A basic idea of _____ was to conduct time-motion studies to find the best way to perform each task, then teach people to use these methodsscientific management
Weldon Taskman has just successfully negotiated a new long term sales agreement with a major client. The personal satisfaction Weldon has about his efforts is his___rewardintrinsic
According to Maslow a higher order needbecomes a source of motivation after lower order needs are satisfied
When Elaine accepted a position with Cannon corporation in Dallas, Texas she felt uneasy. She was new to the area and new to this company. However, she was pleased that her new job offered her the opportunity to play on the company volleyball team. She quickly made new friends and, through her new friends, learned about the city. Apparently, her new job satisfies Elaine’s ____ needssocial
Theory___ managers see employees as having a general dislike for work and an unwillingness to accept responsibilityX
Theory Y managers preferempowerment and letting employees design solutions
The purpose of management by objectives is tohelp employees motivate themselves with a goal-setting model that involves, discussion review, and evaluation by management and employees
According to expectancy theory, the amount o effort employees exert on a specific task depends on theirexpectations of the outcome
Title VII of th Civil Rights Act of 1964prohibits all firms with over 100 employees to have an affirmative action plan
The ___ protects individuals over the age of 40 from discrimination based on age with respect to issues such as hiring promotions ,job benefits and assignmentsage discrimination in employment act of 1967
The first step in the human resources planning process is toprepare a human resource inventory
Sally is a human resource manager with Weldun Cooking Supplies who needs to recruit sales professionals to fill several positions within her company. Sally is likely to rely on external recruiting sources if shebelieves that Weldun’s current employees do not have the qualifications necessary to successfully fill the positions
A __ is a check of a potential employee’s work record academic record credit history and recommendatonsbackground investigation
According to the American with Disabilities Act which of the following is not an appropriate screening toolmedical exams
The purpose of ___ is to increase an employee’s ability to perform productivelytraining and development
Job rotation helps lower level managers prepare for higher level positions byexposing them to different functions within the organization, thus giving them the broad perspective needed by top managers
Two advantages of using___ to fill open positions are:1) it improves the morale of current employee, and 2) the person filling the position is already familiar with the organization’s culture and procedurespromotions from within
The business philosophy of “produce as much as you can because there is a limitless market”is consistent with which of the following marketing erasproduction era
A firm’s marketing mix refer to the combination ofstrategies regarding product price place an promotion
Which of the following would be considered part of a firm’s marketing mixdetermining the best pricing strategy for a product
With help from the marketing department, engineers at Easy Electronics have designed a new type o cable modem that is easier to install in computers and more reliable than any cable modems currently in use. The marketing managers want to find a way to identify the new modem in the minds of consumers and differentiate it from less sophisticated products made by Easy’s competitors. An important part of this effort is likely to be the selection of a __ for the new modembrand name
A ___ group consists of a small group of people who meet under the direction of a discussion leader to discuss opinions about an organization it products or other issiesfocus
The two major types of markets are theconsumer market and the business to business market
Which of the following refers to the process of dividing the total market into several groups with similar characteristicsmarket segmentation
A firm that uses___ segmentation divides a market into groups based on values, attitudes, or interestspsychographic
one factor that influences the consumer decision making process is ___ which refers to the set of values, attitudes and ways of doing things passed from one generation to another in a given societyculture
Which of the following is most consistent with a relationship marketing strategythe development of a Web site that seeks customer feedback and allows customers to communicate with each other
Whether a consumer thinks a product provides the best value depends uponthe consumer’s perceptions
Which of the following refers to a group of products offered by a firm that are physically similar or are intended for a similar marketproduct line
Sweet Dream Confectioners uses the same ingredients as most other producers of chocolate. However, the company wraps its candies in expensive looking foil and places them in very attractive boxes. It promotes its products in advertisements a “the ultimate in chocolate experience. Sweet Dream charges a much higher price than most competitors, but sales continue to grow. This success indicates tatthere is more to the total product offer than the physical product
Borden inc makes pasta, dairy items and adhesives. These different types of products are referred to as Borden’sproduct mix
The purpose of __ is to create real or perceived product differencesproduct differentiation
Which of the following are products consumers buy after comparing quality price and style from a variety of sellersshopping goods
Attracting attention describing contents, explaining benefits and identifing the uses of a product are all functions ofpackaging
Brand ___ refers to the loyalty perceived quality and emotions people associate with given brand nameequity
Which of the following refers to how quickly or easily a given brand name comes to mind when a product category is mentionedbrand awareness
A __ is a marketing intermediary that sells to ultimate consumersretailer
marketing intermediariesadd value that exceeds the cost of their services
Robbie Veath brings together buyers an sellers of used heavy construction equipment and helps them negotiate the terms of the sale. However, Robbie never actually takes title to any of the equipment himself , nor does he provide any financing for the buyer Robbie is acting as abroker
___ is the value or want satisfying ability that is added to products by organizations that make the product more useful or accessible to consumersutility
marketing intermediaries add__ utility to products by having them available when consumers want themtime
discount stores owe much of their success to a competitive strategy based onlow prices
the goal of ___is to inform and remind people in a target market about specific products, eventually persuading them to participate in an exchangepromotion
The combination of advertising personal selling public relations and sales promotion activities traditionally used by an organization represents itspromotion mix
__ refers to any paid, non-personal communication through various media by organizations and individuals who are in some way identified in the messageadvertising
which of the following refers to the practice of paying to have a product appear favorably in a TV show or movieproduct placement
In their advertisements, Luther Pharmaceuticals also consumers to judge their product, AcheFree against a well-known competitor’s product to see that Ache-free provides superior pain relief. This representscomparison
teh final step of the selling process involvesfollow up