Chapter 12 Hea 191

1) How many adult Americans suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease?one out of three
The absence of clinical indicators of cardiovascular disease and the presence of certain behavioral and health factor metrics is known asideal cardiovascular health
the human heart is the size of aadult’s fist
Cardiometabolic risk (CMR) isA) a set of risk factors that affect both cardiovascular health and the body’s metabolic processes.
5) Which of the following can help prevent cardiovascular disease?B) avoiding tobacco
6) Which of the following blood cholesterol profiles is optimal?C) total cholesterol = 170; HDL cholesterol = 70
7) Which of the following characteristics would be consistent with a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome in an adult female?A) blood pressure of 155/90
8) The average healthy adult heart beats 70-80 beats per minute. A lower heart rate of 60 might indicate thatC) the individual is stressed.
9) An adult with a damaged sinoatrial nodeB) must have a pacemaker implanted to control the heart rhythm.
10) Which of the following is TRUE in regard to atherosclerosis?A) It is characterized by a buildup of substances within the arteries that form plaque.
11) An individual would most likely suffer from angina pectoris whenB) walking up a flight of stairs.
12) All of the following are methods of reducing risk for CVD EXCEPTC) increasing triglycerides in your blood.
13) A reduction in the oxygen supply to a part of the body or an organ such as the heart is known asB) ischemia.
14) Metabolic syndrome is characterized by all of the following EXCEPTD) low blood pressure.
15) Which of the following represents the correct sequence of blood flow as it travels through the heart?A) right atrium, right ventricle, lungs, left atrium, left ventricle, aorta
16) Which of the following would NOT be a contributing cause of congestive heart failure?C) reaction to a tetanus vaccination
17) All of the following occur as part of congestive heart failure EXCEPTB) the flow of blood through the veins backs up.
18) Which of the following represents the most serious type of heart arrhythmia?C) fibrillation
19) Cardiovascular diseaseD) has been the leading cause of death in the U.S. for nearly 100 years.
20) Which of the following foods should be consumed daily as part of a heart-healthy diet?B) plant oils
21) Of the following lifestyle choices, the MOST helpful for achieving an improved HDL to LDL ratio is toB) engage in regular exercise.
22) Which of the following groups has the highest incidence of hypertension?C) African Americans
23) Nonmodifiable risk factors for CVD include all of the following EXCEPTD) blood cholesterol levels.
24) Which of the following body shapes represents a higher risk for heart disease?B) apple
25) The blood level of which type of protein rises during an inflammatory reaction?D) C-reactive protein
26) Which of the following is NOT a technique used to diagnose heart disease?D) positron emission tomography
27) Aspirin is sometimes recommended for treating cardiovascular disease because itA) reduces the risk of clot formation.
28) A biopsy reveals that a woman who has had breast cancer now has cancer in her lymph nodes. The process of cancer spreading from one organ or body area to others isA) metastasis.
29) Being completely “cured” of cancer means that an individual hasC) no subsequent cancer and can expect to live a long and productive life.
30) Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to the genetic risk of cancer?A) Oncogenes are suspected cancer-causing genes.
31) Which of the following behaviors would most likely increase the risk of developing cancer?C) eating a diet high in empty calories
32) A construction company used asbestos on many job sites over the years. Asbestos is a(n)C) environmental carcinogen.
33) Which of the following is TRUE about radiation and cancer?C) Exposure to radon has not been shown to increase the risk of cancer.
34) Which of the following is TRUE with respect to tumors?D) A malignant tumor can invade surrounding tissue, produce mutant cells, and metastasize.
35) All of the following are well-documented risk factors for breast cancer EXCEPTB) consuming 3 to 4 alcoholic drinks per week.
36) Prostate cancer riskD) increases dramatically with age.
37) Gwen began to have sex at an early age. She may be at increased risk forC) cervical cancer.
38) All of the following are ways to reduce carcinogens in the environment EXCEPTB) using weed killers in your garden.
39) Jeremy was told that his cancer could not be treated with radiotherapy and must be treated with chemotherapy. This is probably because the cancer isA) no longer localized.
40) Patrick is going to begin chemotherapy to treat a type of lymphoma. Which of the following side effects is he likely to experience?C) nausea, fatigue, and hair loss
41) Testicular cancer isC) one of the most curable forms of cancer.
42) All of the following are warning signs of melanoma EXCEPTC) a uniform brown color.
43) One reason exercise might decrease breast cancer risk is thatB) it typically decreases body fat.
44) Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for colorectal cancer?D) regular exercise
45) If caught early, the prognosis for colon cancer is good becauseB) the disease progresses slowly.
46) In the ABCD rule for the warning signs of melanoma, the B stands forB) border irregularity.
47) The BEST time for a man to perform a testicular self-exam isD) after a hot shower.
48) Which of the following strategies may lower the risk for ovarian cancer?B) having annual pelvic exams
49) Sexually transmitted diseases have the greatest impact on increasing the incidence of which type of cancer?A) cervical
50) Which of the following is a cancer that occurs in bones, muscles, and/or connective tissue?D) leukemia