ch 3

Tim Berners-Lee at CERNThe world wide web was invented by ______.
a large network of networksThe internet is ______.
ColdThe concept of the internet was developed in response to the _____ War
Robert KahnThe “fathers” of the internet are Vinton Cerf and
Hypertext TransferThe web is based on the _____ protocol
buddy listyou can keep track of IM contacts by using a
Podcasts enable you tobroadcast over the internet using compressed audio and video files such as MP3s and MP4s
Clienta computer connected to the Internet that asks for data is a
dotted periodthe unique identification number assigned to your computer when you connect to the Internet is known by all of the following, EXCEPT
social webWeb 2.0 is classified as the
plug-insadobe reader, flash player, and quicktime player are all examples of special software called
social networkingusing the web to communicate and share information with our friends and others is known as
NOT a top for professional e-mail etiquetteuse abbreviations such as “u”, “r”, and “BRB” to keep the e-mail message shorter
meebois a web-based universal chat service that lets you communicate with users on a variety of IM services from any computer without having to install a special program
Firefoxthe name of the free internet browser from Mozilla is _______.
secure socket layerthe “s” in “https” stands for
URLthe unique address for a particular web site is the
wikia web site where anyone can add, remove, or edit its content
bloga personal journal posted on the web
top-level domainin the URL, the portion labeled “.com” is the _______.
pathin the URL, the portion labeled “techinaction” is the _______.
protocolin the URL, the portion labeled “http” is the ________.
really simple syndicationpodcasts deliver their content using
C2Ball of the following are a type of e-commerce business EXCEPT
social commercea subset of e-commerce that uses social networks to assist in marketing purchasing products is known as ________.
tacked browsingall of the following are features of the most popular web browsers, EXCEPT
tab isolationthe browser feature where tabs are independent of each other is known as
twitteris a social networking service that enables you to exchange short text messages with your friends or “followers”
webcastsuses continuous audio and video feeds
web browsersoftware that enables you to display and interact with text and other media on the web is a