BUS 360 Ch. 16 Test Bank

The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is tocommunicate the value proposition to the target market.
Especially for marketers with new products or services, IMC is needed becauseconsumers are unlikely to buy products they are not aware of.
Integrated marketing communications represents the __________ P in the four Ps of a firm’s marketing mixPromotion
Integrated marketing communications include all of the following EXCEPTsupply chain management.
Garrett works for a small chain of convenience stores. He is trying to coordinate his firm’s IMC efforts. Garrett’s IMC goal is toprovide clarity, consistency, and maximum communicative impact.
Carlos owns a chain of retail electronic stores. He is evaluating how he allocates his firm’s IMC budget. He receives offers from a variety of advertising media, spends money on his firm’s public relations efforts, and is considering electronic media alternatives. Carl recognizes each IMC alternativeis part of the whole.
The three elements of any IMC strategy are the consumer, the channels, andthe results.
Gerald knows which IMC communication channels are available and knows how he will measure the results of his IMC efforts. To implement his IMC efforts, Gerald also needs tofocus his efforts on his target market(s).
As the number of communication media has increased, the task of understanding how best to reach target customers hasbecome more complex.
With the emergence of Websites, text messaging, and blogging as new IMC alternatives, the question of how to best reach target audiences hasbecome more complex.
The IMC communication process includes all of the following EXCEPTthe instructor.
The IMC communication process begins with __________, who must be clearly identifiedthe sender.
In the IMC communication process, the __________ encodes the marketing communication messagetransmitter
__________ means converting the sender’s ideas into a message, which could be verbal, visual or bothEncoding.
In integrated marketing communications, encoding meansconverting the sender’s ideas into a message, which could be verbal, visual or both.
Often a(n) __________ accomplishes the task of encoding IMC messagesadvertising agency
Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the most important facet of encoding isnot what is sent rather what is received.
In the IMC communication process, the __________ is the medium that carries the messagecommunication channel
Which of the following is NOT a communication channel used in the IMC process?Supply chain
The right communication channel to use in IMC isthe one that will connect to the desired recipients.
In the IMC communication process, the __________ is the person who reads, hears, or sees and processes the message being communicatedreceiver
The sender of an IMC message hopes the receiver isthe people for whom the message was originally intended.
__________ refers to the process by which the receiver interprets the sender’s messageDecoding
If you have ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered what were they promoting, you may have had trouble __________ the IMC messagedecoding
Marketers spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually creating and promoting symbols, colors, and images that make it easier for consumers to recognize the company, its brands or its products. These efforts facilitate __________ in the IMC processdecoding
__________ is any interference in the IMC processNoise
In the IMC process, noise can occur as a result of lack of message clarity, a poor choice of medium, andcompeting messages.
International marketing consultants often recommend that IMC messages which have been translated into another language be re-translated by someone else, and the results compared. By doing so, they hope to avoid noise problems associated withlack of clarity in the message.
Advertising agencies often provide the IMC function of comparing their customer’s target audience with the viewer, listener, or reader profile of the communication channel being considered. The agency is trying to avoid noise problems associated witha poor choice of medium.
National manufacturers and retailers often pay a service provider to monitor television ads around the country, in order to ensure that their ads are seen in their entirety during the time frames that were purchased. This service provider is monitoring for IMC noise problems associated witha flaw in the medium.
The __________ allows the receiver to communicate with the sender in the IMC processfeedback loop.
Most manufacturers and retailers worry constantly about whether or not their IMC efforts are paying off. They assess various forms of __________ to determine what is working and what is notfeedback
Sales data, complaints, compliments, and redemption rates for coupons and rebates are types of __________ marketers use to assess the effectiveness of their IMC effortsfeedback.
Personal care product manufacturers know that samples are one of the few effective promotional efforts that can be used to get consumers to switch brands. These marketers will likely use __________ to monitor the effectiveness of giving away sampleschanges in sales data
Loretta would like to know which, if any, of her firm’s IMC efforts are working. She could use __________ to provide feedback from her effortsall of these.
Marketers often use focus groups to learn how consumers interpret their IMC messages. Experience has shown thateach receiver decodes IMC messages in his or her own way.
