Church of God Exhorter Study Guide 2013

identityThe answer to the question, “Who Am I?” gives a person’s _______________.
created; image of GodBelievers are ___________ in the ___________.
Genesis 1:27___________ is a scripture that supports belief that believers are created in the image of God.
emotional; spiritualAn individual is created as physical, ___________, and ___________.
ministersThe interaction of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals determine the kind of ___________ they become.
Romans 5:9___________ is a scripture that indicates to the believer the experience of justification.
emotionsGod has given individuals the capacity to express the same ___________ He feels.
1 Peter 1:18-19___________ is a scripture that identifies the expression of redemption to the believer.
Christlike___________ behavior is the will of God.
lostA disciple possesses a genuine concern for the ___________.
scriptureA disciple searches the ___________ to be an effective witness.
faith; love; enduranceA shepherd/leader is stable in ___________, ___________, & ___________.
necessityA called person functions compellingly out of ___________.
willinglyA call person functions ___________ in light of a sacred responsibility.
spiritual changeA minister is an agent of ___________.
spiritual response patternsMinisters must develop ___________.
mindMinisters need to recognize that there is a constant state of spiritual conflict for control of the ___________.
ChristMinisters must focus their faith on ___________.
spiritual; sinfulIn order to be spiritual, a minister must understand the contrast between the ___________ mind and the ___________ mind.
hostileThe sinful mind is ___________ to God (Romans 8:7).
transformedThe spiritual mind is ___________ (Romans 12:2).
workable planAs a shepherd/leader, a minister must have a ___________.
purposeAs a shepherd/leader, a minister must have a sense of ___________.
prayerAs a shepherd/leader, a minister must have a commitment to ___________.
leadershipAs a shepherd/leader, a minister must assume a stance of ___________.
educatedJesus ___________ people.
prioritiesAs a shepherd/leader, a minister accents ministry ___________.
worshipA ministry priority should build on the centrality of ___________.
influencePreaching exists to ___________ people.
heart; spiritA sermon must be felt in the ___________ & ___________ of the minister.
Celebration of worship___________ is the most important event in the life of the church each week.
synagogueThe early church model of worship was based on the ___________ style.
hubWorship can be viewed as the ___________ of the wheel of ministry.
exalt God; edify believers; evangelize the lostThree purposes of worship are ___________.
matureA worship service should ___________ believers.
differentA structure of a worship service may be ___________ from church to church.
thought; prayed; designedA worship service should be ___________ through, ___________ through, and ___________ for the glory of God.
focusA call to worship should ___________ the worshiper onto the greatness of God.
1 Timothy 4:13The Bible says in ___________ that there should be public reading of scripture.
congregationalThe ___________ praise is important because the worship service should not be a spectator event.
unproductiveUsing fear and guilt when receiving an offering is ___________.
ministry of the Word of GodThe ___________ is the centerpiece of the worship service in a church.
teachingPastoral preaching has a high ___________ element in the content.
centerA sermon should ___________ on the person of Jesus Christ.
biblicallyPreaching needs to be ___________ based.
sacramentsThe most centralizing aspects of the worship service are the ___________ of the church.
communion; baptism; footwashingThe sacraments of the church are ___________.
mystery & celebrationSacrament implies ___________.
Communion___________ represents Christ dwelling in the believer and the believer dwelling in Christ.
Baptism___________ is connected with faith, repentance, and confession of faith.
CommunionThe Lord’s Supper is another name for ___________.
personCommunion focuses the believer on the ___________ of Christ.
fosters fellowshipThe Lord’s Supper ___________ among the people of God.
forgivenCommunion recognizes that an individual is ___________.
spirituallyChrist is present in Communion ___________.
expressionCommunion is an ___________ of grace, but is not grace.
believersCommunion is available for only ___________.
identificationBaptism is an ___________ with Christ.
saveBaptism does not ___________ a person.
Immersion___________ is the mode of baptism.
conversionBaptism follows ___________.
28:19The formula for baptism is focused in Matthew ___________.
hospitalityThe washing of feet was an ancient custom of ___________.
