According to the National Communication Association, _________ is fundamental to responsible thinking, decision-making, and the development of relationships and communitiesethical communication
______ speech or speech acts are legally protectedfree
“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech”first amendment
What was the first organization formed to protect free speech in America?The American civil liberties union
The ______ act broadened the investigative powers of govt agencies and restricted free speech after 9/11Patriot
Why was Gabe’s story about the drunk driving incident and making it seem like it was his sister unethical?Violated the principle that speakers should be honest
Hypothetical illustrations within a speech areacceptable to show what might happen, as long as the speaker makes it clear that it is hypothetical
What is the issue with Marty’s adapted speech on bats?it is an ethical violation (plagiarism)
In a speech on breast cancer, Keisha uses information from the breast cancer foundation website. How should it be orally cited?“According to”
________ is a speaker’s believabilitycredibility
A speaker who gathers info about the listeners, analyzes the information, and adapts his or her speech to them is a(n) _____________ speaker.audience-centered
To gather formal information about audience members’ beliefs, attitudes, and you should–ask open-ended and closed-ended questions on a survey
when attempting to discover whether you and your audience have similar cultural characteristics, age, education etc you are trying to establish ________common ground
A good speaker will ethically use info gathered in an audience analysis so their message will be understood. This is called _____________adaptation
What is ethnocentrism?The attitude that one’s own cultural approach is superior to those from other cultures
People from _______ cultures are more likely to perceive people in leadership roles as crediblehigh-power
A specific segment of your audience that you most want to address or influence is known as the ___________ audiencetarget
What is the element of a psychological analysis that refers to the audiences’ concept of good/bad/right/wrongvalues
A situational audience analysis includes an examination of the …..time and place of speech, size of audience, and occasion
the best public-speaking topics include those that reflectyour personal experience
when you make a list of your interests without stopping to evaluate your ideas, you are ________brainstorming
Which is true of an attentive audience?an attentive audience doesn’t move much
Is it appropriate to develop a speech topic based on something you heard on a TV talk show?Yes; brainstorming ideas from a TV program is a good way to develop a topic
The _______________________ is decided solely by the speaker since it depends on the behavioral change the speaker expects from the audiencespecific purpose
What is the difference between a purpose statement and a central idea?A purpose statement focuses on audience behavior, while a central idea focuses on the content of the speech
If a speaker says “Tonight, I am going to discuss with you two reasons why….including blank and blank” they are giving ______________a preview of main points
what is wrong with the central idea of “Deforestation by lumber interests and toxic waste dumping are major concerns in the US today”?contains more than one idea
What is the problem of the CI of “God care is very difficult”?too vague
“Censorship of the music industry violates our 1st amendment right to free speech” is an example of what?central idea/ thesis
A central idea should be written as a ________________________declarative sentence
The primary information-delivery system of the internet is ____________the world wide web
Discussing your speech topic with someone with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject is a method of gathering supporting material known as __________interviewing
If you’re only getting yes/no answers in an interview, you should ________-ask open-ended questions and ask “why”
A lengthy illustration with a plot is called a(n) ___________ illustrationextended
Using the word “imagine” or presenting a scenario that might happen is a ________________hypothetical illustration
Describing how things would be located within a space is known as ___________ organizationspatial
A speech that presents an issue that needs resolving can be organized in a _____________________ patternproblem-solution
When you tell your audience your main ideas before you move into your speech you are using a ____________preview
“in addition”, “therefore”, “in other words” are examples of what?verbal transitions
_____________ is the detailed outline of a speech that includes the central idea, main ideas, and supporting materialpreparation outline
The first priority in an introduction is to ________________get the audience’s attention
a credible speaker is someone who _____________________audience members believe they can trust
In an introduction, you may ask a question that doesn’t require an answer but makes the audience think. This is called a _______________ questionrhetorical
Delivering a speech in a conversational style from a well-developed and researched outline is termed _________________ deliveryextemporaneous
Without a word, an audience can be silenced by the speaker holding up the palm of their hand. this is the nonverbal function of _____________substituting
Which is a guideline for using gestures in a speech?make your gestures appropriate to the situation and audience
eye contact, appropriate gestures, and physical closeness are examples of ____________ behaviorsimmediacy
a consistent style of pronouncing words that is common to a group of people or region is called a ___________dialect
The most common type of microphone is called the ______________ micstationary
When speaking to inform, the speaker’s primary goals are to ________________enhance understanding, gain interest, and ensure that the audience will remember what was said
a speech about ______________ is an informative speech that discusses anything you can see or touchobjects
an informative speech on how to fix a flat tire is what type?procedure
talking about someone you know or someone famous is a ___________ speechBiographical
A speech about an event usually follows a __________ pattern of organizationchronological
most speeches are organized according to complexity or _____________topically
you can “de-mystify” a complex process by using a _____________, word picture, or descriptionanalogy