Pitfalls while Writing an Analytical Essay

An analytical essay reflects personal perceptions of the world, even if you only got them through the intensive reading and processing of other people’s thoughts. With its aid, a graduate learns to associate facts and statements from different sources, builds arguments, makes own knowledge more clear and systematized.

What is an Analytical Essay?

Analysis means a research method that allows you to investigate specific traits of an object. Usually, in analytical essays, a certain problem is studied, that is, the examination and identification of concrete patterns. A known natural phenomenon, scientific or artistic product, a historical event, a social issue, or something else can act as a research subject.

The content of the analytical composition will largely depend on what is chosen as the matter. Thus, when examining a dissertation or an academic article, an essay can be devoted to the reliability of the exploration. Analyze its potential or criticism of the findings. When considering a work of art, the artistic techniques of the author or the problems raised in the book can be analyzed.

For this reason, it is quite significant to accurately determine the future theme but what if the instructor gave you a too broad topic or provided an opportunity to make a choice on your own? We recommend that you focus on one small issue that can be on several pages.

Purposes of an Analytical Essay Writing

Such works are aimed at revealing acute burning issues, which do not lose their relevance to this day. In addition, in the text, by displaying a personal judgment, one can trace the identity of the writer. Students learn to gradually move from private to specific things. Frequently, the role of a reference is played by a quotation carried out in an epigraph. From an isolated situation, the penman proceeds to generalize analytical or philosophical reasoning about the problem posed.

A similar kind of composition does not tolerate any formal framework. The presentation is illogical, subject to random associations when the author independently thinks through the semantic connections. One of the litterateur’s tasks is to surprise and amaze the reader. Thus, a starting for reflection is a vivid, harsh statement or polemic definition that sets the tone for a further exposition.

How to Start of an Analytical Essay

The plan is not an obligatory element of the paper. It will not be included in it, but its presence will make the writing much easier. As a rule, a general structure includes an introduction, the main part consisting of the thesis and arguments, as well as the conclusion. Fill this frame with specific data, having registered in the chapeau the basic assertion that you will prove. Also, compose the evidence for the body. Now you will only have to detail each pair and add interesting details in the format of statistics or observation.

In the preamble, you need to identify the object of analysis and the dominant thesis on the topic of the work. For instance, if your essay is devoted to the impact of computer science on student performance, the claims can be that it leads to degradation. It is this affirmation that you have to prove in the main part with the help of a number of arguments.

If the subject of your study is a literary hero, then in the preface you should briefly explain his/her place in the work and the reasons for your interest.

For example:

“The character I chose from the novel by Eileen Favorite Heroines is Penny Entwhistle, a naughty teenager. His mother runs a boarding house, which is filled with cruel caregivers. The problems of parental care have always worried me – I often wondered how I would act in the place of my father in this or that situation. To look at own behavior on the part of an observer through a literary character is an ideal solution”.

How to Write Body Parts of an Analytical Essay

Here, you must first present the strongest ideas, then analyze them, and argue your statement. In the example of computer science, one of the potential ideas can be this phenomenon reduces the learner’s interest in real life, including education; you examine how this is happening, proving results with the date of some sociological company.

In the situation of the novel’s hero, decide on his/her position in the plot. He/she can be an antagonist or assistant to the main character, inspiring him to exploit. The benevolent uncle of Peter Parker aided him to decide the life choice and to believe in his strength.

Next, make a list of strong and weak qualities that manifest themselves throughout the course of a story. Don’t forget that ideal people, like villains, do not exist. If you are willing to show the individuality, trace its evolution and the influence of certain episodes on the development of its character. Assess the compatibility of the protagonist’s deeds with his social status; for instance, a lot of persons expect the maid to be modest and respectful of the guests. But if she demonstrates arrogance or violently defends the rights of maintenance personnel, this causes bewilderment.

An analytical essay is too short to involve numerous quotes and refer to different authors, as it is done in abstracts and similar compositions. Yet there should be links to sources. If this is an investigation of a scientific article, then one can address authoritative scholars and their products. In the situation of a book or film, such sources can be publications, writers, film critics, etc. At this stage, you need to properly examine not only the object of analysis itself but also what the society says about it.

With quotes, your document will be more complete and detailed, which always acts more strongly on the follower. Try to find capacious statements and carefully rewrite them even before you start writing an essay. Also, you have to define out the details of each manual or article.

How to Write a Conclusion

In inference, return to the key thesis and describe it more fully, based on what you have proved in the body. Do not forget that you do not write a strict research work, effectively make the final dot.

A literary personage requires character evaluation in the context of a historical or cultural background; for instance, you could conclude that a woman of the 21st century has more freedom than girls in the 16th century. You are able to describe the resolution of the conflict from the viewpoint of the emotional or spiritual growth of the principal. A farmer who was a convinced pacifist takes up arms to protect his land – it is not superfluous to indicate how the protagonist impacted your worldview. Specify, does he/she cause you admiration or neglect. Perhaps you would like to have such a friend or mentor.

When the text is ready, do not be lazy to explore the rules of writing, subtract it for inaccuracies, and also correctly design and print. Most return works precisely because they are not decorated by state standards. The presence of a large number of errors may also play against you that with low literacy, seek assistance from those who are competent.

List of Do / Dont’s while an Analytical Essay Writing

In the process of composing a text, you should avoid taboos that can significantly harm your work:

  • Length. There is no sense and practical value in repeating the same thought to fill a page or using a huge number of words to describe simple things. The most essential thing is to be thorough. Regardless of your abilities and genius, you cannot write a paper without deep intentions, say, at least in two or three paragraphs. Open up as much as possible and set forth worthwhile reflections; describe the topic as comprehensively as the time limit allows you in half an hour.
  • Organization. The surface element of preparation consists in using the basic structural features; the second, more profound, one is associated with a sequence of ideas. A successful document is distinguished by the smooth transition of one paragraph to another, while affirmations are built in a logical progression. Examples are given in the order of the arguments and do not seem to be unsystematic.
  • Competent and unmistakable letter. Do not really worry about the mastery of rhetoric, the sense of pace or euphony of syllables as your suggestions reach the readers’ ears. Most works in this regard do not stand up to criticism and are forced to put up with their prose. Nevertheless, the conversation with the follower does not imply a paper in the form of replicas, as it is done in the play. To achieve the effect of a polemical debate, rhetorical queries that require a mental response are frequently used.
  • Special and relevant proofs. Abstraction and generalization destroy the present product in the bud. It is quite easy to make statements, but in order to give them credibility, it is worth adding a few examples. Otherwise, it’s akin to an ungrounded interaction – whether you defend your perspective or protest against an unconvincing assertion, you should provide the relevant evidence. However, the way of presentation is also important. The priority mistake is an excessive detailing of the data without a proper explanation of exactly how it supports your opinion.
  • Clear the judgment. You may take any side of the problem that appeals to you because there are no right answers; you have the right to agree with this clue, to protest against it or to put forward a third argument. An undefined position will not work. A composition is a simple reflection on paper, but reflections must portend all the rest -you should perceive what you want to convey and then share it.

Thus, following all the rules of writing an analytical essay, you will not only be able to get high marks but also gain invaluable experience in the preparation of works of such kind.