Ch. 12 VOF

As a driving force in the creation of public schools for all, horace mann promoted all of the following views except thatschools were training free individuals, which he believed meant ppl who might follow any desire they had, from hedonism to zoology
American Coloinization Society called fora gradual end to slavery and teh resettlement of blacks outside the United States
Between 1833 and 1840 about how many northerners joined abolitionist groups100,000
WOTF was not a area of public activism open to women during the 1830s and 40spolitical party conventions
the region of the US taht came to be known as the burned over district as a consequence of the many religious revivals that flourished there in the early 19th wasUpstate New York and northern Ohio
Dorthea Dix, a Massachusetts school teacher, was the leading propent ofmore humane treatment o fthe insane
Which was not among the institutional asulums built during the 1830s and 1840ssettlement housed in cities
which was not a movement Abby Kelley was associated with?tariff reform
Which was not a aspect of cooperative Shaker settlementsDancing was not allowed in Shaker settlements
Which of the following was not a distinguishing feature of the new abolitionism of the 1830saconviction that if abolition was not soon achieved by moral suasion then violent measures would become necessary
Which of the following was not a feature of a feature of th emergent American feminism of the 1840sfeminist leaders like Elizabeth Cady staton and Lucretia Mott confined their focus to teh quest for suffrage; for them, demands for equality in other areas seemed trivial by comparision
Which of the following is not true of the utopian communities of 1820s 30s and 40sthey differed little in their systems of labor, gender relations, and internal go vernance
Beginning in 1816 the American Colonization Societywished both to abolish slavery and send American blacks to Africa
Which was not a characteristic of Robert Owens early 19th century utopian communitiesindividualism and anarchy were watchwords at new harmony
Which of the following was not true of race relation within the abolitionist movementvirtually no traces of recial prejudice found their way into the movement
The liberty Bell took onits name previously it had been known as the old state house bell afterabolitionists adopted it as a symbol of their cause of abolishing slavery
At the 1848 Senaeca Falls Convention in New Yorks, Elizabeth Cady Stanton modeled the Seneca Falls declaratikon of Sentiments onthe Decaration of Independence
American reform efforts during the 1820s and 1830raised and addresssed a variety of issues, such as alcoholism, crime, prison life, illiteracy, labor conditions, womens rights nad slavery
the 1836 gag ruleprohibited consideration of petitions calling for emancipation in the House of Representatives
The 19th century view that there should be an immediate end to slavery and incorporation of the freed persons into the republic as equal citizens is calledabolitionism
The richly diverse voluntary associations that developed in early 19th century US included all of the following except societies toshorten the hours of labor for farmers to eight in a day
The founders and earliest leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in 1820 wasJoseph Smith
Which was not a chief endeavor of black abolitionsistsThey called for freed blacks to travel to Africa to live in peace and freedom
At Oneida, founded in 1848 in New York State John Humphrey Noyes did away with private property and develped the idea of complex marriage. Complex marriage at Oneida meantany man and any woman could have sexual relations at any time so long as the relationships was mutual and war recorded in a public record book
The liberator the abolitionist journal was published in Boston in 1831 byWilliam Llyod Garrison
The number of voluntary reform communities established int eh decaddes before the Civil War that historians often call utopian communities such as the Onei dan Owentie or Fourierist communities numbered baoutone hundred
Which was not true of Brook Farmit functined as vibrant community for a half century
Wotf series of events is listed in proper sequence?founding of American Colonization Society; establishment of Liberia; William Lloyd Garrison’s Thoughts on African Colonization
Perfectionism was the view thatsocial ills once considered unable to be cured could eradicated
many northern women were inspired and transformed by the abolitionist message but few played an active role in spreading itfalse
dancing was forbidden in Shaker settlementsfalse
More than 1 million norhterners became abolitionists during the 1830sfalse
William lylyd Garrison ws most remembered for his book Uncle Toms Cabinfalse
advocates of moral reform encountered widespread indifference or oppostition on the part of those they were trying to reformtrue
by tax supported school systems for children had been established in every statefalse
-hakers practiced sexual polygamy as part of their religious beliefsfalse
the suppression of abolitionism provoked broad outrage among northerners including many who had little compassion for the plight of slavestrue
though women could not vote in the early 19th century US they did circulate petitions march in parades and deliver public lectures on variety of topicstrue
according to Fredrick Dougless the heritage of the American Revolutionfalse
Horace Mann believed theat freedom could derive onlytrue
In the absence of a strong bational governmenttrue
A chief endeavor of black abolitionsists was the call for freed blacksfalse
As a group Irish immigrants were one of the biggest supporters of the temperance movementfalse
The founders of Brook Farm envisioned a harmonious blend of physical labortrue
Most African Americans strongly supported settlement of themsleves and other blacksflase
The liberty Bell took its name not from 18th century American Reotrue
Overall the reform movement focused on improving the moral character of Americansfalse
Dorothea Dix was a leading advocate of abolitionismfalse
Shakers got their name beacuse they were similar in their faith beliefs to Quakers but dancedtrue
perfectionism is the view that social ills once considered unable to be cured could be eradicatedtrue
Harriet Beecher Stowe was most famous for running hte Underground railroadfalse
Disagreement over the role of women in antislavery campaigns contributed to a major split in teh abolitionist movemementtrue
First and foremost abbey kelley was a tariff reform activistfalse
the liberator the abolitionst journal was published in Boston in 1831 by lucretia mottfalse
abolitionists did not believe so much in moral suasionfalse
Brook Farm was a vibrant successful and active community for more than a centuryflase
abby kelley was one of the foremost female orators in teh country during her timetrue
American reform efforts during the 1820s and 1830s raised and addressed a variety of issues such as alcoholism crimetrue
As a driving force in the creation of public schools for all, Horace Mann promoted the ideas that universaltrue
As they were committed to the separation of the sexes, shaker communities admitted only menfalse
As driving force in the creation of public schools for all , Horace Mann promoted the idea that schools were training free individualsfalse