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Research Paper Guide On A Topic – Natural Resources Management (NRM)

calendarSep 4, 2018

Natural resources are considered the ones, existing on the Earth independently of the actions of human beings. Most often people include biodiversity, forests, livestock, biomass, water, land and all the minerals it contains into this notion. They have at all times been and still are the foundation of human survival,…

Research Paper Guide On A Topic – Philosophy Of Education

calendarSep 4, 2018

Philosophy Of Education Education still plays a huge role in our life and its significance is going to increase. In the Information age, well-educated people are the most valuable, it motivates to invest in the education. That is why we should study our educational system more to find out how…

Research Paper Guide On A Topic – Media Violence

calendarSep 3, 2018

Media Violence Crime, murder, explicit language, these subjects all may seem like far away concepts. Subjects that only people in bad neighborhoods are exposed to exist, but they are living just inside the homes of almost everyone. Where are they? Inside your TV, computer, video games and music. The media…

What Is A Case Study?

calendarAug 31, 2018

Features of the Case Study in the Modern Education System Amid the most booming ways of presenting is the case-study method. Its core lies in the self-contained performance of learners in an artificially built occupational environment, which makes it possible to combine theory with practical skills. Cases are widely distributed…

Research Paper Guide On A Topic – Equity Theory

calendarAug 29, 2018

Equity Theory The equity theory was developed in the 60s. It analyzes motivation not from the perspective of the individual needs of a person, but on the basis of the processes of comparing oneself with others. Workers try to establish fair relations based on comparing themselves with others. They try…

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