Table of Contents:

  1. What is Grade Miners
  2. Ethical Concerns about Using Essay Writing Services
  3. A Review of the Site
  4. Quality of Work You Can Expect from GradeMiners
  5. Final Verdict

Finding a third party writer for your academic work is a delicate matter. Whether it is a high school lab report or Ph.D. thesis, you want to work with someone who will deliver high-quality results worth your money. In this case, it is all about finding the right website.

One of the most critically acclaimed essay writing websites out there is GradeMiners. It is marketed as an expert academic research and write-up service connecting students with knowledgeable and experienced writers. But is it truly worth all the hype? Or is it another sham site that will leave you frustrated and disappointed? Here is a comprehensive review that should help you answer these questions.

What is GradeMiners?

GradeMiners is essentially a website designed to allow students to have different types of academic essays written for them by professional writers. The site boasts of an expert workforce of more than 1000 writers dedicated to providing clients with high quality and unique work.

Ethical Concerns about Using Essay Writing Services

Since essay writing services began to gain popularity, there has been a long-running debate on whether or not it is ok to use them. Critics feel that it is unethical to submit and take credit for work written by someone else.

However, websites like GradeMiners ensure that you are as involved as you wish to be. Here, all the writers are doing is organizing the information and data you provide into flowing articles. They also give a disclaimer that all orders completed by their writers are meant for research purposes and not for academic credit.

A Review of the Site

  • Site design

The site is a great combination of aesthetics and functionality. It features a variety of tabs and landing pages that give you as much information as you need to get what you need. The tabs, in particular, make the site very user-friendly for fast and efficient order placement, tracking, and review.

It also gives you easy access to legitimate reviews and testimonials to give you an idea of what you can expect. Finally, a design feature that many enjoy is the compatibility with both PC and mobile screens. This makes it easy for you to go through the website on either device without compromising on the experience.

  • Article turnover

According to the website, 94% of articles ordered are submitted for review before the stipulated deadline. Testimonials also back up this claim. The high turn-over is a particularly handy feature for clients who are crunched for time. Maybe you just found out you have a short essay due in a few hours. Instead of panicking and writing something shady you could place a short deadline order. These can be ready in as little as 3 hours but will cost you significantly more than longer deadline orders. However, if you are desperate, it is safe to say that it is worth the investment.

  • Variety of services offered

Another thing you might enjoy about GradeMiners is the multiple services provided. They write all sorts of academic essays from dissertations and research proposals, to scholarship applications, and résumés. The site handles whatever papers required at any academic level be it high school, college, or even grad school. In addition to these basic text write-ups, you could also order multi-media presentations including PowerPoint slides. This variety sets it apart from many other essay writing websites on the market with its one-stop-shop vibes.

  • Social media presence

GradeMiners has an active Facebook page. They use this for marketing and sharing article samples from their writers. Their Facebook page will also give you a great idea of what to expect as the testimonials and reviews there are undeniably independent. Finally, you can use this platform to reach out to them for client support through direct messages or video chats.

  • Privacy policies

The website values your privacy as the client as much as it appreciates high-quality work. This is evident from the serious privacy policies and security systems it uses. This ensures that your identity remains anonymous and that all your personal information is kept confidential. You can therefore easily order and download your paper without having to worry about being exposed.

  • Customer support

GradeMiners offers round the clock support to clients. This is meant to make it easy to express any concerns or complains without delays. You can reach out to the support team through different means including email, live chats, and phone calls. The website also allows direct two-way communication between you as the client and the writer who is handling your order.

Quality of Work You Can Expect from GradeMiners

Every experience on GradeMiners is different because of the many different writers out there. I can therefore not fairly describe my experiences with the site as the norm. I will, however, share my story in the hopes that you learn a little more about the website and what you can expect.

A few months back I placed an order for my college term paper. I wanted the essay written with the title “The Health and Social Effects of Fad Diets in Today’s Society” for my community health class. It is a pretty simple and straightforward topic that I had neither the time nor the energy to do on my own. So I decided to give GradeMiners a try to see whether it was worth all the hype I had heard about it.

In my honest opinion, I was impressed by the quality of results. I got a great article that had a near perfect uniqueness score on every plagiarism software I checked it against. There were, however, a few errors here and there with grammar and flow that I chose to correct myself. All in all, I appreciated the fact that all my instructions were followed and that the work was returned in a very timely fashion.

Final Verdict

After all is said and done, GradeMiners delivers all it promises. The numerous writing experts on standby for all your writing needs ensure that high-quality work and professionalism are guaranteed. The website design and ease of use is also something you have to look forward to.

The major downside is the ethical concerns surrounding ghostwriting of academic essays and reports. However, if you are willing to take the risk and make the investment, GradeMiners is definitely worth considering.