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My Life Goals

Helping people has been the main aspiration in my life ever since I visited a refugee camp when I was 13 years old. The pain and suffering of the refugees made me understand what a cruel place the world can be. I realized that some people in this world do not have anyone to look out for them thereby leaving them in pain and suffering. Having been brought up in a loving home, I felt the need to be part of the solution in the lives of the helpless in society. There are multiple ways to help people, as there are different categories of people who have different needs, for instance, shelter, education, food or moral support.

There are different ways through which one can be of service to society, I opted to become a businessman and provide opportunities for the less fortunate in society to work with me.  However, to achieve these goals, I had to first reach the other goals such as the completion of my university degree and proceed to master’s level. With a proper education in business management and administration, I am sure I will be in a better position to change the lives of people in society. I also intend to build a family, as it is the basic unit of the community; with a family, I will get support and comfort while I pursue other goals in life.  After establishing a business, the next goal will be running for the office of the county government. In that position, I will be able to effect more changes that would touch more lives. Policies in the local government determine the living standards of people. With my influence, I will be able to change the lives of the less fortunate not only in my region but all over the state.

Most Embarrassing Moment

Book reports were part of our final grades in high school. The teacher instructed us to read a book and write a report relating our lives to the events in the book. My GPA was way above average, and I was confident that I would excel in the book report as well. The book I read was directly related to my life, which gave me a better chance of scoring the highest grade. I completed reading the book after a few days and began writing the report immediately; I was quite confident that I would annotate the paper relatively well. The day before the submission date, I fell off my bicycle and dropped my report into a pool of stagnant water along the road. I panicked. There was no way I could rewrite a 13-page book report in one night.

My sister had gone through the same process the previous year, so instead of owning up to my mistake and informing my teacher about my conundrum, I decided to copy my sister’s book report from her computer. I changed the name and registration number and submitted the paper the next morning without going through it. I was satisfied with the fact that she had scored a B. Three days letter, the class teacher brought back our book reports and asked me to read mine out loud to the class. The essay began with “as a teenage girl who just had her period, I can relate to this book…” The class burst out laughing; my teacher forced me to read on the content was all about my sister, and the teacher knew it.  I was too embarrassed to go back to school the next day. I learned a hard lesson about sincerity and honesty, especially with my studies.

Impacts of Sports in Life

Obesity runs in my family, my father and his father suffered from obesity. My parents were not surprised when I was diagnosed as overweight at 10. I joined high school with low confidence and low self-esteem due to the many comments I got from schoolmates about my weight.  Life was tough on me, as I had a difficult time making friends. I spent most of my free time talking to the guidance and counseling teacher who best understood what I was going through. I finally decided to take charge of my life and joined the rugby team. The coach and everyone else in the team told me to my face what a bad idea that was. I, however, began training daily. I could barely catch up with the other teammates, but I kept trying. I trained an extra hour every day after everyone had left the field.  I retired to bed exhausted every day and woke up the next morning feeling sleep deprived. After two months of practice, I began to reduce weight rapidly.

Joining the rugby team changed my life completely; I gained better physical shape and got accepted by the coach and teammates. Students began treating me with respect, and soon I started making friends. My self-esteem was boosted, and so was my confidence. My performance in both sports and academics improved tremendously owing to the buildup of confidence in my life. During my final year, I got a rugby scholarship in the local university thereby securing my future education while still in high school. My life changed for the better ever since courtesy of rugby. I don’t have any issues with self-esteem or confidence anymore; I am also in perfect physical shape and managed to make hundreds of friends along the way, most of whom are my rugby fans.

TED speech

If I were a speaker in TED, I would focus my attention on the high number of suicides across the country. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the rate of suicides has increased by 28 percent between 1999 and 2017. The focus has been placed on healthcare care, particularly infections and other medical conditions. However, with the alarming rate of suicides especially among the youth, an intervention program ought to be adopted by the NCHS.  Before strategies are developed to curb the high rate of suicide, the public should be enlightened on the various causes and symptoms of suicidal tendencies. This knowledge will help save many lives.

The main causes of suicide in the United States are mental illnesses such as mood disorders. Examples of mood disorders include schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder. Other causes of suicide include the family history of suicide, substance abuse, mostly alcohol, losing the will to live, problems with relatives and friends among others. Unbearable pain, either physical or emotion are also some of the reasons for suicide in the United States. Warning and risks factors in suicide include withdrawal from family and friends, previous suicide attempts, negative comments from people around them as well as loss of self-esteem.

