Air Assault Phase 1 Homework Study Guide

What is one physical feature used to distinguish between the AH-64A and AH-64D?The AH-64D has a Fire Control Radar (FCR) located above the Main Rotor system/ or EFAB box on side of AH-64D.
What is the cleared diameter of a size 1 landing?25 Meters
What are the dimensions for additional touchdown point lights at night for utility aircraft?5x5m
When working with obstacles, what are the four R’s?Remove
Red (Mark it)
Radio (advise pilot)
Which terrain flight mode is defined as flying as near as possible to the earth’s surface with varying speeds and altitudes?Nap of the earth
What is the cleared diameter of a size 5 landing point?100 Meters
What are the nine standard aircraft flying/landing formations?Trail
Echelon Left
Echelon Right
Heavy Left
Heavy Right
Staggered Trail Left
Staggered Trail Right
What is the ACL of the UH-60A with seats?11
What is the ACL of combat equipped troops on the CH-47 (Army Standard)?33; Fort Campbell is 31
What reference materials covers Pathfinder Operations?FM 3-21.38
There are 3 portions of the aircraft that you must avoid at all times, what are they?1. Main rotor
2. Tail Rotor
3. Cargo hook
How many Red Cross markings are on the HH-60?5 Markings
If the aircraft catches fire, what is the first thing you are going to do?Exit immediately (use common sense)
Who is the nucleus of the Air Assault Task Force?Infantry
The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior has a cruising speed of what?80 Knots
UH-60A has a hook or lift capacity of what?8,000lbs
How many medics are assigned to the crew of a CH-47 during mass casualty evacuation?No medics are “assigned” to the CH-47D/F. (But, during a mass casusalty or MASCAL evacuation, the CH-47D/F requires one medic for every six casualties.)
Who is overall responsible for the Air Assault mission?PL/OIC
What is the distance between the base light and the number one touchdown point?14 meters
Who collects all personnel and equipment left behind on the PZ?The Straggler Control Team
What is known as using the mobility of rotary wing assets and total integration of available fire-power, maneuvering under the control of a ground or air maneuver commander to engage enemy forces or to seize and hold key terrain?Air Assault Operations
What is the cleared diameter of a size 4 land point?80 Meters
In what direction do the windows fall on the UH-60?Down and out
What are the five stages of the reverse planning system?1. Ground Tactical Plan
2. Landing Plan
3. Air movement plan
4. Loading plan
5. Staging Plan
If the height of the tallest obstacle is 5 meters, how far must you walk into your PZ/LZ to place your number one touchdown point?50 meters out (using the 10:1 ratio)
What is the ACL for the HH-60M Model Blackhawk?6 litter and 2 ambulatory, or 3 litter and 5 ambulatory, or 8 ambulatory
What aircraft is commonly referred to as the ‘Angel of Mercy?’OH-13 Sioux
The crew consists of what for the AH-64 Longbow Apache?2; Pilot, Co-pilot/Gunner
Aircraft that require different landing point sizes must be separated by how much?100 Meters
What is the primary mission of the OH-58D?Reconnaissance
What is the cleared diameter of a size 3 landing point?50 Meters
What are the dimensions of the Inverted Y?7m x 14m x 14m
What size landing point does a UH-60 require when being used for a sling load operation?Size 5
Winds are blowing 10 knots or above, in what direction must aircraft land?Head wind only
What is the distance between the two stem lights?14 meters
What are 3 items that you must have on you at all times when working around rotary winged aircraft?Ear-pro, ID Card, ID Tags
All litters have a rated capacity of what?400 lbs
The UH-1V has an ACL of what?3 Litters and 4 Ambulatory, or 6 litters, or 9 ambulatory
What is the lowest level with assets for an air assault operation?Division Level
If the ground slope exceeds 15 degrees, which aircraft can land?No A/C can land
What is the distance between the base light and directional light?7 Meters
How much fuel can the 2 large inner pods hold on the ESSS and how long can it extend the flight time by?1. They can hold 450 gallons and 3 hours each
What are the dimensions for additional touchdown point lights at night for cargo aircraft?10x10m
You can find how many fire extinguishers on the CH-47?3 Fire extinguishers
What size landing point does the CH-47 require?Size 4: 80 Meters
What classification by precedence in saving life, limb or eyesight?Line 3: Alpha
What is the cleared diameter of a size 2 landing point?35 Meters
What is the location of the signal person during sling load operations?Located at predetermined location outside the rotor disk diameter of the aircraft, 20m to the right front of aircraft for sling-load.
