Global Warming, A Research Paper

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Global warming is one of the topics that new generations should be familiar with regardless of what education they are getting or going to get since their future will depend on how they’ll contribute to this problem resolved.

Its destroying consequences we regularly witness already in the present times in the form of extreme heats, climate alternations, powerful showers, hurricanes, and tsunami, etc. It’s hard not only to come up with precautions but also to make the humankind to adhere to them. It’s a lost cause battle, probably, but if the prevalent attitude doesn’t change it’ll become a certainty.

Research papers are ones of the most suitable ways to explore the issue thoroughly. The process of academic writing implies performance of scrupulous research and analysis of various material resources including the recent studies. Additionally, it demands the full comprehension and assay of the matter problematics.

How to Start a Research Paper on Global Warming

The introduction should fully reflect the subject actuality and even the urgency of the matter resolution. It can be represented by recent statistics and its changes over the past years. As the attention hook, you can also use prognosis by the foremost scientist quoting or paraphrasing them.

The preamble should also introduce the angle you look at the issue and why it has been chosen. It should stand a question and approximate answers you’re attempting to find with your research. To establish the solid connection with the next sections of the paper this chapter should be executed after the completion of other ones.

Review the following fragment from the academic paper that presents research results on global warming overall.

Fires in California, typhoons in Japan, earthquakes in South America, etc. are part of everyday news. It’s all alarming signs of environmental modifications including climatic. Since the 70s the process of the average temperature increasing becomes more and more rapid.

Reasons for the global change can be divided into natural variations and human influence. The contributions of both cause categories to the situation worsening can’t be accurately compared, but the majority of the existing solutions concern the second one.

How to Write the Body of a Research Paper on Global Warming

Proceeding development of the matter demands from its researchers to present the most recent data and analyze the closest to the date published materials. The primary purpose of such investigations is to discover applicable and efficient resolutions to keep the state of the biosphere that’s appropriate for the living.

The thesis can show the problem background, the description of the current situation as well as the assay of its past appearances and their consequences. Depending on its viewpoint it can also present the enumeration of the existing precautions and the evaluation of their efficiency and application range.

If the students of not relevant specialties perform the investigation, they can take as the main goal the personal familiarization with the matter and presentation of problematics and records analysis. They can also show the presence of the issue effect in their field or what influence this scope has on the situation and offer solutions that can be employed within the particular sphere or overall.

The most important demand to the academic writing is the consistent and argumentative narration. On this topic occasion the compliance with this requirement is even more significant since the issue origins and premises claim no less attention than its running development and already appeared and future aftermaths.

Read the following excerpt from a research paper body that states the actual records and its analysis:

June 2018 is another confirmation of the forty years heating tendency. NY GISS monthly world temperature assay declared that this month records exceeded the average value of 1951-1980 by +0.77°C. It’s the third rate along with 1998 one in the 138-year history of the contemporary trend recording. The warmest periods remain June 2015 and 2016 that have surpassed this year entry by two and one-hundredth parts correspondingly.

Circumstantial evidence of the problem aggravation is the number growth of natural disasters and the enlargement of the areas where they usually appear. The half of 2018 has already featured few mount eruptions, subtropical and dust storms, powerful cyclones, demolishing earthquakes, etc. around the world.

The most of them are attributes of the increasing temperature of the ground surface and the sea level rise that is caused by global warming. The severeness and difficulty of the problem are also presented in the fact that the last year UN conference on the matter has postponed decisions for the practical implementation of 2015 Paris Agreement clauses the main one of which is to restrain the heat rise in the range of much less than two degrees till December 2018.

How to Conclude a Research Paper on Global Warming

The conclusions should be presented as a summary that’ll underline the purpose of the research paper. They should also show the forecast of the situation develops and the perspectives of the humankind battle against it. The primary objective of the chapter is to complete the delivery of the whole content message with relatively persuasive toning.

Get familiar with a paragraph from the final section of academic writing on this subject.

The tendency of the last five years doesn’t allow Earth population having a wait-and-see attitude anymore. It’s only two minutes until the Doomsday, and global warming should be taken as seriously as the spread of nuclear weapons considering that this issue can’t be resolved only with diplomatic negotiations.

The governments should make necessary steps to regulate the situation within own boundaries as well as the ones that will alter the global state along with other counties. It implies the imposition of limitations for industries and individuals and control of their fulfillment. Their violations should have consequences in the form of financial, administrative and even criminal responsibility.

How to Prepare for Research Paper Writing on Global Warming

Considering the number of levels this subject has writers require access to the newest accurate records and their analysis and the performance of a thorough examination of the matter overall. But this way they end up with an enormous amount of materials that should be composed and structured under standard requirements.

To implement that successfully you shouldn’t disregard a classical approach of outlining in advance. Stick to the basic framework and itemize in every section what question should be raised and what angles should be taken for each of them. It’ll help not to lose the thread of narration and accomplish the purpose of the paper presenting all planned allegations with corresponding evidence.

Global warming was a matter of our recent past that was a period of uncertainties and concerns. It’s a problem of our restless present that should be a time of radical actions. It’ll be an issue of our indefinite future the availability of resolutions for which will determine its existence.

Therefore a research paper on this subject is an assignment that should be taken seriously and performed competently. Since at stake not just your academic performance but also the living. Awareness is an initial step to the problem solution.