John 13:1-17___________ is a biblical passage about footwashing.
crucifixionThe Lord’s Supper focuses on the ___________ of Christ.
Samuel & JesusThe practice of dedicating children comes from the dedication of ___________.
praise & thanksgivingDedicating children to God is an act of ___________.
pledgeWhen parents dedicate a child to God, they ___________ themselves to rear the child before God.
promiseDedicating a child is a time to claim the ___________ of God.
purposeIn a child dedication service, the minister explains the ___________ of infant dedication.
relationshipIn premarital counseling, the pastor talks to a couple about their ___________.
serviceIn premarital counseling, the pastor goes over the order of ___________ with the couple.
covenant relationshipIn a marriage service, the pastor should explain the meaning of marriage as a ___________ before God.
shepherdThe pastor’s role is that of a ___________.
nurture & careAs ministers shepherd their congregation, they provide them with ___________.
Psalm 23The best minister description of a pastor might be found in ___________.
guidanceAs a shepherd, a minister provides ___________ for the congregation.
spirituallyMinisters prepare the congregation ___________ to face challenges.
pastoralMinistry includes ___________ contact.
comfort & preparationWhen a minister meets a family after a loved one passes away, the minister provides ___________ for the funeral service.
faithfulness & graceIn ministering to grieving family, a minister should focus on the ___________ of God.
wants & desiresProviding what the family ___________ and ___________ at a funeral service is important.
exalt; comfort; clarifyThree goals of a sermon at a funeral are to ___________ Jesus, ___________ the family, and ___________ the means of eternal life.
administration___________ is part of the ministry of the church.
philosophy; planBy the nature of the calling, the minister is responsible for administering both the ___________ and ___________ of ministry.
strategyThe plan of ministry deals with the ___________ of ministry.
administrationmeans “to organize, to plot, to guide and to direct.”
guides & directsThe minister ___________ the church as it moves into the future.
objective; purpose; benefitsA vision for ministry creates an ___________, a ___________, and ___________ for ministry.
focus; effectivenessThe purpose of vision is to provide a church with a ministry ___________ and a means to measure ministry ___________.
Proverbs 29:18The Old Testament passage, ___________, explains the necessity of a vision for a church.
visionariesMinisters are ___________, which means they see where the church needs to be going and they outline steps to help the church reach the destination.
future possibilityA vision for ministry starts from the scriptural understanding—an unfolding ___________.
evangelism; edification; equipping; encouraging; & excellenceGive five principles that should be used in writing a mission statement for ministry: ___________.
selecting personnel; identifying ministry plans; establishing a budget for the ministry plan.Making a ministry vision a reality includes three administrative functions: (1) ___________, (2) ___________, (3) ___________.
organizationThe church is an ___________ that builds the body of Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12-31Paul gives an illustrative description of the church as a body of many parts in ___________.
spirit & formOrganization is coming to a balance of ___________.
structureThe objective behind organization is that it gives the church ___________ for the vision to be carried out.
distinctiveIt is important for a church to know its own ___________ style.
need-oriented; job-descriptive; distinctive in styleIn order to successfully build the body of Christ, the church must be ___________.
needsChurches need to be aware of the ___________ of the people who live in its surrounding community.
giving___________ is a spiritual discipline.
Malachi 3:7-10Basic teachings concerning tithes and offerings are found in ___________.
purpose & benefitsHelping people see the Kingdom ___________ are key factors for motivating people to involve themselves in ministry.
eldership; teachers; musicians; & auxiliary workersFour core ministry positions in a church are ___________.
eldershipThe ___________ should be composed of individuals who are gifted in administration and in different types of ministry.
people personChrist’s teachings or actions illustrate how a minister can be a ___________.
needChrist recognized people at their point of ___________.
traditionChrist related to people in spite of ___________.
significant & purposefulCaring provides people a sense of belonging to something ___________.
priorityCaring keeps people as the ___________ of ministry.
openCaring churches are ___________ to all people.
evangelism___________ should be the central thrust of the local church.
lay-empoweredThe sending church is ___________.
sending; satisfiedA ___________ church does not become a ___________ church.
