Art Appreciation – ART 1309, TTU

Which of the following is not a characteristic of “community art”?It tends to be very small, remote, and private.
The word vomitoria was used to describe the entryways at the Colosseum becauseit conveys the spilling throngs of people leaving the building.
Manmade mountains is another term forPyramids.
Frank lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in New YorkIs highly geometric.
Archaeologist Mark Lehner and Roger Hopkins discovered that it takes how many men to tumble a stone weighing less than 1 ton?4-5
Qin Shi Huangdi’s army of terracotta soldierswas found in 1974
What common characteristic do the Sumerian bull lyre, Navajo sand painting, and Gèlèdé masquerade share?We have to imagine important parts of their original presentation.
Artwork in public spacescan excite strong emotions in a community.
Which of the following artworks no longer physically exists?All of the other answers.
Diego Rivera and Susan Cervantes have both worked in the traditional Mexican medium ofmural painting.
This chapter examines spirituality expresses in art throughall of the other answers.
Whether pagan, Christian, or Buddhist, artworks depicting deities are generally intended totell the stories of the key religious figures
In the relief sculpture from the west pediment of the temple of Zeus, the figures of the Lapith people areIdealized.
Figure 4.23 depicts episodes from the life of buddhasculpted as separate scenes all on one block of sandstone.
In African art, such as that of the senufo people, spirit figures are often shown as:abstract with exaggerated body parts.
Contemporary artist Betye Saar was referring to what aspect of traditional African art in her Ancestral Spirit Chair?Personal and communal identity.
Artworks that show interaction between humans and deitiesNone of the other answers.
What characteristics do the Stela of Naram-Sin, Virgin of Vladamir, and The Ecstasy of St. Teresa share?An emphasis on light in the form of rays or golden tones
What shared aspects of the caves aspects of the caves at Lascaux and the catacombs in Rome indicate that these places were sacred to those who used them?Both sites feature paintings connected to the christian religion.
Such sacred places as mosques, temples, shrines, and chapelsare often used for quiet contemplation.
Artworks that engage the theme of the cycle lifeexamine the mysteries of life.
Which of the following is true of Julie, Den Haag, The Netherlands, February 29, 1994?The mother and baby are photographed shortly after birth.
How do bis poles represent the cyclical nature of human life?By showing the deceased individual along with ancestors.
The sculpture showing Shiva’s dance indicates that he brings to lifethe cycle of death and rebirth.
The Kongo kneeling female figure with bowl and child and the artifacts accompanying the Inca mummy of a boy are associated with sacrifice. These artworks ________.all of the other answers.
In which of the following artworks is the identity of the person shown not important?The Morgue (Gun Murder)
Artistic depictions of death are more prevalent now than during the Renaissance.False
How does the Hopi kachina doll relate to nature?It uses symbols that we learn relate to nature.
The Great Pyramids at Giza were designed to mimic part of the constellation Orion in order toconnect the pyramids with the stars the pharaohs would inhabit in the afterlife.
Why is the act of judgment important in such works as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Gislebertus’s Last Judgment, and Johannes Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance?To emphasize that a person’s actions in the present life determine his or her destiny in the afterlife
The calendar stone made by the Aztecs reveals how they used astronomical and mathematical knowledge to counttime
What item was useful to Muslims, who used it to find the direction in which to pray to Mecca and to calculate the time of day?Astrolabe
In Joseph Wright of Derby’s An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump the bird is shownbeing deprived of oxygen.
Who worked in a calm state, between heartbeats, and through the night, while creating works of art?Willard Wigan
Gunther von Hagens, a German artist who combined anatomy and science, developed this art technique that uses preserved bodies after death:Plastination
Applying tiny dots of color to a canvas to create optical effects is referred to as ________.pointillism.
What instrument does Marcia Smilack hear when she turns her work Cello Music upside down?Violin
Which artist coined the term Art Brut, describing art influenced by children and the mentally ill?Jean Dubuffet
Jean Dubuffet’s artworks often contain which technique?Impasto
Art inspired by dreams and the subconscious describes what movement?Surrealism
What term did Dalí invent that describes the foundation for his paintings?Paranoiac-critical
Martín Ramírez, whose works of art included iconic images of the Madonna, spent thirty-three years in Californian mental hospitals because he suffered from ________.schizophrenia
When restorers began work on cleaning the Sistine ceiling in 1980, what did they discover had affected the original appearance of the frescoes?all of the other answers.
