Chapter 2 – Health Care Systems Assignment Sheet

Long-Term CareProvide assistance and care mainly for elderly patients
Emergency Care ServicesProvide special care for accidents or sudden illness
Mental Health FacilitiesDeal with mental disorders and diseases
Industrial Health Care CentersHealth centers located in large companies or industries
Dental OfficesOffices owned by one or more dentists
LaboratoriesPreform special diagnostic tests
Home Health CareProvide care in a patient’s home
Rehabilitation FacilitiesProvide physical, occupational, and other therapies
Genetic Counseling CentersCheck for genetic abnormalities and birth defects
4 main types of hospitals:General Hospitals
Specialty Hospitals
Government Hospitals
University or College Medical Centers
Residential Care FacilityDesigned to provide basic physical and emotional care
Extended Care FacilityDesigned to provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation
Independent Living FacilityAllow individuals who can care for themselves to do so with assisted transportation
3 services offered by medical offices:Diagnosis
3 different types of clinics:Surgical
3 services provided by home health care agencies:Nursing Care
Personal Care
What is palliative care?Care that provides support and comfort to terminally ill persons.
3 services offered by school health services:Preform tests to check for health conditions
Provide emergency care for victims of accidents or sudden illness
An international agency sponsored by the United Nations:WHO
A national agency that deals with health problems in America:USDHHS
A national organization that is involved in the research of disease:NIH
A federal agency that establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses:OSHA
A federal agency that researches the quality of health care delivery and identifies the standards of treatment that should be provided:AHRQ