Chapter 9 Bonding – Chemistry

2 Domains ShapeLinear
2 Domains Linear Bond Angle180
2 Domains Hybridsp
3 Domains ShapeTrigonal Planar
Trigonal Planar, 1 Unbonded ShapeBent
Trigonal Planar Bond Angle120
Trigonal Planar Hybridsp2
4 Domains ShapeTetrahedral
Tetrahedral, 1 Unbonded ShapeTrigonal Pyramidal
Tetrahedral, 2 Unbonded ShapeBent
Tetrahedral Bond Angle109.5
Tetrahedral Hybridsp3
5 Domains ShapeTrigonal Bipyramidal
Trigonal Bipyramidal, 1 Unbonded ShapeSee-Saw
Trigonal Bipyramidal, 2 Unbonded ShapeT-Shaped
Trigonal Biypyramidal, 3 Unbonded ShapeLinear
Trigonal Bipyramidal Bond Angle90, 120
Trigonal Bipyramidal Hybridsp3d
6 Domains ShapeOctahedral
Octahedral, 1 UnbondedSquare Pyramidal
Octahedral, 2 UnbondedSquare Planar
Octahedral, 3 UnbondedT-Shaped
Octahedral, 4 UnbondedLinear
Octahedral Bond Angle90
Octahedral Hybridsp3d2
XeF2: Polar or nonpolar?Polar
BrO2(-): Polar or nonpolar?Polar
ClO4(-): Polar or nonpolar?Nonpolar
BrF3: Polar or nonpolar?Polar
CH3(+): Polar or nonpolar?Nonpolar
PF3: Polar or nonpolar?Polar
If there are unbonded pairs of electrons, the molecule is… (polar, nonpolar).Polar
Give the shape of PF3.Trigonal Pyramidal
Give the shape of CH3(+).Trigonal Planar
Give the shape of BrF3.T-Shaped
Give the shape of ClO4(-)Tetrahedral
Give the shape of XeF2.Linear
Give the shape of BrO2(-).Bent Tetrahedral
SO2: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”bent trigonal planar; polar; <120
(SO3)2-: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”trigonal pyramidal; polar; <109.5
CF4: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”tetrahedral; nonpolar; 109.5
CF2H2: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”tetrahedral; polar; 109.5
H2O: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”bent tetrahedral; polar; <109.5
I3(-): “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”linear; nonpolar; <180
C2H2: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”linear; nonpolar; 180
ArF4: “shape; polar/nonpolar; bond angle”square planar; nonpolar; 90, 180
(SO3)-2 Hybridsp3
CF4 Hybridsp3
CF2H2 Hybridsp3
H2O Hybridsp3
I3- Hybridsp3d
C2H2 Hybridsp
ArF4 Hybridsp3d2