Easter & ChristmasSpecial services, like ___________, should be evangelistic services.
training people___________ to share their faith emphasizes evangelism.
relationalOne of the most effective means of evangelism is ___________.
preaching the Word___________ is expected of an evangelist.
focusAn evangelist should ___________ on what God is doing in the local church.
move forwardAn evangelist should help the church ___________.
evangelistic messageThe character of a church is derived from its ___________.
Appalachian MountainsThe Church of God began in the ___________ of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.
holinessThe founders of the Church of God preached a solid ___________ message.
movement___________ was the term most often used to describe the Church of God in its early days.
educational institutionsThe existence of false teachings in the early days of Pentecostalism made the leaders of the church understand the need for the development of ___________.
human organization; divine organismThe church is both a ___________ and a ___________.
what the church ought to doThe basic reason for having polity and for following parliamentary procedures is to accomplish ___________ and what the church ought not to do
16Any member of the Church of God who is ____ years of age and above who is present at the General Assembly is able to speak at the Assembly.
centralizedSince the Church of God has a ___________ form of government, members do no represent local churches but themselves.
Like a Mighty Army___________ is the official history of the Church of God.
1886The Church of God had its beginning in ___________.
Richard Spurling; R.G. Spurling Jr.On August 19, 1886 seven people covenanted with ___________ and his son, ___________, to find the spiritual life lacking in their churches.
Christian UnionThe Church of God was first called the ___________.
Shearer SchoolhouseIn 1896, a revival occurred at ___________ near Camp Creek in Cherokee, North Carolina, that emphasized sanctification.
W.F. Bryant___________ was a significant layman in the early days of the Church of God.
1906; North CarolinaThe first General Assembly was held on January 26,27, ___________ at the home of J.C. Murphy in ___________.
secondThe name “Church of God” was adopted in the ___________ General Assembly.
“evangelist”At the second General Assembly, the Assembly instituted a new order of ministry– ___________.
A.J. TomlinsonThe first general overseer of the Church of God was ___________.
1910The Church of God Evangel was first published as the Evening Light and Church of God Evangel in ___________.
Bible Training SchoolRecognizing education as an important tool for fulfilling the Great Commission, the ___________ was opened on January 1, 1918.
Edmund; Rebecca___________ and ___________ Barr returned to their native Bahamas, as the first Church of God missionaries in 1909.
F.J. Lee___________ was elected as the second general overseer in the Church of God in 1923.
general secretaryIn 1924, the Assembly established the office of ___________, and his responsibility was to serve as clerk of the Assemblies.
Missions Board; Board of Education; & Publishing CommitteeAt the General Assembly in 1926, three standing boards were created: ___________.
Bishops CouncilIn 1929, the ___________, composed of all ordained ministers, was established to convene prior to the Assembly.
Lee CollegeThe Bible Training School was renamed ___________ in honor of F.J. Lee in 1947.
Declaration of FaithIn 1948, the ___________ was adopted.
womenThe Assembly approved ___________ to be licensed to preach in 1909.
whole BibleThe Church of God stands for the ___________ rightly divided.
New TestamentThe ___________ is the only rule for government and discipline in the Church of God.
Great CommissionThe ___________ remains the Church of God’s mandate from Christ.
spirit & powerThe mission of the Church of God is to communicate the power of Jesus Christ in the ___________ of Pentecost.
judicialThe Church of God is a ___________ body.
cannotA local church ___________ withdraw from the International General Assembly.
Church of GodThe official name of the church is ___________.
teachings, doctrine, & governmentThe membership of the Church of God is composed of Christians who have accepted the ___________ of the Church of God.
General AssemblyThe International ___________ is composed of all members and ministers of the Church of God 16 years of age and above.
mission, vision, & commitmentsThe purpose of the International General Assembly is to advance the ___________ of the Church of God.
bienniallyThe International General Assembly meets ___________.
Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised___________ serves as the official guide for the business of the International General Assembly.
general overseer; assistant general overseer; secretary general; director of Youth and Discipleship; assistant director of Youth and Discipleship; director of World Missions; assistant director of World MissionsThe International General Assembly elects the ___________.
moderatorThe officers of the International General Assembly consist of the ___________ and a secretary.
secretary generalThe ___________ serves the International General Assembly as secretary.
ordained bishopsThe International General Council is composed of all ___________ of the Church of God.
General CouncilThe International ___________ shall elect the Council of Eighteen.
Council of EighteenThe general overseer, his assistants, the secretary-general, and ___________ shall constitute the International Executive Council.
International Executive CommitteeStanding Boards are appointed by the ___________.
laityThe International General Assembly grants to its ___________ the same voice that it affords all credentialed ministers in the International General Assembly.
ordained ministers, exhorters, & laity___________ are approved to sit in the International General Council.
bienniallyThe International General Council meets ___________ to consider recommendations that are to be presented to the International General Assembly.
pastorsThe largest group that comprises the International Executive Council is ___________.
oneA member of the Council of Eighteen is eligible to succeed himself for ___________ term(s).
general overseer & the International Executive CouncilThe distribution of tithes sent to the International Offices is the responsibility of the ___________.
International Executive CommitteeState and provincial overseers are appointed by ___________.
twoAfter an International Executive Committee member has served eight years, he is ineligible to serve in that role for ___________ year(s).
fourThe general overseer will be elected for a ___________-year term.
fourThe assistant general overseer will be elected for a ___________-year term.
secretary generalFurnishing the International General Assembly with financial reports is a primary responsibility of the ___________.
oneThe director of Youth and Discipleship will be able to succeed himself ___________ term.
World Missions BoardThe ___________ develops and sets forth the policy of the World Missions ministry and its operations.
World Missions BoardThe ___________ determines the eligibility of prospective missionaries.
International CouncilThe ___________ provides diverse involvement in order to support an international perspective in fulfilling the mission of the Church of God.
International CouncilThe ___________ advises the International Executive Committee on issues of international concern.
assistant director of World MissionsThe ___________ recommends prospective missionaries to the director of World Missions.
state overseerA qualification of a ___________ is his ability to oversee people as well as programs.
state overseerAs part of his accountability, a ___________ is be a model by demonstrative, Christlike attributes in his lifestyle and administration.
twoThe state overseer’s term of office shall be for ___________ years.
twelveThe tenure of offices for the state overseer is for a maximum of ___________ years in nonmission states.
district overseers, pastors, & local church officersThe state overseer appoints ___________ when necessary.
district overseerThe state overseer approves the selection, purchase, and construction of all church, parsonage, or Sunday school properties, together with the prospective ___________.
International Executive CommitteeBefore launching large financial projects, the state overseer must have the approval of the ___________.
district overseerThe state overseer, with the ___________, may authorize exhorters to pastor, baptize, and receive members into the church, when such authority is necessary.
ordained bishopsExcept in national, territorial, provincial, or mission states, all state councilmen must be ___________.
State CouncilWith the state overseer, the ___________ has supervision of the state missions money, surplus tithes, state parsonage, campground, and all other funds received and disbursed by the state treasury.
State Board of Ministerial Development; State Youth & Discipleship Board; State World Missions Board; & State Music BoardEach state will have a ___________.
State CouncilThe State Board of Ministerial Development is appointed by the state overseer and approved by the ___________.
State Board of Ministerial DevelopmentThe ___________ helps stimulate and nurture continuing education programs at all levels.
State Board of Ministerial Development; State World Missions Board; & State Music BoardThe ___________ are appointed biennially by the state overseer.
State Youth & Discipleship BoardThe ___________ is elected by the ministers of the state.
state overseerThe State Youth & Discipleship director is nominated by the ___________.
State CouncilThe State Youth & Discipleship director is elected by the ___________.
