A Sound of Thunder

Author of “A Sound of Thunder”Ray Bradbury
Setting of “A Sound of Thunder”2055 (future), a city, a time machine, and then a jungle
ConflictCharacter v. Character: Eckels struggling with Travis over how he should behave, what he should do (ultimately he is shot)
Character v. Nature: Eckels battling both the T-Rex as well as the forces beyond his complete control (He can’t control the ultimate effect his stepping on the butterfly has)
Genre of “A Sound of Thunder”Science fiction, short story
Elements of Science Fiction in “A Sound of Thunder”Time travel, technology innovation, catastrophe (manmade), set in the future
Point-of-view in “A Sound of Thunder”3rd person Limited (3rd person because the narrator is outside the story and uses “he,” “she,” “they,” etc. to refer to characters in the story). Limited because we know what is going on in the minds of 2 or fewer characters
Characterization of EckelsHas a lack of concern about how his actions impact others, not very intelligent, hasty, a hunter, a bit of a coward, a bit arrogant (reminds us with the arrogance about hunting of the general a little bit). Selfish.

A rather unsympathetic character who doesn’t seem to regret the impact he has (makes excuses, doesn’t take responsibility for his actions)

Foreshadowing in “A Sound of Thunder”Conversation between Travis and Eckels (what could happen if you step on a mouse–terrible or subtle impact on the future of the world). Later, Eckels steps on a butterfly and it has fairly drastic results on the world. (Be able to name some!)
Changes before and after the safariDifferent President, different “feel” or “sense” about the world (things are the same, but not the same…something intangible is different about them); language was quite different; something added to the air?
Ray Bradbury uses a lot of _______________ to describe things like the T-Rex in the story. This term refers to language that appeals to the SENSES.imagery
Light and Dark in “A Sound of Thunder”Possibilities: Mankind’s arrogance with regard to his abilities (when he is really cowardly)–he disguises the truth. Mankind’s behaviors today could have a drastic impact/consequences on the world in the future, but he doesn’t seem to care about them (environmental issues? wars/conflicts? others).
Exposition in “A Sound of Thunder”Find out Eckels (man in the future) wants to go on a safari to kill a dinosaur (in the past). He is given instructions on what he must do on the trip (and what he must not do).
Inciting Incident in “A Sound of Thunder”Eckels gets in the time machine and it leaves for the past.
Rising Action in “A Sound of Thunder”Eckels is further instructed on what he cannot do. When he asks questions, Travis (leader of safari), explains about what we refer to the as “butterfly effect.” He must be careful. They go on the safari hunt. Eckels runs away from shooting the T-Rex and does not shoot him until later.
Climax in “A Sound of Thunder”Eckels steps off the path (and kills a butterfly).
Falling Action in “A Sound of Thunder”They return home and see what has changed.
Resolution in “A Sound of Thunder”Travis shoots Eckels. (We infer)