s brain is percent of the adult brains weight?
MyelonationThe process through which axons become coated with a fatty substance that speeds up the transmission of nerve impulses is called
AutismA disorder that research has suggested may result from abnormal development of the corpus callosum is:
LateralizationThe specialization of the functioning of the two halves of the brain is called:
Allows children to think in symbolsPreoperational intelligence
LogicallyPiaget believed that until about age 6, it is difficult for children to think :
CentrationTo focus on one aspect of a situation and simultaneously exclude all other aspects is called:
Static reasoningWhen Jennie sees third grade teacher in the grocery store, she is shocked to see her outside of school. This is likely due to jennies:
Believe that what has been done cannot be undoneIrreversibility refers to the preoperational child’s tendency to:
Interacts with a mentor to accomplish a taskAccording to vygotsky guided particpation requires that a child
The zone of proximal developmentSkills that the child can accomplish with assistance but can’t yet perform independently are part of:
ScaffoldingAccording to vgyotsky a teacher who carefully plans each child’s participation in the learning process within the zone of proximal development uses:
Theory-theoryHumans seek reasons, causes,and underlying principles to explain the world around them. The research term for this tendency is:
To advance thought.According to vygotsky within the context of cognition ,language is a tool:
Fast mappingWhen children hear a new word in a familiar context they can simply add the word to the general category without fully understanding the word. This is called:
Age of 2Children typically understand the basics of grammar by the:
The child can apply grammatical rules to vocalizationsOverregulaztion Ina child’s speech patterns indicates that
Development and growthPreschool programs are called ” child centered” when they stress children’s :
AcademicsMost teachers directed preschool programs stress:
regulate emotionsThe preeminent psychosocial accomplishment between the ages of 2 & 6 is learning when and how to:
Initiative versus guiltErikson called the psychosocial development stage that occurs between 3 & 6 years of age:
InitiativeTwo year old Julia repeatedly exclaims “me do it!” When her mother tries to help her. Although this behavior is frustrating her mother understands hat doing things independently will develop Julia’s sense of:
An unrealistic self conceptAccording to erikson children have and thus believe that they can achieve any goal.
Neurological maturity and a longer attention spanWhich factor helps a young child to demonstartate initiative as Erikson details it in his third stage of psychosocial development?
Instrinsic motivationThe desire to pursue a goal that comes from within a person is called:
Is mostly extrinsicJaspreet frequently plays the piano whenever her family has guests because she enjoys the praise and attention that she recieves. When alone however jaspreet rarely plays the piano.Jaspreets motivtion:
Externalizing problemsAre mark by excessive guilt withdrawal or fearfulness
Earlier thanGirls usually develop emotional regulation ?boys
Their peersYoung children usually play best with :
Engaged in active playMany developmentalists are connected that modern children spend too little time :
Parralled playBilly and Rodney are both building with construction bricks. They are sitting apart each with his own set of bricks. What type of play is this?
Sociodramatic playTiara molly and maria are playing dress up. They are all princesses and have built a castle out of cardboard boxes and colored paper. What type of play are the three girls engaging in?
AuthoritarianWhen parents expect unquestioning obedience from their children, their parenting style is labeled:
PermissiveJose demonstrates warmth and nurturance towards his children. He does not believe in punishment of any sort and does not have any riles for his children. His parenting style is:
PermissiveChildren who lack self control are most likely to have parents who have the parenting style.
Using electronic mediaToday’s children especially those living in urban areas spend more time than playing outdoors .
Behavorial theoryWhich theory focuses on how children learn acceptable behaviors for their gender?
NurtureDevelopmentalists who believe that children are born amoral amdnlearn to adopt their community’s rules of morality subscribe to the belief that moral development predominantly comes from:
BullyingRoderick’s hots or kicks Edwin on the playground nearly everyday. He also encourages other children to laugh at Edwin’s attempts to kick a ball. Roderick is using aggression against Edwin.
ReactiveWhich type of aggression tends to be most characteristics of 2 year old children?
Abuse or neglectIn order to be substantiated child maltreatment, must be verified by the authorities .