People with suicidal thoughts or tendencies have several ways of getting help. One of the most effective ways is to talk to someone about this feeling. Most suicide victims have no one to turn to for help thereby leaving them susceptible to taking their own lives. Patients with mental illnesses such as mood disorders can seek treatment from specialists to help treat or manage their conditions. Psychological counseling has also been deemed effective in assisting potential suicide victims. The potential victims talk to a therapist who guides them through their feelings and helps restore a sense of self-worth among the patients.

What Makes Me Angry?

Injustices in the society are one of the things that make me angry. The United States police department has been accused on several occasions of excessive use of force. Even though it is illegal for police to use excessive force, it is usually done under the pretense of following the law. Over the centuries, the minority groups in different countries have been oppressed by the majority. Civil rights movements made a tremendous effort in reducing such injustices. The police department has however been the only body that has repeated cases of brutality, most of which was directed towards the minority groups in the United States. There have been numerous cases each year when unarmed African-American teenagers are shot dead by the police. In June 2018, a 17-year old black teenager was shot dead by the police at a traffic stop. The police officer was charged with murder and sentenced. There are other cases where the police shot and killed African-American teenagers without any repercussions on their end.

We are currently living in a more civilized society, where people respect each other regardless of the differences in race, culture, and gender. Any form of injustice to any groups of people makes me very angry. The government must protect the rights of its citizens particularly the minority groups. Negligence on their part encourages the oppression of the marginalized groups. The justice system, for instance, has responsibilities and should be accountable to the public in cases where the police misuse their power. The leaders of the civil rights movement back in the 60’s sacrificed a lot to elevate the dignity of the minorities in the United States. Any form of injustice in the current society undermines all the sacrifices made by the civil rights movement thereby dragging the country back to the dark ages.

Time Travel

If I could travel in time to any moment in time, I would go back to being a teenager. I made numerous bad choices when I was an adolescent, most of which affected my life completely. Going back in time, I would make better decisions in life. As a child, I had aspirations that included going to college to pursue a degree in business administration. However, along the way, particularly in high school, I made erroneous choices that reduced my chances of ever going to college. At the moment, my career is hanging on a balance as I didn’t meet the required grades to pursue a degree in business administration. As a teenager, being mischievous with friends seemed cool. I had no regard for the rules placed both at school and at home. Now that I know better, I can remedy the capacity I spend misbehaving and focus more on my studies.

There were plenty of co-curriculum activities in school including sports, music and drama, business innovations among others. Such programs would have given me additional experiences in life and a much higher chance of discovering and nurturing my talents. However, most of my time was spent either in detention or being grounded by my parents for breaking the rules. Classmates who, maximized on the opportunities and utilized the school resources to the maximum have made tremendous progress in their lives. When I look back now, I realize how immature and irresponsible I was during my teenage years. All the mistakes I made were attributed to the company I kept, particularly smoking marijuana. Given the opportunity to go back in time, I would right all the wrongs in my teenage years. Most of the mistakes I made were influenced by my friends; I desperately wanted to fit in the company, to the extent that I did whatever they did, regardless of the consequences.

A Movie I Would Recommend to People

I would recommend “The Three Idiots” to everyone. It is an Indian comedy movie that is filled with both humor and inspiration. The main characters are three friends Ranchoddas Chanchad, Farha Qureshi and Raju Rastogi, who met during their first year in college. The movie focuses on their life on campus and the challenges they face with both their studies and their personal lives. The movie is quite inspirational, especially the life of the Rancho, who seems to be extremely bright. His friends struggle with their personal issues alongside their education, which in the long run affect their performance drastically.

The focus of the movie is the general life of students on campus and the choices they have to make along the way. Due to the diversity of universities, students meet from different corners of the country and share diverse cultures and habits. Rastogi’s family is very poor yet very religious. He, therefore, depends mostly on prayers to pass his exams. Farha, on the other hand, had a passion for photography but pursues engineering to please his parents. Farha and Rastogi end up being the last in the class consistently. The moral lesson gathered from the movie is the pursuit of dreams rationally and persistently. Rancho has a passion for engineering and has the brains for it. He, therefore, leads the class. Despite his capabilities, he has a generous heart and does his best to help people around him particularly his friends.

