BUS 346 Ch 15

Retailers often perform ticketing and marking functions in their distribution centers rather than in their retail stores because ticketing and marking is oftenc. inefficient and expensive.
Ted is glad his company finally converted to an RFID system. Now, he no longer needs to go through all the new goods to make sure what they ordered was what they received. Ted is responsible for __________ in his company.b. checking
ANo __________ is the set of institutions that transfer the ownership of and move goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.d. marketing channel
When supply chain members view their goals and ultimate success as intricately linked, or ________, they develop deeper long-term relationships.d. interdependent
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a distribution center?a. Customers know they are dealing with a more sophisticated and financially well-off operation if the firm uses a distribution center.
With a pull marketing strategy,d. orders for merchandise are generated at the store level based on sales data captured at POS terminals.
Each time a politician or celebrity writes a book, bookstores can expect at least some customers to want the book, but whether it will become a bestseller is less certain. The bookstore’s primary inventory management challenge isb. having enough books to satisfy customer demands versus the cost of having the inventory.
Stores like Home Depot and Costco act as wholesalers when theyc. sell to contractors or restaurant owners.
Getting merchandise floor-ready entailsb. ticketing and marking.
No __________ is a 13-digit code retailers can use to track inventory.e. UPC
Merchandise that arrives in the delivery truck ready to be sold is considereda. floor-ready.
In retailing, a just-in-time delivery system is called a _____________ system.a. quick response
Colin has just received a delivery from the company’s distribution center. He opens the containers and finds the popcorn and snacks are all bar-coded and priced, and the package includes an end-of-the-aisle display rack. Colin has received a __________ shipment.a. floor-ready
A _______________ is a facility for the receipt, storage, and redistribution of goods to company stores or customers.distribution center
A distribution center is typically operated byretailers, manufacturers, or distribution specialists.
In addition to merchandise and payments, information flows throughout a supply chain. Which of the following is NOT a good characterization of the flow of information in a supply chain?Customers will send and receive information from stores and manufacturers.
Roland has just received notification from a vendor that his clothing merchandise order has been processed and dispatched. Roland has just received a(n)advanced shipping notice.
In vendor-managed inventory systems,retailers send sales information to the manufacturer.
Because manufacturers with JIT systems produce merchandise closer to the time of sale, they canreduce inventories needed to satisfy retailers’ demand.
Radio frequency identification tags aretiny computer chips that transmit information about a container’s contents.
When Joe’s Chicken Shack wants chicken delivered in smaller batches more frequently, it offers its distributors an incentive in the form of special bonuses to change their schedules. Joe’s demonstrates which kind of power?reward
The local auto supply store gets merchandise delivered to it by its manufacturers as soon as it has a need, reducing stockouts with minimal inventory. This demonstrates the concept ofvendor-managed inventory.
In a corporate vertical marketing system,participants—such as warehouses, transportation companies, and retail outlets—are typically owned by a parent company to ensure harmonious relations throughout the supply chain.
Especially in the fashion industry where styles and trends change rapidly, a quick response system canalign deliveries more closely with actual sales.
Today, when a customer orders merchandise from an online vendor, the vendor usually sends an immediate order confirmation message by e-mail. Usually within a day or two, a second message arrives stating that the order is in the mail. This second message is a type ofadvanced shipping notice.
Which of the following is NOT one of the activities carried on in a distribution center?Distributing paychecks and paystubs for retail employees
TT Toys manufactures toys. The company recently started buying paint for its toys from a Chinese firm. This Chinese company is part of TT Toys’supply chain.
Sophie made pies and sold them from her food trailer at businesses. This is an example of a(n)the purchase is added to the customer’s purchasing habit records.
When a customer purchases a DVD at a Best Buy electronics store, all of the following information flows in the supply chain are started EXCEPTthe purchase is added to the customer’s purchasing habit records.
In a retail supply chain, the ________ records the purchase information and electronically sends it to the corporate office.POS terminal
Franchising involves a(n) __________ vertical marketing system.contractual
Flora is frustrated with her company’s supply chain management information system. She wants to be able to receive sales data, initiate purchase orders, send and receive invoices, and receive returned merchandise documentation. Flora needs a(n)electronic data interchange system.
hen Cynthia’s Boutique receives dresses, they already have price tags and are on hangers. Cynthia’s Boutique receives __________ merchandise.floor-ready
When the company’s dry goods deliveries were late for the third time, Melissa withheld payment from her supplier until it was back on schedule. This is an example of ________ power.coercive
Although conflict is likely to occur in any supply chain, it is generally more pronounced whenthe supply chain members are independent entities.
Felicia had just taken over her family’s business after spending ten years in the marketing department of a large corporation. She met with a representative from one of her firm’s biggest customers, who told her, “We should think about how we can make the pie bigger rather than fighting over the size of the slices.” She had expected a more cutthroat approach rather than this call for apartnering relationship
At the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, suppliers deliver parts every four hours when the plant is in operation and are responsible for removing any packaging or pallets used to deliver their products. BMW uses a ______________ inventory control system.JIT
Students of marketing often overlook or underestimate the importance of place in the marketing mix simply becauseit happens behind the scenes.
Manufacturers use wholesalers and retailers becausethey create value for customers through convenience and cost savings
A __________ is a document used by a forklift driver, indicating how much of each item to get from specific storage areas.pick ticket
With a _______ marketing strategy, there is less likelihood of being overstocked or out of stock because the store orders merchandise as needed on the basis of consumer demand.pull
Dawn works for a firm that buys products directly from the manufacturer and sells them to retailers, who then sell the products to consumers. Dawn works for awholesaler.
In a __________ marketing channel, none of the participants has any control over the others.conventional
Which of the following is a TRUE statement about distribution centers?They enable retailers to carry less merchandise in individual stores.
The basic motivating factor in designing supply chains is thateach party wants something from the others.
In a __________ distribution center, merchandise moves from vendors’ trucks to retailers’ delivery trucks in a matter of hourscross-docking
If a firm declared that it wanted to develop a strategic relationship, but was unwilling to commit funds or any effort to make it succeed, there would be an obvious lack ofcredible commitments
In a corporate vertical marketing systemparticipants—such as warehouses, transportation companies, and retail outlets—are typically owned by a parent company to ensure harmonious relations throughout the supply chain.
Steven managed an auto parts store in the 1990s. At that time, stock-outs—failure to have the parts auto mechanics needed to do their work that day—increased the likelihood of the mechanics becoming customers of competing auto supply stores. To avoid this problem and keep his business customers, Steven most likelystockpiled inventory, adding to the cost of providing auto parts.
________ power is based on getting a channel member to behave in a certain way because of a contractual agreement.Legitimate