Which ancient Greek artist won a contest to create the most convincing painted illusion?Parrhaius
• The School of Athens, an architectural illusion created by Raphael, was painted for the library of ________.Pope Julius II
Which two philosophers, included in the center of The School of Athens, highlight the development of learning in the ancient world?Plato and Aristole
What was William M. Harnett investigated for due to the trickery and illusion created in his paintings?counterfeiting
Which artwork features a silhouette of a piano and pianist that transforms into a violinist when viewed from a different angle?Encore
What term describes the optical trick of swelling columns at midpoint, which was used in the design of the Parthenon?Entasis
Giulio Romano was trained by this artist, who influenced his painting Fall of the Giants:Raphael
Chuck Close painted with ________ to create portraits of friends and family.fingerprints.
What elements does Hogarth depict with accurate perspective in his engraving published in 1754, based on the teaching of such methods?None of these are depicted accurately using the techniques of perspective.
Which artist, in his painting The Human Condition, challenged the Renaissance notion of the “illusionistic window”?René Magritte
Artists can emphasize the importance of a ruler by portraying him or herall of the other answers
As seen in the Justinian mosaic from San Vitale, purple robes representimperial power.
Which of the following is not true of the Colossal Heads of the Olmec?They decorated the tomb of the king.
Which of the following statements about absolute power is true?All of the other answers
The empty cradle depicted in Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun’s portrait of Marie Antoinette representsthe death of the queen’s youngest daughter.
The most important element in the sunken relief of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and their three daughters isthe sun.
The Palette of Narmer emphasizesthe unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.
From whom did the first emperor of Rome, depicted in the statue Augustus of Primaporta, claim he was descended?Aeneas
The artist of the Benin plaque used ________ to signify the central figure’s importance.hierarchical scale
The most distributed image in China in the 1960s was ofMao Zedong.
Timothy O’Sullivan’s Harvest of Death is aphotograph.
The French government removed Ernest Meissonier’s Remembrance of Civil War from an important art exhibition in 1850 becauseit reminded them of the past.
Francisco Goya’s The Second of May and The Third of Maydepict two consecutive days of violence.
Nick Ut’s Vietnamese Girl Kim Phuc Running after Napalm Attack can be interpreted as the artist’s disapproval of ________.war
The Tula warrior columns tell us that the ancient Mexican Toltec people werein frequent battles.
The Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered bywomen.
Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace gives us a strong sense of the weaponry favored by the Japanese samurai, which includes:lengthy bows and arching swords.
The figure carrying another figure on the right-hand wing of Otto Dix’s triptych The War isthe artist.
Which of these artists did not experience war as a soldier?Anselm Kiefer
Wafaa Bilal isan Iraqi artist living in the U.S.
Théodore Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa focuses onthe survivors at sea.
Joseph Mallord William Turner’s Slave Ship condemnedslavery in general.
Pablo Picasso’s Guernica was created in black and white in order to:resemble newspaper photographs.
Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, 1937, can be interpreted as:outrage against violence.
The film Hotel Rwanda, directed by Terry George, increased America’s public awareness of ________ in Rwanda.genocide
Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother is a well-known symbol for the plight ofthe impoverished.
In 1914, Diego Velázquez’s The Toilet of Venus (Rokeby Venus) wasslashed.
Eric Fischl’s Falling Woman deals with the subject of9/11.
The sixth-century icon Virgin and Child Surrounded by Saints is an object of worship thatwas intended to create a state of meditation.
Jacques-Louis David’s Death of Marat is about Jean-Paul Marat’s:murder.
Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in:Washington, D.C.
Wenda Gu’s sculpture United Nations—China Monument: Temple of Heaven is made mostly fromhuman hair.
The colors of Henri Matisse’s Joy of Life were intended to:express emotion.
The forms in Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon are simplified into:abstract planes.
The artist Vasily Kandinsky wanted to ______ in artworks like Improvisation inner spiritual qualities
Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel was constructed using:found objects.
What common characteristic does the artwork influenced by the movement of Cubism share?It has many abstract shapes.
Mark Rothko’s Untitled is intentionally without a specific title so that viewers will:respond individually.
Although it looks like a comic-book illustration, parts of Roy Lichtenstein’s Girl With Mirror recall a Post-Impressionist technique. The use of ______ is seen both in this painting and also in the technique called ______.dots … pointillism
The commercially produced items in Dan Flavin’s Untitled were intended to:allow us to see them in new ways.