What is the primary mission of the AH-64D?Anti-armor
What is the maximum speed of the AH-64A?140-145 knots
Winds are blowing from 1-5 knots, in what direction must the aircraft land?A/C can land in any direction
What is the lowest level than an air assault operation can be planned and coordinated?Battalion Level
What is the first step in establishing an PZ/LZ?Establish control facilities
What does control facilities consist of?1. Must have ‘Ground to Air’ communications
2. Must be able to observe the entire PZ/LZ.
Name one capability of an Air Assault operation?Attack enemy from any direction
What size landing point does an AH-64 require?Size 3: 50 Meters
How do you approach the CH-47?45 degrees direction, bent over from the rear, stay away from the front at all times
Name the crew for the UH-60M?4; Pilot, Co-pilot, 2 Crew Chiefs
How many Hellfire II missiles are equipped on the OH-58D?4 rounds
What is the ACL for the CH-47 when conducting mass casualty evacuation?24 litters and 1 ambulatory, or 31 ambulatory
In the event of a water landing, when would you exit the aircraft?When the main rotor blades have stopped turning; exit and swim upstream away from crash
How many emergency exits are located on the CH-47?All windows except windshield
Winds are blowing from 6-9 knots, in what direction must the aircraft land?Must land head or cross wind
What piece of equipment is used for an individual suspected of a spinal injury?Kendrick’s Extrication Device
How many first aid kits and fire extinguishers does the CH-47 have?7 First aid kits and 3 Fire extinguishers
What line covers CBRN and does it stand for?Line 9: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nerve Agent
When requesting for a 9 line MEDEVAC, what two lines change during wartime and peacetime?Line 6 and Line 9
Define H-Hour?Time that first A/C of the first lift touches down on the LZ. All planning times are derived from H-Hour.
How many lines are required to get a MEDEVAC aircraft in the air?5 to Fly
What are the two different speeds for the High Performance Utility Hoist?Fast speed: 300lbs @ 250 FPM
Slow speed: 600lbs @125 FPM
What size landing point does the OH-58D require?Size 1: 25 Meters
If the ground slope exceeds 7 degrees, which type of aircraft cannot land?A/C with skids cannot land
What is the primary mission for the UH-60?Air Assault and Air Movement
Name one limitation of the Air Assault Operation?Adverse weather
How many cargo hooks come equipped with the CH-47?3
Which line of the 9-line MEDEVAC request may be omitted?Line 9
What are the three methods to controlling aircraft?Visual, Electronic, and Verbal
Define Low Level?Constant speed, heading, and altitude
What is the maximum speed of the UH-60A/M/L?A/L: 156 knots / M: 193 Knots
How do you determine the area of unusable?10:1 ratio straight edge method, #1 TDP at edge of unusable
What is the reference material for Combat Assault Operations?ATTP 3-18.12
The Platoon Sergeant devises and disseminates what?Bump plan
How many 2.75in FFAR are equipped on the AH-64D?76 Rounds
What reference material covers Aeromedical evacuation in Theater of Operations?FM 8-10-6
The UH-60 has how many first aid kits and fire extinguishers?3 First Aid kits and 2 Fire extinguishers
The four basic aeromedical evacuation missions are what?1.Delivery of whole blood and biologicals
2. Air-crash rescue support
3. Movement of medical personnel and supplies
4. Evacuation of selected casualties
(E) Who is overall in charge of Air Assault Task Force operations?Commander
(E) What is the lowest level with a command headquarters to execute an Air Assault Operation?Company Level
(E) What is a bump plan?Ensures key personnel/equipment arrive on LZ first.
What is cross-loading?Ensures all key personnel/equipment are not on the same A/C and spread throughout lift.
How many emergency exits are on the UH-60?4, Windows fall out
When to exit when a A/C rolls?Wait to unbuckle seatbelt until A/C rolls belly up
What A/C has skids for landing?OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
What is the ACL of combat equipped troops on the UH-60?With seats: 11 / Without seats: 20
Weight of slings on UH-60A/L/M?A: 8,000lbs L/M: 9,000lbs
What is the primary mission of the CH-47?Troop and Cargo Transport
How many Red Cross marks are on the CH-47?Zero
If the winds are blowing 0-5 knots, where can the A/C land?A/C can land in any direction
Crew for HH-60?4-6; Pilot, Co-pilot, Crew Chief and 1-3 in flight medics)
What is the primary use of the Jungle Forest Penetrator?Evacuation of casualties through thick vegetation
Who is the last off the PZ?Platoon Sergeant