Marketers adjust their messages and media based on the type of audience (suppliers, shareholders, customers or the general public) becausedifferent media communicate in different ways.
The sender of an integrated marketing communicationhas little control over what meaning any individual receiver will take from the message.
Though advertising experts wish it were true, there is not always a direct link between a particular marketing communication anda consumer’s purchase.
Julia is driving down Interstate 95 on her way from New England to Florida and sees a billboard saying “South of the Border Restaurant and Motel is just 100 miles away.” Julia has never heard of South of the Border before. After seeing the sign, she will most likelycontinue with her trip, doing nothing as a result of seeing the billboard.
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the AIDA model?Intention
In the AIDA modelawareness leads to interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then, action.
In the AIDA model, marketing communications move consumers stepwisethrough a series of mental stages.
In the AIDA model, the “think” stage is the __________ stageAwareness
__________ refers to a potential customer’s ability to recall that the brand name is a particular type of retailer, product or serviceBrand awareness
Even the best marketing communication can be wasted if the sender does not firstgain the attention of the consumer.
Cheryl asked Nadia to help her buy some aftershave for her boyfriend. Nadia was going through a list of different brand names, when Cheryl stopped her and said, “I recognize that one.” Marketers call this __________aided recall
In the AIDA model, the “do” stage is the __________ stageAction
An advertising agency in Los Angeles once held a contest among its employees to see who could create the most visibility for the company. The winning team included two staff members who put on a wet t-shirt display on an interstate overpass with television helicopter crews capturing and showing footage on the local news. In the AIDA model, the advertising agency was attempting to createAwareness.
The highest level of awareness occurs when customers mention a specific brand name when asked about a product or service. Marketers call this __________top-of-mind awareness
After creating awareness that the firm’s products or services exist, the next goal of integrated marketing communications is toincrease the level of interest among consumers.
In the movie Field of Dreams, one of the memorable phrases is “Build it, and they will come.” The AIDA model would suggest that after marketers “build” a product or service and create awareness among consumers, they need tocreate interest among consumers, persuading them to investigate further.
Several years ago, changes in advertising restrictions allowed pharmaceutical companies to begin promoting their products through traditional media. Today, it is hard not to see ads on television ending with “Ask your doctor about (our medicine).” In addition to creating awareness about their drugs, the companies are hoping tostimulate interest, persuading consumers to investigate further.
To stimulate interest and persuade consumers to further investigate a firm’s product or service, marketing communications includeinformation about attributes that are of particular interest to the target audience.
Many retailers advertise using traditional media, suggesting that consumers learn more about the marketer’s products at their Websites. In the AIDA model, the traditional media are used to create __________, while the Websites are used to create __________awareness; interest
If the marketing communication has captured the interest of its target market, the goal of subsequent IMC messages should be to move the consumer from“I like it” to “I want it.”
Betty is assessing the effectiveness of her firm’s marketing communications. She knows the ultimate goal is todrive the receiver to action.
If marketing communications are effective, they willresult in purchases by some consumers receiving the communications.
One of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the __________, where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a marketing communicationlagged effect
Reaching the right audience with marketing communication is becoming more difficult becausethe media environment has become more complicated.
The goal of any marketing communication is toget the right message to the right audience through the right media.
The proliferation of new media alternatives has led many firms to shift their promotional budgets fromadvertising to direct marketing and Website development.
Many marketers are shifting marketing communication resources away from advertising and towardall of these.
Compared to other IMC alternatives, advertising is extremely effective forcreating awareness and generating interest in a product.
One difficulty associated with using advertising as part of a marketer’s IMC efforts isbreaking through the clutter of other messages targeted for the same audience.
Integrated marketing communications include all of the following exceptsupply chain management.
Personal selling involves __________ communication between a buyer and a sellerany of these
The difference between advertising and personal selling is personal selling involvesa two-way flow of communication between a buyer and a seller.
Personal selling is an especially important part of IMC inbusiness-to-business markets.
Ryan is debating how to allocate the IMC budget for his new ski equipment store. He knows having knowledgeable salespeople in his store can simplify buyers’ purchase decisions. He should also consider that, compared to other IMC alternatives, personal selling isexpensive.