When comparing Ana Mendieta’s Imagen de Yagul and Pipilotti Rist’s Ever is Over All an important difference between the two pieces is that ______.Ever is Over All is a video installation
Multicultural considerations are included in which of the following artworks?All of the other answers
How do the Woman from Willendorf and Willem de Kooning’s Woman I convey the power of women?Using abstraction to suggest general ideas of powerful women
What did the use of a canon of proportions allow ancient Egyptian artists to do?Make artworks that did not change much over time
Notions of beauty as seen in artworksare culturally determined and change over time.
Ideas about beauty during the Italian Renaissance, as seen in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, actively revive the concepts of beauty found in ________.ancient Greece
In the Ife head (possibly a king) and Kaigetsudo Dohan’s Beautiful Woman, what aspects of the individuals are emphasized?Composure, dignity, and maturity
An artistic representation of the human figure without clothes is called:a nude.
Yves Klein’s Anthropométries de l’époque bleue, March 9, 1960, used “living brushes” in its creation. These brushes were actually:women’s bodies dipped in paint.
The total number of nude people in Spencer Tunick’s Installation at Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico, May 6, 2007 was approximately:18,000.
The artists Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, and Alberto Giacometti show human figures in what way?With their anatomy distorted or fragmented
On which of the following formal elements does Henri Matisse concentrate in Blue Nude II?The color blue
Artworks that deal with gender ________.often encourage us to think beyond the binaries of male and female
Artworks depicting men have historically referred to their powerful bodies or depicted them in leadership roles. In contrast, women have tended to be shown in artworks as:passive or erotic.
There are no artworks that consciously counter the stereotypical representations by showing men as vulnerable and women as powerful.False
The self-portraits by John Coplans and Cindy Sherman ________.none of the other answers
Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother, 1936, can best be described as:a depiction of a mother’s strength.
Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #35 was intended to comment on thelimited roles available to women in the 1950s.
How did the Feminist artists Judy Chicago and the Guerrilla Girls expand the opportunities and subject matter of art to include women and issues relevant to them?By bringing attention to women who had been left out of the history of art
How did being a woman affect the paintings that Artemisia Gentileschi made?She often depicted female figures and heroines from the Bible.
The sculpture of the Sphinx of Hatshepsut depicts:a female depicted as a male king.
In Robert Mapplethorpe’s Self-Portrait (#385) and Catherine Opie’s Melissa & Lake, Durham, North Carolina the depiction of gender is made ambiguous for what reason?To challenge assumptions based on appearances
Self-portraits by Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo express which of the following?What the artists looked like and experienced on a personal level
Which story did both Rembrandt and Duane Michals depict using self-portraits?The Return of the Prodigal Son
Artists Jenny Saville and ORLAN both concentrate on ________ in their self-portraits.distortion and manipulation of the way they look
Which artist distorted and manipulated her body to an extreme degree using plastic surgery?ORLAN
Which of the following artworks was inspired by a dream the artist had?None of the other answers
Although it may not look like the case, both Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket and The Screamrepresent actual events.
The shape and dimensions of Mona Hatoum’s Untitled (Baalbek Bird Cage) were based on the size of what?The artist’s childhood bedroom
Julian Schnabel combines which of the following in his painting The Exile?All of the other answers
What kinds of things can be appropriated in an artwork?All of the other answers
Which of the following inventions inspired the artistic practice known as appropriation?Marcel Duchamp’s readymades
canon of proportionsa set of ideal mathematical
ratios in art, used to measure the various parts of the
human body in relation to one another
contrapposto“counter-balance” pose; upper body twists in
one direction and the lower body twists in another
isometric perspectivea system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth
triptycha three part painting, normally joined together and sharing a common theme
predellaan artwork designed as a companion piece to a more important work
Kristallnacht(Night of the Broken Glass), series of coordinated deadly attacks by the Nazis in 1938, refers to the
shattered glass after Jewish-owned stores, businesses, and synagogues had their windows smashed
tenebrismdramatic use of intense darkness and light to heighten the impact of a painting
muqarnas“stalactite” decoration commonly
found in domes and vaults within Islamic
minareta tall sender tower on a mosque from which the faithful are called to prayer
stupaa burial mound containing Buddha’s remains
bodhisattvaIn Buddhism, beings who could have
reached nirvana but who choose instead to
sacrifice themselves and help others work toward
Shintotraditional Japanese religion,
emphasizes the ways natural elements (sun, water,
trees) are connected to personal well-being,
reveres nature itself as a deity
Exit Through The Gift Shop Video – Know basic facts and artist.Bansky – Director, street artist, identity unknown.

Thierry – AKA Mr. Brainwash.