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What Is Paraphrasing?

calendarOct 10, 2018

Examples of paraphrasing In what situations paraphrasing may be useful? Automated paraphrasing, is it reality or myth? Is paraphrasing similar to rogeting? What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing? What is the difference between a paraphrased and quoted work? Definition of Paraphrasing Paraphrasing refers to the presentation of the ideas…

How To Write A Great Argumentative Essay

calendarOct 5, 2018

What Is an Argumentative Essay? Skills Needed for Argumentative Writing Differences Between Argumentative, Persuasive, and Analytical Writings Similarities Between Argumentative, Persuasive, and Analytical Writings How to Start Your Argumentative Essay Properly How to Write the Main Part of Your Argumentative Essay Properly How to Finish Your Argumentative Essay Properly BONUS:…

How To Compare And Contrast Two Stories, Step by Step Guidance

calendarOct 3, 2018

Purpose of Compare and Contrast Essay Writing The purpose of comparison in writing is to discuss aspects of two elements, which are similar. The purpose of contrast, on the other hand, is to discuss the differences between the two elements. Compare and contrast essay analyzes two aspects of a story…

Rebuttal – What Is It?

calendarOct 3, 2018

What Is a Rebuttal? A rebuttal is a statement given to correct, contradict, or disagree with a previous comment. For instance, in the case of football, one may say that a particular player would score a goal because of his fast speed. On the contrary, his friend would say,” I…

Immigration Essay Writing Guide

calendarOct 3, 2018

Immigration – Actual Topic or Not? Immigration is an activity that has been associated with mankind for a long time. However, due to many increasing factors such as modern advancement of information, transport, and technology, immigration has become a global phenomenon. In addition to that, expansive poverty gap between rich…

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