Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study

What is the best description of CKD?It is a fatal disorder unless renal replacement therapy is received.
What additional information is Louellen’s history may be related to the onset of ESRD?hypertension
Which lab value is likely to be decreased in a client with chronic kidney disease?serum calcium
What is the underlying pathology causing this abnormal lab value?fewer red blood cells are being formed
What is the correct interpretation of these ABGs?
pH 7.35
PO2 96.00 mmHg
PCo2 30.00 mmHg
HCO3 18.00 mEq/L
metabolic acidosis (compensated)
Which additional assessment finding is consistent with ESRD?yellow-gray pallor
Which explanation best describes the pathology resulting in her hypertensionActivation of the renin-angiotensin cycle and excretion of aldosteron causes hypertension
Which assessment finding indicates to the nurse that the desired outcome of the calcium acetate (Phoslo) has been achieved?serum phosphorous of 4.0 mg/dl
what assessment should the nurse perform to determine if the desired outcome of captopril (capoten has been achieved?blood pressure
which assessment data indicates to the nurse that the desired outcome for epoetin alfa (Epogen) has been achievedconjunctival sac returns to a reddish-pink color
based on the diagnoses, which nursing intervention should be included in Louellen’s plan of care?monitor and record daily weights
The nurse’s response is based on what understanding?eggs are a source of high biologic value protein
How much fluid will Louellen be allowed to drink during the next 24 hours?720 ml of fluid