“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

Did you notice how unexpectedly simple movers become masterpieces? One of them is Girl — a short novel brought to this world by Jamaica Kincaid. This story was included in At the Bottom of the River book which saw the world at the beginning of the 1980s. As for the exact time, ‘Girl’ was released on June 26, 1978 in the world famous newspaper The New Yorker.

To show it in a nutshell, this story provides an overlook of the relationship between a girl and mother — an eternal topic. The main character is a simple girl who is being represented in her youth. When it comes to the essence, the novel demonstrates that in this relationship, her mom does everything to make up ‘special behaviors’ that she takes as appropriate for women.

Needless to mention this conflict appears between ‘how should be’ and ‘how I said it has to be’. Plus, her mother expects and imposes these behaviors (Kincaid’s behaviors). The last but not the least, it is obvious that the main character is being constrained by all named ‘prescribed’ behaviors.

Mother and negative information

It is hard to underrate the bad impact of information. Everything that mother tells her daughter includes both positive and negative sides. The majority of them are negative. In this novel, her mom gives a lot of information about how to behave, exactly what to do, what music she has to take into attention, how she has to cook and on and on

What to do in the house and what she should do outside. This is frustrating. The worst thing is that the mother gives information on things that girl really does not have to do. For instance, performance singing in Sunday school or play marbles like a boy.

True story: parents who overbear their children

It happened oftentimes that parents can be really overbearing on their kids. Even they are after their 20s or 30s! This story is a great demonstration which shows how a little life can be broken by means of one adult. When it comes to Kincaid’s story essentials, it is aimed to demonstrate the whole perspective, plus real through of the mother. This approach can be compared with one famous Russian writer — Dostoevsky who is claimed to be a surgeon of human souls.

The major negative character — mother — fills the majority of the lines of this novel. In comparison with her daughter, because the latter has only 4-10 lines. Finally, the reader is just left outside alone wondering what that girl would say.

The story is aimed to show that her mom doesn’t really take much if way her daughter thinks. In other words, she does not care at all. As usually, the mother’s lines are just presented to keep her saying some words. Here it does not matter they are appropriate for her daughter or not. All in all, it makes an impression the mother’s major aim to speak with no stop.

This story is aimed to illustrates that her mom doesn’t have any will to take into attention thoughts of the girl. For instance, when she was taking a girl to sing in Sunday school, she kept repeating that she must go there every Sunday, by all means. Even though a girl does not like it, a mother does not even consider the daughter’s mind.

Parents go on imposing stereotypes on children

It is not a news that our society imposes stereotypes on children, even they are in their 20s. The same situation came to Kincaid. The major idea is that mother discriminates daughter’s mind and acts wrongly. Here the mother is a representation of the idea that women have to be limited — to the home, to their kids, they don’t have to work, they don’t have to be realized in social life, etc.

One of the rudest things which was told to the daughter, mother called her slut in order to manipulate. Offense and rude behaviors are oftentimes being used as manipulation. Paying attention to this story, one should know and keep his own boundaries in relationships with parents, close friends, and even soulmates.

The major thought of this novel is that we must take relationships as a flower in a garden: it needs our attention, it needs our care and it has to be cured in a special way. Every relationship is unique and that’s why every person needs his unique approach. I really liked ‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid since its shows the real problem of our lives and teaches us how to keep away from such problems to live a happy life with our parents. I would recommend this masterpiece to read for everyone who wants to find out more about relationships with parents.