Comparative Essay Writing Tips

  1. Purposes of Writing
  2. Possible Topics
  3. Tips on How to Start
  4. Tips on How to Write Body Paragraphs
  5. Tips on How to Conclude
  6. Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Purposes of Comparative Essay Writing

A comparative essay is a very important type of writing that is analytical, and at the same time, highly educational and informative. Comparative essay writing requires strong analytical skills and detailed knowledge of the subject on the part of the writer. It has multiple purposes. It can be used to make important choices and decisions about day-to-day matters and subjects. Comparisons can be drawn about all sorts of things ranging from gadgets to political leaders, different options of medical treatment of an illness, and benefits of immigration across different countries. However, the personal inclination of the writer towards either of the subjects of comparison introduces bias in the essay, so it is advisable to read different comparative essays about a certain topic to make the most rational and unbiased opinion about the matter.

Possible Topics of a Comparative Essay Writing

Some possible topics of a comparative essay writing are as follows:

  • School education home education
  • Online office brick-and-mortar business
  • Living in the home country living abroad
  • Western banking shariah-compliant banking
  • Bachelor life married life
  • Fast food home-made food
  • Apple mobile Samsung mobile

Tips on How to Start a Comparative Essay

A comparative essay can have either of two formats generally:

  1. a point-by-point comparison
  2. or block comparison.

In the point-by-point comparison method, each subject is compared to the other with respect to a certain point of comparison. On the contrary, in the block method, there is a detailed discussion and analysis of one subject regarding all points, and then the other subject is analyzed. In any case, the best way to start a comparative essay is by introducing the subjects of comparison and the value this comparison holds for the reader. In argumentative comparative essays, the introductory paragraph ends with a thesis statement that sums up the essence of the comparison drawn in the body paragraphs.

Tips on How to Write the Body of a Comparative Essay

Before writing the body of the comparative essay, the writer should choose between either of the two ways of comparison, i.e. point-by-point comparison or block method. However, regardless of which of the two styles is selected, the writer should make the best effort to write a balanced essay wherein both subjects are equally discussed concerning each point of comparison. In the point-by-point comparison method, it is best to have a theme for each paragraph, so the writer compares points related to a specific theme in a particular paragraph. On the other hand, in the block method of comparison, the writer should try to assign an equal number of paragraphs to all subjects and try to discuss the things at equal length for all subjects.

Tips on How to Conclude a Comparative Essay

The conclusion is a very important part of any comparative essay because it sums up all points of comparison in a brief but concise manner. The writer should avoid highlighting all points discussed at length earlier in the body of the essay in the conclusion. Instead, the writer should draw a conclusion about the subject or its behavior based on reflection upon the various points of comparison taken as a whole. The conclusion should include final remarks about all subjects of comparison.

Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running (A Comparative Essay Sample)

A treadmill and outdoor running are two of the most fundamental ways of doing cardio. Different people choose either of the two options as they deem suitable and convenient considering the constraints of time and other commitments. This paper draws a comparison between a treadmill workout and outdoor running, highlighting the positive and negative aspects of each.

Many treadmills are electricity-operated. This means that the user has to have an electric supply throughout the workout. This may not always be possible because of electricity load-shedding or lack of an electric socket at the place of the treadmill. Also, sometimes, the connection becomes dysfunctional or faulty because of some internal problems for which, the user has to get the treadmill checked by an electrician. Outdoor running does not depend on the electricity so that it can be done anytime. The fact that treadmills are mechanical and need electricity also means that their use incurs the user bills whereas outdoor running is free of cost.

A treadmill workout is uninterrupted by outside weather conditions. The user can use the treadmill regardless of the outside weather because treadmills are stored indoors. On the contrary, outdoor running can only be done when the weather conditions are suitable. The individual has to wait for the weather to improve when it is raining outside. So outdoor runners are heavily dependent upon weather. This means that they may often have to miss the workout.

A treadmill workout can be mechanically adjusted so that the individual runs at the desired speed. The running board can also be adjusted for inclination so that the individual develops more leg muscle. Also, the individual can monitor the speed of running and the number of calories burnt at all times because they display on the screen of the treadmill. On the other hand, outdoor running does not tell the individual how many calories have been burnt or what is the level of inclination of the road unless the runner is wearing a calorie-burning counting watch. In this sense, a treadmill workout keeps the runner more informed as opposed to an outdoor workout.

A treadmill workout can be boring because the individual stays in the same place throughout the workout. In many gyms, televisions are placed in front of the treadmills so that the runners keep engaged. However, it is very difficult to concentrate or make sense of the content being shown on the television while doing the cardio on the treadmill. On the contrary, a person who does outdoor running experiences a constant change in place and hence the overall experience is richer.

To conclude, both treadmill workout and outdoor running have their own advantages and disadvantages. A treadmill workout is mechanical whereas outdoor running is more natural. Which one is better depends on the individual liking and circumstances of the runners.