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How To Write A Critical Response Paper

calendarSep 21, 2018

When we read a book or watch a movie, we often criticize their content. We consider if we like or hate them, how much they are interesting and well-developed for us. We also think whether other people should read it or listen to it. When being a student, you may…

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

calendarSep 20, 2018

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay? In a traditional essay, you write about one place, event, book, or something else. Each of these papers has one central object, all the content is written about it. In this type of papers, you have to tell your readers about two or…

Analytical Essay Writing Guide

calendarSep 19, 2018

Pitfalls while Writing an Analytical Essay An analytical essay reflects personal perceptions of the world, even if you only got them through the intensive reading and processing of other people’s thoughts. With its aid, a graduate learns to associate facts and statements from different sources, builds arguments, makes own knowledge…

How To Write Acknowledgements For A Thesis

calendarSep 19, 2018

Proposing Acknowledgements for a Thesis: How to Present a Work Adequately The dream of each applicant for a scientific degree is not only to find a new grain in science. But also to successfully defend his thesis. Naturally, writing the paper requires the post-graduate student to do a lot of…

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