CH 15 and 16 Practice Quiz

Exercise alters blood fat levels byraising HDL levels.
When cancer cells enter the lymph or blood system,they can form secondary tumors elsewhere.
All of the following CVD risk factors can be changed, EXCEPTfamily history of CVD.
Techniques for early detection of prostate cancer include a digital rectal exam anda prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.
Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy is recommended to screen for ____________ cancer.colon and rectal
The large artery that receives blood from the left ventricle and distributes it to the rest of the body is called theaorta.
Cancers arising from connective and fibrous tissues such as bone, cartilage, or muscle are calledsarcomas.
Cardiovascular disease in children is usually the result ofcongenital heart defect.
Obesity increases a persons risk ofbreast and colon cancers.
The type of stroke that is caused by a rupture of blood vessels is calledhemorrhagic.