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A Review

On’s landing page, they promise to handle all writing assignments for students skillfully and at very affordable prices. Besides, the site description claims that all the writing expenses are manageable and all the work done is kept private and confident. catalog shows all their writing services as the professional writing of dissertations, custom undergraduate essay writing, research paper completion, writing case studies, editing services, and term paper writing services. The site’s catalog of the types of services provided is an impressively long list.

Having one’s essay completed by a customized essay writing service is a pretty quick way of accomplishing overwhelming academic tasks with little effort. As a result, students get more free time for doing other activities. Additionally, students find it much easier to have huge loads of work done by simply purchasing their academic essays online.

The fact that college students have a lot on their plate, from the rigorous study schedule to work engagements, is irrefutable. Because of this time crunches, students opt to have the tedious task of writing done by online custom paper writing services. These writing services go a long way in helping the students to strike a balance and assign a reasonable amount of time for each activity.

The Ethical Issue of Essay Writing Service Use offers a variety of paper writing services to students at all levels on the ladder of academics. By simply clicking a few buttons, an overwhelmed student can effortlessly place their order. Although custom essay writing services are irrefutable sources of relief for students facing difficulties in tackling their assignments, the unanswered question is: “Who are the professionals tasked with the responsibility of handling the academic work for students for money?” Additionally, “Is academic essay writing help ethical?”

The increasing demand for well-written and high-quality academic essays has led to the growth of custom paper writing services. Consequently, the quality in the papers offered by these services has been sustained due to the cutthroat competition among the innumerable rival essay writing companies.

In addition to exploring the quality issues of the essays offered for sale on these essay writing services, it is also crucial to closely examine the moral implications of the practice of purchasing academic essays. Is it a good idea for students to have easy access to readily written essays for purchase? Furthermore, the essay writing services’ operations even authorized and legal? Interestingly, in spite of having negative moral implications, the companies that offer custom essay writing services are actually legalized entities with the requisite licenses for running their operations. However, when it comes to the aspect of ethics and morals, the most important point to take into consideration is the intent of purchasing the essay by the client.

The companies that offer the writing services are, essentially, offering the easiest way for the students to cheat their way through the academic ladder. Nevertheless, when clients are buying the essays, the companies selling the services advise them to refrain from turning in the exactly bought essays claiming them as their own work. Instead, the clients are supposed to use the purchase essays as guides and inspiration to help students improve their style of writing.

The majority of higher-learning institutions have codes of honor put in place for prohibiting students from obtaining unoriginal work and submitting it for credit. The higher learning institutions argue that it is not ethically right to submit someone else’s work and claiming to belong to you. This honor code applies to any form of work acquired by purchasing or even plagiarized. The debate about the morality and ethical implications of purchasing essays from custom essay writing services can only be concluded in one way; despite the advantage of helping most students avoid getting overwhelmed, buying custom written essays from these services cannot be said to a moral practice.

The Review of the Design and Interface

A first visit to the site shows a lengthy explanation on how goes about to order an essay. The landing page of the site also explains the advantages of ordering one’s work from the site. The texts explaining how one can order their paper from the landing page are lengthy and jammed into a minute space in the site, not to mention, they are written in a very small font.

Review the Social Media Presence

A random search of the essay writing service on the most popular social media platforms like Instagram yielded positive results on the social media presence of the site. The results on the site’s social media presence spell great prospects for the site’s market reach expansion and acquiring new clients. In this generation of Instagram and Twitter craze, the significance of any company having a social media presence cannot be overemphasized. It is imperative for companies to perform an audit on their social media presence. If the presence in social media is not strong, it is recommended to figure out how to make their social media presence strong.

The Quality Review of Essays

Personally, my experience when I used was an average one, not too shabby and not stellar either. Having an urgent need of a 750-word paper, I turned to for help. Most of the paper’s content was adequately researched except for a few sections of the paper. There were also both grammatical and logical errors in the paper; nevertheless, the paper was still coherent and understandable.

My paper’s topic was on the “Significance of Big Data to Large Corporations.” The paper that I received was not totally incomprehensible, but it still needed some corrections to make it better. Besides the format and structure, it is worthy to mention the citing and referencing in the paper. One could tell the writer tried their best, despite the few errors in the citations and final references. The idea development throughout the paper was satisfactorily done but not on an impeccable level.

Final Assumptions

The process of ordering a paper on this site is pretty straightforward. By clicking the place order button, the client is redirected to a page for writing the exact specifications and formatting characteristics required for their paper. Thus, the company proves all of the assumptions concerning the services and can assist students with their writing assignments.