State CouncilThe state overseer will submit to the ___________ the names of nominees for the State Evangelism and Missions director.
eightThe State Evangelism and Missions director’s term of office is two years, with a maximum of ___________ consecutive years in a nonmission state.
International Executive CouncilEvangelistic associations or other organizations of this type cannot be organized in the Church of God without the express approval of the ___________.
bienniallyThe board and board chairman of the State World Missions Board shall be appointed ___________ by the state overseer.
district overseerEach district is under the care and supervision of a ___________, who is appointed by the state overseer.
evangelistic thrustThe district overseer sees that a(n) ___________ is put forth in his district during the year.
State Youth & Discipleship directorThe ___________, with the district overseer, may appoint an assistant to serve as the Youth & Discipleship director for the district.
wife of the state overseerThe ___________ serves as the Church of God state Women’s Ministries president.
centralizedThe Church of God has a ___________ form of government.
International General AssemblyThe ___________, the highest authority of the Church of God, governs the ownership of all church property.
international, national; state/territorial, district, & localThe International General Assembly governs the operation of the Church of God at the ___________ levels.
local Board of TrusteesA ___________ holds title to, manages, and controls, at the direction of the local church, all real estate owned by the local congregation.
eldersThe Church of God affirms the scriptural pattern of ___________ and deacons.
official requestA member’s name should remain on the membership roll until an ___________ for transfer is received.
two weeksA request for transfer of membership should be granted within ___________, providing no charges are pending.
three daysWhen making formal charges against a member is necessary, the charges are to be given to the member not less than ___________ prior to the time and place of the meeting.
church conferenceA ___________ is a business meeting for the purpose of transacting an business necessary for the operation of the church.
pastorNo ___________ has the right to hold a conference without permission from the district overseer.
district overseerNo conference will be held in a district except under the direction of the ___________.
oneThe state and district overseer should see that at least ___________ conference(s) is/are conducted in each local church.
membershipThe regular conference consists of the ___________.
financial statusThe purpose of the church conference is to inform the church of its ___________.
tenA regular conference should be announced at least ___________ days before it occurs.
called conferenceA ___________ takes care of business arising between regular conferences.
financial reports of various departments of the church; other reports of committees and so forth; transfer of membership, if any; unfinished business, if any; new business in a conThe usual order of business in a conference includes ___________.
state overseerThe authority to appoint pastors is placed in the___________.
state overseerWhen a pastor desires a pastoral change, he/she will submit a letter of request to the ___________.
district overseerLaity may contact the ___________ about local church issues after they have talked with their pastor.
state overseerAssistant pastors are subject to the approval and appointment of the ___________.
Church & Pastor’s CouncilA local church can determine if it is practical to have a ___________.
bienniallyThe Church & Pastor’s Council is to be elected ___________ by ballot.
pastorThe ___________ serves as the chairman of the Church & Pastor’s Council.
pastor, district overseer, or state overseerA Church & Pastor’s Council meeting can be called only with the permission of the ___________.
spiritual, financial, & physicalThe Church & Pastor’s Council assists the pastor in the ___________ area(s) of the church.
conferenceAll major local church disbursements must be approved by the church in ___________.
pastorA church treasurer will be appointed by the ___________ and confirmed by the Council and/or body.
minutesEach local church is to provide the treasurer with a copy of the ___________ of the International General Assembly.
twoThe Finance Committee consists of the treasurer and ___________ other members.
local Board of TrusteesA local church that owns any property will appoint a ___________.
state overseerBefore approving a building project, a ___________ or his designee will determine if the design and financial programs have been approved by proper authorities.
Christian day schoolNo church will implement a ___________ without permission from the state overseer.
president, vice-president, & secretary-treasurerThe local church Women’s Ministries committee will consist of ___________.
pastorThe chairman of the local church Women’s Ministries is the ___________.
the baptism of the Holy SpiritAll applicants for the ministry must have ___________.
