Chapter 11 AACC

Which procedure uses x-rays to create multiple images as “slices” through the kidney?nephrotomography
Which procedure uses a special solution and a machine to take the place of the kidneys in cleansing the blood of wastes?hemodialysis
Stress ________ occurs in a woman when she laughs, coughs, or sneezes, causing her to involuntary pass some urine.incontinence
Which is another name for nephroblastoma?Wilms’ tumor
The kidneys are located in the ________.retroperitoneal space
Difficult or painful urination is known as:dysuria.
Involuntary urination during sleep is known as:enuresis
Which is the area of the kidney that includes the cortex and medulla?parenchyma
Which of the following is a disease that affects the kidneys?ESRD
Which surgical procedures remove a severely damaged kidney from a patient with end-stage kidney failure and insert a new kidney from a donor?nephrectomy, transplantation
All of these are laboratory tests performed on a urine specimen except:CAPD
A patient with hematuria would have ________ in the urine.blood
Select the correct spelling for the word that is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.urethra
The condition ________ may be found in a diabetic patient who metabolizes fats instead of glucose for energy.ketonuria
For a patient in end-stage renal failure, what are two things that can take the place of the nonfunctioning kidneys?hemodialysis or renal transplantation
If a patient is taking a diuretic drug such as Lasix, it will be necessary to replace the potassium lost in the urine with the medication:K-Dur.
A urinometer or a refractometer is used to measure the ________ of urine.specific gravity
The combining form alkal/o- means:base (high pH).
Which would be a normal finding in a urinalysis?creatinine
Drugs such as tolterodine (Detrol) that decrease the contractions of smooth muscle are helpful in treating:overactive bladder.
Which of the following statements is false?The treatment for polycystic kidney disease is a diuretic drug.
Which is a common passageway that collects urine from many nephrons?minor calix
Glucose in the urine is known as:glycosuria
A finding of albuminuria means there is ________ in the urine.protein
In which of the following does a nurse measure the amount of urine produced and the amount of fluid taken in by a patient?I&O
Which of the following is not filtered out of the blood by the glomerulus?red blood cells
The first presenting sign of bladder cancer may be ________.hematuria
The suffix -tripsy means:process of crushing.
Which word means the functional area of the kidney that contains many nephrons?parenchyma
A hernia in which the bladder bulges through a weakness in the muscular wall of the vagina or rectum is known as:cystocele
Another name for albuminuria is:proteinuria
The combining form olig/o- means:scanty; few.
The functional unit of the kidney is known as the:nephron
The combining form excret/o- means:removing from the body.
The abbreviation ARF means:acute renal failure.
A kidney stone is also called a/an:calculus
Which of the following statements is false?Lithotripsy involves the surgical removal of a kidney.
An excessive amount of urea in the blood because of renal failure is known as:uremia
All of the following are laboratory procedures except:CCPD
Which of the following is not true regarding chronic renal failure?It develops rapidly, sometimes due to trauma.
The combining form cali/o- means:calix
Which finding in a urinalysis would indicate the presence of a urinary tract infection?WBC
Which is the correct order for the process of producing urine?filtration, collection of filtrate, reabsorption, excretion of urine