Ch 03 Francesco Landini- "Behold, Spring"

Which of the following would likely be found in a song in the courtly love tradition?A knight preforming heroic deed in honor of a lady.
“Behold, Spring” is polyphonic because thetwo voices sing equally important lines.
The melody of “Behold, Spring” is mostlysyllabic
In what century did Landini live?the fourteenth
Which famous poet lived at the same time and in the same city as Landini?Giovanni Boccaccio, author of the Decameron
What is a ballata?A genre of secular songs in the Middle Ages with origins in dance.
Landini was famous not only as a composer but also as anorganist and poet.
A cadence isa stopping point, like the period at the end of a sentence.
The Squarcialupi Codexis unusually elaborate for this time.
How did polyphony originate in Europe?Monks began to add a second line to chants.
The Squarcialupi Codex contains mostly what kind of music?Secular
What is it called when different voices sing the same note?Unison
What condition of Landini’s did not stop him from composing?Blindness
In music, a “cadence” is equivalent to aperiod
Polyphonic music tends to have more regular meter becauseit makes it easier for multiple voices to stay together.
A “strophe” is another word forstanza
What would it mean if the musical form of this piece were AABA?The third strophe would have different music than the other three.
The Spuarcialupi Codex can best be described as agold leaf decorated manuscript created for a single wealthy individual.
LTTE: What is the meter?triple
LTTE: The contour of the melody is mostlyconjunct
LTTE: Which section can be heard in this excerpt?A and B
LTTE: In the word “primavera” (spring), on which syllable does the melisma fall?on “ma”
LTTE: In the second half of this excerptthe music from the first half repeats exactly.
LTTE: What can be heard at the points where the music pauses?The two voices are singing the same note.