AP Psych Unit 13

Psychological disorders that researchers believe are learned: phobias, most likely treated with….psychotherapy
Schizophrenia is a disorder that is MOST likely to be treated with…biomedical therapies
A therapist who takes an eclectic approach is one whouses variety psychological theories &therapeutic approaches
Free association involves theuncensored reporting of any thoughts that come to mind
The expression toward a therapist of feelings linked with earlier relationships is known astransference
Psychoanalysts would be most likely to discourage patients fromdiscontinue psychotherapy whenever it felt like it was no longer necessary
Which form of therapy is likely to be criticized for being too expensive and time-consumingpsychoanalysis
Interpersonal therapy focuses primarily on helping people toimprove their relationship skills
Freud is to _____ as Rogers is to _____.free association;active listening
Humanistic therapists are most likely toemphasize importance self-awareness psych. adjustment
Carl Rogers is known for the development ofclient-centered therapy
The healing power of insight &self-awareness is LEAST likely to be emphasized by __ therapistsbehavior
Procedure trains people to make new responses to stimuli currently trigger unwanted responsescounterconditioning
Mary Cover Jones said 3yr.old Peter lost fear of rabbits when repeatedly shown them; this isexposure therapies
Systematic desensitization involvesassociating pleasant relaxed statew/anxiety arousing stimuli
Virtual reality exposure therapy is most likely to prove effective in the treatment ofPhobias
Treating alcohol depend. therapists have clients consume alcohol that has nausea-producing drugaversive conditioning
The practice of ________ is based on the application of operant conditioning principlesbehavior modification
Proponents of__say maintaining patient behaviors w/pos. rewards more humane relying punishmenttoken economies
Peter’s depressed bc he thinks teacher’s study tips = he’s going to fail;he wld be helped bycognitive therapy
The psychologist known for challenging people’s absurd self-defeating ideas isAlbert Ellis
Joe-undergraduate feels incompetent&believes life’s worthless&hopeless;wld profit most fromBeck’s cognitive therapy
Stress inoculation training focuses on helping people toreplace negative self-talk with more positive comments
A famous 12-step program is associated withAA
People enter psychotherapy during crisis; helps us understand why theytend to overestimate effectiveness of psychotherapy
ESP subjects defy chance 1st tested always lose “psychic powers” retested;decline effect isregression toward the mean
The best outcome studies for evaluating the effectiveness of psychotherapy typically userandomized clinical trials
Which of following is procedure for statistically combining results of many different studies?meta-analysis
Which form of psychotherapy especially effective in coping w/depression&reducing suicide risk?cognitive therapy
Psychotherapy is MOST likely to be effective in freeingJim from an excessive fear of giving speeches in public
Which of the following treatment approaches has received little or no scientific support?energy therapies
Increasingly, insurer and government support for mental health services requiresevidence-based practice
EMDR is most similar to a technique known assystematic desensitization
EMDR was originally developed for the treatment ofanxiety
Light exposure therapy was developed to relieve symptoms ofdepression
Three benefits attributed to all psychotherapies arehope, a new perspective, and a caring relationship
By earning a client’s trust, empathic and caring therapists promotea therapeutic alliance
In 1 experiment, Asian-American clients were more likely to perceive counselor empathy if theyshared the clients’ cultural values
What do psychologists call personal strengths that help people cope with stress?resilience
Psychopharmacology involves the study of how:drugs affect mind and behavior
The double-blind procedure involvespatients/staff don’t know if patient get drug/placebo
Which drug provided most help to schizophrenia patients who experience auditory hallucination & paranoia?Thorazine
Which drugs appear to produce therapeutic effects by blocking receptor sites for dopamine?antipsychotic drugs
Xanax would most likely be prescribed in order to helpJerome overcome feeling nervous apprehension&inability relax
Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms following discontinued use of antianxiety drug are indicative ofphysiological dependence
Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil are called SSRIs because theyslow normal reabsorption of excess serotonin from synapses
The approach that helped children with autism learn to function successfully in school involvesoperant conditioning