In the long run, Rancho convinces Farha to pursue photography, his passion. Even though his parents were disappointed by the decision, they were proud of him and gave him their support. Job satisfaction is derived from the pursuit of personal interests. After a long and hard year in college, the three friends finally graduated and achieved their dreams. I recommend this movie to everyone as it is quite inspiring, especially to college students.

Smoking in Public Should Be Banned

Cigarettes are harmful drugs to both the body of the users and those near them. The nicotine in cigarettes is responsible for numerous health conditions including lung and throat cancer. Despite the knowledge on the adverse effects of smoking, the number of smokers is still on the rise. Research indicates that th growth in the number of smokers also increases the number of those affected by smokers. There are no laws that prohibit people from smoking in public as cigarettes are legal drugs. However, the consequences of smoking, particularly to nonsmokers, are adverse. Banning smoking in public is the way forward. Smoking is a personal choice; people don’t need to be affected by the choices of other people. Banning smoking in public places will help protect nonsmokers from the effects of smoking, while the smoker will experience the side-effects on their own.

Most habits such as eating fast food and drinking alcohol in public are self-indulgent. Habits such as smoking, however, are linked directly to the user. Liter reduction is yet another effect of smoking in public. Majority of smokers don’t dispose of their cigarette butts even when in public places.  Although cigarette butts are not a real menace to the environment, they contribute to a larger percentage of littering. The odor of stale cigarettes is quite disturbing to most people. In public places or restaurants, the smell disrupts the peace of nonsmokers.  Smoking in public also violates the rights of nonsmokers to a safe working environment. Most smokers insist on smoking at the workplace regardless of the effects it has on the nonsmokers. Lastly, smoking in spaces such as homes or cars affects the resale value of the property. People prefer to buy houses or cars that smell nice rather than those which smell like cigarette smoke.

Major Challenges in My Life

Everyone faces challenges in their lives from time to time. My biggest challenge was setting up a business and running it. I made a mistake of thinking that I could run a big business on my own. After completing high school, I had numerous ideas on how to start small businesses before going to college. I accrued the knowledge on running a business from my uncle’s supermarket chain that I managed from time to time. I, however, had no experience in running my own business. I decided to set up a hardware store three months before joining college. I had the required capital and did a quick survey of the market. I assumed that all needed was someone to run the business and I would be good to go. After three weeks, I had already made losses worth hundreds of dollars; my new employee had made numerous miscalculations and brought loses to the hardware.

I was expected to join the college in less than three months, yet I had not established the root of the problem, I had to take up a full managerial position in my hardware all through. I joined college three months later while managing my company. It was quite hectic; I had to take shifts with my employee to ensure that the enterprise ran smoothly. Every few weeks, there was a problem to be solved; either customer complaints delayed supplies or monetary deficits. Indeed running a hardware chain while studying is a rather big challenge. I spend all my free time trying to stabilize my business while the rest of the time I studied. Those were the most challenging years of my life. After three years of hard work, my company began expanding and making more profit. Even though this was a relief, the work was quite difficult for me.

Lessons from Failure

Setting up businesses and expanding them takes a lot of resources and workforce. Being an owner of hardware store chains in town, I had one ambition to keep developing my projects to other towns. However, from past experiences, I had a difficult time trusting employees and believed that my hardware chains could only flourish when I am I charge. This strategy worked for a while, but after some time, the business expanded and more work needed to be done. The number of employees was fewer than the available duties. The few employees soon began complaining of too much work. I had an earlier experience where one of my employees made numerous mistakes keeping records and accounting for expenses. I believe this experience affected my ability to trust other people in my business. It also made me think that the only person who could run my business was me, a misconception that led to the general downfall of my company.

After a few years, the business began crumbling slowly. I didn’t realize the cause of this downfall, so I tried to increase the employees’ working hours to compensate for the money lost daily, but nothing changed. After a year, I had lost half my staff and half the business. In desperation, I asked for help from a known and successful businessman. He ordered his business manager to review all my operations and establish the problem and issue recommendations. Understaffing was the main problem in my business. The business manager’s first recommendation was to hire a business manager of my own, and employees with experience in all the departments. I had learned my lesson on the requisite tenets ascribed to building a business; aptly skilled personnel alongside trust and professionalism. Businesses take a collective effort to operate smoothly; with this knowledge, I would have preserved my business perfectly.