Sales promotions include all of the following EXCEPTonline ads.
Karen manages cosmetic counters in a regional department store chain. She wants to increase sales during the summer, hoping to generate repeat business during the holiday season. Because Karen is selling personal care products in a department store, she will most likely use __________ as her primary methods of sales promotionfree samples and point-of-purchase displays
Compared to mass media advertising, a key advantage of direct marketing isit allows for personalization of the message.
In recent years, the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in spending isdirect marketing.
Brenda wants to reduce mass media IMC and to increase the use of personalized marketing communication messages. To achieve this goal, Brenda will likely increase her use ofall of these.
The increased use of customer databases has enabled marketers to identify and track consumers over time and across purchase situations, and has contributed to the rapid growth indirect marketing.
A major factor contributing to the growth in the use of direct marketing IMC efforts isincreased use of credit and debit cards, and online shopping by consumers.
When purchasing books on Amazon.com, customers are shown other books and a message saying “Customers who purchased (your book) also purchased……….” This is an example ofdirect marketing.
Elliott was asked to take a look at the company’s website. He noted that customers can order products on the site, but he felt it would also be important toAll of these.
Public relations is the component of IMC thatsupports other promotional efforts by generating “free” media attention.
Marketers use public relations toall of these.
Marketers use corporate blogs toall of these.
A __________ can be used to create positive word of mouth, help customers form a community, and develop long-term relationships between customers and the companycorporate blog
Firms can use __________ to bring customers together to share experiences around the productssocial media
The goals of IMC need tobe explicit and measurable.
Naomi is IMC manager for a chain of regional income tax service providers. Franchisees pay a percentage of their revenue to an IMC account allocated to her. As she establishes the short-term goals for her firm’s IMC efforts, her goals are likely to includeincreasing inquires, awareness, and trial of her firm’s services.
Lamar is assessing the long-term effectiveness of his firm’s IMC efforts. He will probably analyze the firm’s success inincreasing market share, sales, and customer loyalty.
Julie is developing a budget for her firm’s IMC program. First she sets objectives. Then she chooses media, and finally she determines the cost for each product to be promoted. Julie is using the __________ method of establishing an IMC budgetobjective-and-task
Competitive parity, percentage-of-sales, and available budget are types of ________________________ IMC budgetingrule-of-thumb
Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message. Yolanda is asking for __________ datafrequency and reach
When Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message, she was told the reach was 40, the frequency was 4 and the competitive parity was 10. The gross rating points for her firm’s campaign were160.
Ramon is starting his own plumbing supply store featuring designer and restoration hardware. As in any start-up, he will have to watch expenses carefully. He knows he will have to pursue a number of different communications approaches, but he is not sure how to measure the effectiveness of the effort. What advice would you give him?All of these are important for Ramon to consider.
To estimate reach in terms of electronic media, marketers can use the click-through rate (CTR). To do so, they need to know the number of clicks andthe number of impressions.
Jim was asked to determine the ROI for a particular advertising effort. To do so, he needs to knowsales revenue and advertising cost.
If a company sets the communication budget so that the firm’s share of communication expenses equals its share of the market, what IMC budgeting method is it using?Competitive parity
Budgeting for marketing expenses by using money available after operating costs and profits have been budgeted is known as the __________ methodavailable budget
An ad for Bud Light ran six times during a recently televised football game. When measuring IMC results for this ad, six would be the __________ for this telecastfrequency
Sally could recall the brand of toothpaste she used only when a marketing researcher mentioned the brand. This is known asaided recall.
If you send an email and include a link, you can track how many people took the desired action of clicking on the link. This is known asthe click through rate.
Which of the following is being used by a store owner who sends out a text message to all of her preferred customers announcing the arrival of this season’s new clothingMobile marketing
The Salvation Army runs a campaign over the Christmas holidays called the Mobile Bell Ringer. Volunteers send text messages to their friends’ cell phones asking them to donate. Which type of marketing communication does this represent?Mobile marketing
Which of the following is not a rule-of-thumb method for IMC budgeting?Objective and task.
Red Bull sends out student brand managers to distribute free samples to their peers. What form of marketing communication is this?Sales promotion