My Career, A Research Paper

  1. Example of Introduction
  2. Body Example
  3. Conclusion Example

Academic writing about current or future employment is useful for students not only from the angle of improvement of the necessary for the assignment skills. It also an excellent way for them to take the career dilemma seriously and dig in its peculiarities.

This topic never loses its actuality especially for this studying segment of the society. The definition of the life direction allows young adults staying motivated and focused on the chosen goal. Outside opinions and pieces of advice should be taken into consideration for their employment decision, but they should execute the initial groundwork individually.

Although this subject can’t be considered entirely scientific, it doesn’t affect the standard paper structure or demands to the depth of a research, content accordance or formatting. Review the following guidelines to create an A-grade paper from the fulfillment of which you and your future will actually benefit from.

How to start a career research paper

Any introduction is a basic paper section which purpose is to allure potential readers of the thesis by briefly specifying interesting aspects of the topic and its significance. It should also represent the fundamental standpoint that will be explored in the statement.

When your career serves as the subject, you should use this chapter to introduce yourself to the audience. Otherwise, it would be hard for it to comprehend and evaluate your choice and its argumentation. Provide a concise, informative summary about your personality that is relevant for the further paper content.

It should have the following facts:

Interests. Tell what sides of the living you find appealing and shortly itemize why.

Skills. Mention what fitting attainments do you have and how much they are developed.

Motivation. Specify what things or people makes you move and work hard for the desired result.

As an attention hook you can use some story from your childhood, for instance, that will show the origins of the thought that has led you to this particular pick. Additionally, try to avoid including too many general affirmations and prevarications about the global importance of the subject. Better focus on the job you’ve picked and adduced some sapid facts and statistics to establish the statement specifics.

Review the excerpt from the introduction of this paper type to get a more accurate sense of how to commence your paper.

It’s never too early to think about your career path. I had my first musings about it when I was five, and my mother showed me the pictures of Antoni Gaudi’s creations. They reminded me about the wonderland towns I heard from fairies and was surprised when my mother told me that they actually existed. This occasion really inspired me, and already then I desired to create buildings that so remarkably differed from the gray reality.

I’m not going to be the only one architect in my family, but this fact has never forced me to pursue this career. It was a passion for the craft that from the early childhood made me work on the required professional skills like drawing and extend the lore about the history of art and its performance basics.

How to write the main body of a career research paper

The statement should show the full comprehension of your choice and provide its more detailed argumentation.

You can do that by adding more specifics to your life facts and achievements that were mentioned in the introduction and presenting all aspects of the chosen career like:

Description. State routine tasks and daily and global aims of the profession.

Difficulty. Make an objective estimation of the challenge this labor provides.

Significance. Share your opinion and declare the one from the society on what contribution this occupation makes for the world alternation.

Advantages. Itemize common and personal pros from this employment.

Disadvantages. Show what negative influence on your and others life will have this undertaking.

Goals. What do you plan to achieve in this field and how you envision the way to these attainments?

The information you provide should be based on thorough research and analysis of the discovered facts since the subjectivity of your assumptions can misdirect the audience and lower the value of your paper. You can supply your assertions with cites to underline certain reasoning. Your statement should be not just a written testimony of your decision validity but also be a guide for readers through this career peculiarities and perspectives as well as the process you’ve gone through to come up with this solution.

Familiarize with the fragment of the paper on a career theme where a writer has reflected some of the mentioned-above writing requirements.

Duties of architects differ depending on their scope and status. I desire to create independent, unique projects that will make changes to cities’ skyline. That implies that I will be responsible for coming up with a concept and being able to make its quality and comprehensible representation.

To implement that I’ll need to get an appropriate education what I’m currently doing. Since the goal I described is one of the highest positions in the field I have to graduate summa cum laude preferably and then gradually climb the career ladder.

Although potentially acquired skills and knowledge will allow me getting done the essential part of the work I will still require a team to bring it to the state in which it can be submitted to a client or added to an application for a tender. Since initially, I won’t have the funds to open my own enterprise, I’ll make way to the chief architect position through becoming an intern and then an employee of a respectable firm that will hire all required for the projects associates and specialists itself.

How to conclude a research paper on my career

The final part of the writing should recap your statement by listing its fundamental affirmations to persuade the audience of your competence on the matter and thoughtfulness of your standpoint. It should be a brief but fully illuminating summary of the explored topic.

You can discuss your career and the field perspectives considering the present situation and planned and in-progress development. You can also suggest what alternations and innovations you would like to bring to the working process and the sphere overall.

Read the conclusion example that you can use as a pattern for the last chapter of your writing.

Have an ability to make an actual contribution to the being and its attributes like culture is the most valuable aspect of this career. But I don’t want to be just an executor with a soul of an artist. I desire to bring a new stream to the modern architecture and discover the innovatory ways of the creation process. My vision is the combination of the best from the past and present, and I plan to implement that in my daily routine and my projects.

A research paper on my career isn’t a regular tedious assignment for a meaningless grade. It’s an opportunity for you to establish your life destination more clearly and continue thanks to it the road there with double persistence. Don’t miss it out.