Table of contents:

  1. Psychology
  2. Health and Diet
  3. Education, Science and Technology
  4. Natural Science Education
  5. Politics
  6. Social and Family affairs
  7. Business
  8. History
  9. Finance and accounting
  10. Marketing
  11. Economics
  12. Entertainment

This is a type of essay written to classify subjects. When writing this essay, ideas are organized into categories. For instance, if you are discussing types of laptops, each paragraph should be developed in a way that it mentions and explain different laptop models.

The main aim of writing a classification essay is to break-down wide subjects into narrow topics that are more specific in relation to the main subject or category. Moreover, breaking down broad categories into smaller manageable topics helps the reader to understand a particular subject better. To write an effective classification essay, ensure you transform subjects into substantial classification categories. Aim at making all categories to shadow a specific unifying and standardized viewpoint. Lastly, complement your paragraphs with instances and examples which are apt for every category. Here are 150 classification essay topics placed in categories to help you find your desired niche with ease.

List of 150 Topics for Classification Essay Writing


  1. Forms of eating disorders
  2. Types of autistic disorders
  3. Common types of phobia
  4. Behavioral conducts of students in school
  5. Types of employee behavior
  6. Forms of obsessive-compulsive problems
  7. Different citizens’ attitude concerning political issues
  8. Self-regulation exercises for students
  9. Styles of cognitive approaches to motivate students
  10. Types of replies to jokes

Health and Diet

  1. Common types of allergies
  2. Ways of treating migraines
  3. Easy ways to quit drinking alcohol
  4. Dangers of smoking
  5. Ways of dealing with stress
  6. Best weight loss exercises
  7. Hair loss treatment techniques
  8. Balanced diets
  9. Types of protein
  10. Types of fruits and vegetables
  11. Survival tips for cancer treatment
  12. Ways to control obesity
  13. Importance of physical exercises
  14. Strategies to cope with stress
  15. Treatment techniques for acne
  16. Types of cancer problems
  17. Weight loss techniques

Education, Science and Technology

  1. Types of mobile applications
  2. Best search engines for online marketing
  3. Mostly used social media platforms
  4. Types of mobile phones
  5. Ways of online marketing
  6. Types of digital cameras
  7. Ways of creating HD videos
  8. Online academic sources for students
  9. How to find books on the internet
  10. How to make money online
  11. Types of educational systems
  12. How to choose a school major
  13. Types of students
  14. Best study tips for students
  15. Ways of pursuing a degree online
  16. Survival tips for students
  17. Best campus jobs for students
  18. Types of educational loans
  19. Best teaching techniques for college students
  20. Recommendable extra-curricular activities for students
  21. Ways of paying for college education
  22. Note-taking tips when preparing for an exam
  23. Types of college instructors
  24. Techniques of paying off school debts
  25. Modern university courses
  26. Survival tips during an exams session

Natural Science Education

  1. Types of climatic zones in the world
  2. Types of rocks
  3. Types of sea waves
  4. Types of rivers and their sources
  5. The earth’s topography
  6. Types of clouds and their heights
  7. Theories about formation of the earth
  8. Types of tectonic forces
  9. Forms of bear species
  10. Proofs that the earth is spherical
  11. Categories of sea creatures
  12. Types of lakes
  13. Types of mountains


  1. Forms of global monarchies
  2. Political systems
  3. Ways of conducting elections
  4. Forms of political parties
  5. International unions for countries
  6. Citizens’ rights
  7. How a country generates its revenue
  8. Debating tips for political affairs
  9. Types of voting systems
  10. Political regimes

Social and Family affairs

  1. Ways of maintaining a relationship
  2. Parental techniques
  3. Types of vacations
  4. Importance of family gathering
  5. Types of leisure activities
  6. Ways to spend a lunch break
  7. Divorce types
  8. Best museums to visit for vacations
  9. Ways of apologizing
  10. Ideas to initiate family happiness
  11. Categories of cultures
  12. Family unity activities
  13. Best shopping practices
  14. Techniques to improve relation between parents and children
  15. Types of Christmas gifts for children
  16. Reasons to marry or not to
  17. Things to do on a first date


  1. Roles of an entrepreneur
  2. Forms of leadership styles
  3. Ways to fund a business
  4. Best decision making techniques
  5. Job application techniques
  6. Different Managerial tips
  7. Conflict resolution techniques between employees
  8. Change management practices
  9. Forms of legal entities
  10. Strategies to provide incentives to employees


  1. World’s famous dictators
  2. World war I and II list of countries
  3. History of colonization
  4. Slave trades in the 20th century
  5. Types of monarchies
  6. Types of cultures during the civil wars
  7. Cold harbor wars
  8. 2nd Wars of the Bull Run
  9. Histories of the Pocahontas

Finance and accounting

  1. Types of liabilities
  2. List of global stock exchange companies
  3. Investing in real estates
  4. Indexing stock markets
  5. Important skills of a sales clerk
  6. Accounting versus book-keeping
  7. Features of cash transactions
  8. Types of entry systems
  9. Types of business expenditures


  1. Interaction techniques with customers
  2. Types of pricing strategies
  3. Modes of advertisement
  4. Types of market surveys
  5. Forms of discounts
  6. Types of buyers


  1. Forms of monopolies
  2. Types of goods and services
  3. Examples of cartels
  4. Theories on economics
  5. Types of economic systems
  6. Forms of externalities
  7. Types of pricing models
  8. Types of demand elasticities
  9. Profit management techniques
  10. Categories of exchange rates
  11. Forms of agricultural business structures today


  1. Categories of operagoers
  2. Types of music to listen with children
  3. History of different music types
  4. Types of dancing styles to use on different occasions
  5. Forms of movie starts and endings
  6. Categories of video games for kids
  7. Types of crafting styles
  8. Types of TV detectives
  9. Types of video comedies
  10. Mobile phone users versus laptop users
  11. Types of television shows
  12. Types of sitcoms