1 Timothy 3:1-7The applicant for ordination as bishop must meet the biblical requirements found in ___________.
eightAn applicant for ordination as bishop may be ordained when he is 25 years of age, provided he has had at least ___________ years of active ministry. (If he has had verifiable active ministerial experience, is recommended by the applicant’s administrative bishop, and is approved by the Executive Council, the number of years of active ministry may be waived.)
weddingsWhen an exhorter is serving as pastor and he meets the requirements of the civil laws, he/she may officiate ___________.
breathed by GodThe word “inspiration” means ___________.
inspirationThe doctrine of ___________ is especially stated in 2 Timothy 3:16.
Holy SpiritThe ___________ is the agent of inspiration.
infallibilityThough men are the human authors of the Word, God gave them ___________.
Jesus; apostles___________ and the ___________ in the New Testament recognized the Old Testament as fully inspired.
Gospels; ActsThe apostles appealed to the Old Testament in narratives of the ___________ and ___________ in the instructions of the epistles.
PaulPeter recognized the writings of ___________ to be on a level with the Old Testament.
unityThe chief characteristic of these 66 books is their ___________.
forgivenessThe Bible treats sin under terms of ___________; human systems tend to excuse or ignore it.
faithThe Bible makes ___________ the only instrument of salvation.
holinessThe Bible has a single moral standard which is ___________.
Holy Spirit; Holy WordThe real persuasion of the inspiration of Scripture lies in the work of the ___________ and the captivation of the mind and will by the ___________.
faith; practiceThe Bible is the only infallible rule of ___________ and ___________.
governmentAll church ___________ must be based on the Word of God.
faithAll the tenets of our ___________ must be drawn from Scripture.
indivisible, personalGod is one ___________ being.
incommunicableThe essential nature of God may be identified by the ___________ attributes.
self-existence, unchangeableness, & infinityThe incommunicable attributes are His ___________.
communicableThe personal nature of God may be identified by his ___________ attributes.
intellectual; volitional; moralThese communicable attributes are God’s ___________ nature, His ___________ nature, and His ___________ nature.
FatherThe distinction of the ___________ is that He had begotten the Son from eternity.
SonThe distinction of the ___________ is that He had been begotten by the Father from eternity.
Holy SpiritThe distinction of the ___________ is that He proceeds from the Father and the Son from eternity.
divine natureThe qualities of ___________ belong to each of the persons of the Trinity.
infinite, eternal, & unchangeablein describing the deity of the Trinity, we refer to each person as ___________.
substance; power; gloryThe persons of the Trinity are the same in ___________ and equal in ___________, ___________, and honor.
Old TestamentThe earliest indications of the doctrine of the Trinity appear in the ___________.
unity; tri-personalnessThe term “Trinity” emphasizes the two facets of this doctrine: they are the doctrine of ___________ and the doctrine of ___________ of God.
unityDeuteronomy 6:4 emphasizes the ___________ of God.
1 Kings 8:60In ___________, Solomon spoke of Jehovah as the only God.
God the Father; Lord Jesus ChristIn 1 Corinthians 8:6, Paul spoke of one ___________ and one ___________.
mediatorIn 1 Timothy 2:5, the oneness of God is based on the fact that there is but one ___________.
one GodAccording to James 2:19, even the devils believe that there is ___________.
ElohimIn Genesis 1:1, the word ___________ implies the doctrine of the Trinity.
us; ourGod recognized the plurality in the Godhead by His use of the pronouns ___________ and ___________ in Genesis 1:26.
LordIn Genesis 11:7, the pronoun “us” is fulfilled in the word ___________.
TrinityThe use of the pronoun “us” is a communion of the ___________.
GodIn Hebrews 1:8, God the Father addresses the Son as ___________.
God; His SpiritIsaiah 48:16 recognizes the work of both ___________ and ___________.
SpiritAccording to Romans 8:27, the ___________ knows the will of God.
baptismIn the formula of ___________, we worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Trinity; unityIn 2 Corinthians 13:14, we worship God in ___________ and in ___________.
FatherWe worship the ___________ as the Source of all goodness and love.
SpiritWe worship the ___________ as essential to divine blessing and fellowship.
SonWe worship the ___________ as the Dispenser of grace.