CIS 110 Final Exam

voice and sound datavoice and sound data
moving images and soundmoving images and sound
printed materialprinted material
still image, such as a landscapestill image, such as a landscape
real-time conversations and imagesreal-time conversations and images
printers produce ________ output.
displays produce ______ output.
a _________ is an audio output device that converts text to speech.
a _______ lets you display computer output on a wall.
many display devices are _______ monitors.
a _________ is a small flat computer you can use as a writing or drawing pad.
A _____ can be as powerful as a desktop computer.
On a desktop computer, the ______ contains the “brains” of the computer.
if you have a tower unit, you have a ______ computer
a _____ include the same features as other mobile devices plus phone capabilities.
A slowed down Wi-Fi connection can be the result of this
Type of malware that is spread when you distribute infected files, especially as e-mail attachments
Type of malware that spreads without human interaction, sending itself out to everyone in your address book
Type of malware that collects bits of data, like your surfing habits
Scam that looks like a genuine message or Web site, but tries to get you to reveal sensitive information
____ are instructions to a computer on how to process data.
____ is a computer’s ability to start and run more than one program at a time.
____ is a program that tracks a computer user’s Internet usage and sends this data back to the company or person who created it, without the user’s knowledge.
____ is/are the intangible components of a computer system.
____ technology is the same as that used in digital watches, or the time display on a microwave oven.
A computer interprets every signal as either “on” or “off, ” using numbers known as ____.
A monitor is a(n) ____ device.
A(n) ____ connects one computer to other computers, enabling you to share data and resources with others.
A(n) ____ file contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task.
A(n) ____ is like a locked door on your computer.
A(n) ____ stores data as a trail of tiny pits or dark spots on its surface.
In common usage, the term “PC” refers to computers that ____.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular ____ program.
Monitors are divided into a matrix of small dots called ____.
Software can be divided into two major categories: ____ and ____.
The pointing device most likely to be found on a notebook computer is a(n) ____.
Trojan horses, spyware, and worms are all forms of ____.
A data file contains instructions for a computer on how to perform a specific task.
A firewall can be either hardware or software.
An ergonomic keyboard is one that has been designed to fit the natural placement of your hands.
Any USB device can use any USB port, and for most devices power is supplied via the port so there is no need for extra power cables.
Flash memory is similar to ROM except that it can be written to more than once.
The five essential components of data communications are a sender, a receiver, a channel, a protocol, and a medium.