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In painting media, the pigment most notably providescolor
Joan Mitchell’s Untitled is an example ofoil painting
Which artist is considered a leader in the revival of fresco painting in the 1920 and 1930Diego Rivera
When applied thickly, oil paint is called impastoTrue
Michelangelo used the painting of encaustic for the Sistine Chapel ceilingFalse
Artist often apply a primer, usually white, in order to create a uniform surfaceTrue
All paints consist of three ingredients: Pigment, binder, and vehicleTrue
Encaustic is an ancient painting medium in which the pigment are suspended inbeeswax
Keltie Ferris demonstrates a contemporary approach by finishing her works withspray paint
A type of paint utilizing egg yolk as a binder istempra
a very thin, transparent film of color painted over an painted surface is calleda glaze
The Chinese regard painting to derive from the art ofcalligraphy
Opaque watercolor is also calledgouache
In Buon freso, the pigments combined with water are applied towet plaster
oil paint has many advantages over other traditional media. its slow drying time is a distinct advantage allowing artist to blend strokes of color and make changes during the painting processTrue
Mary Cassatt’s The Letter most notably demonstrates the influence ofJapanese woodblock prints
a contemporary artist who uses relief techniques in an original wayBetsabee Romero
Three types of prints associated with intaglio printmaking are engraving, drypoint and etchingtrue
One of the purposes of prints is so that artists can make multiple works that are less expensive than paintings or sculpture so that their work can be available for purchase by a wider group of viewerstrue
at various stages in the printmaking process artist check on the developing image by makingproofs
henri de Toulouse Lautrec’s Jane Avril Jardin de Paris is a poster created usingoffset lithography
two types prints associated with the relief printmaking proce3ss are woodcuts and linocutstrue
the process of printing came to Europe fromchina
Nicola Lopez, Blighted expresses the artist memories ofthe attacks of September 11, 2001
The four types of printmaking are relief, intaglio, lithography, and stencil/screenprintingtrue
Elizabeth cattetts sharecropper is an example ofa linoleum cut
in which of the following media does the artist draw an image with a greasy crayon directly on a flat stone slab?lithography
nearly all original prints are numbered to indicate the total number of prints pulled, or printed in the edition and to give the number of each print in the sequencetrue
why would Utagawa Hiroshige have needed to be careful in his registration in creating Shono Hakuuit required multiple blocks of color
a print in which an artist is physically involved with production is know asan original print
Man Ray made innovative photographs which he called ____ by placing objects on light sensitive paper and exposing them to sunlightrayograph
although color photographic film was available to artist in the early twentieth century, may preferred black and white film because it was less expensive and less susceptible to technical problems and because color printstended to fade over time
through the 1960 most art photographers disdained color film first because the negatives were unstable later because color was associated with family shapshots and tourist photographs.true
Julia Margaret Cameron pioneered theuse of close ups in portrait photography
one of the earliest types of photographs was thedaguerreotype
Margaret bourke white Louisville flood victims is an iconic image ofthe depression in the united states
Alfred stieglitzs own photography was almost always straight that is produced with nontechnical manipulation of the negativetrue
Louis jacquews mande Daguerre was unable to include people in his photographs because in his timeexposure time was very long
who artist sled-identifies as a near documentary photographerjeff wall
who made photogrpahs of national parks to increase public awareness of the beauty of natureansel adams
an early leader in the use of photography for social change was the Danish born americna dorothea langeflase
who was an warly advocate of photography as an artform and opened a gallery in NYC in 1905Alfred stieglitz
the photographic process influential to contemporary artist binh danh is chlorophyll printingtrue
the camera obscura cannotpermanently fix an image onto a surface
the word photography meanslight writing
which is an example of a surrealist filman Andalusian dog
dir ridley scott states that his creative process is strongly aided bystoryboarding
storyboards are a series of drawings or paintings arranged in a sequence which are used to visualize the major shots in a filmtrue
which artist for the five part series of films the CREMASTER Cyclematthew barney
beginning in mid 1934 the major studios all adherd voluntary to the motion picture production code authority which attempter to regulate the moral content of filmstrue
this early filmmaker pioneered many special effects, such as dissolves between screens and time-lapse photography as seen in his voyage to the moonGeorge melies
oskar fischinger circles is considered to be the firstexperimental film
the first exhibition of computer generated digital imagery took place in private gallery in 1985false
one of Russian filmmaker sergei Eisensteins major contributions to film was his skilled use ofmontage
in filmmaking each unbroken sequence of movie frames with the camera still rolling is called ashot
film editing is a process in which the editor selects the best shot from raw footage then reassemble them into meaningful sequence and finally into a total unified progressiontrue
film noir originated inHollywood
montage is the editing technique of combining a number of very brief shots, representing distinct but related subjects matter in order to create new relationships build strong emotions or indicate the passage of timetrue
the phenomenon in which the human brain a visual image for a fraction of a second longer than the human eye records it is known aspersistence of vision
eadweard Muybridge is know forphotographing people and animals in motion
Heidi cody American alphabet is a set of light boxes that feature the isolated first letters of Americangroceries
the major branches of design are graphic design, motion graphics, interactive design and production designtrue
a relatively new discipline motion graphics began withtrue
typography is the art and technique of composing printed material from letterform- typefaces or fontstrue
Karin Fong creates motion graphics and her specialty is title sequence for movies and TV showsTrue
A 2009 building in Japan broke new ground by integrating into its façade aqr code
An identifying mark or trademark is referred to asA logo
Bjork album bioplilla was releasedAs a series of iPad apps
sans serif typeface are based on the capital letters carved in stone by early roman and are made with thin strokes ending in short lines with pointed ends at an angle to the main strokesFalse
Donald meeker was instrumental in updating the font ofWhite on green interstate freeway signs
All of the following are true of the QR5 wind turbine EXCEPTIts sole drawbacks is the hazard it presents to birds
A poster is a concise visual announcement that provides information through the integrated design of typographic and pictorial imageryTrue
Industrial designers work to make everyday products we use more beautiful, useful and sustainableTrue
hiphopabad botoxia and trumpistan are all places in an inventive map byMaria Kaman and Ricky meyerowitz
Serifs are typefaces that have a modern look thanks to their association with modernist designFalse
An installation artist transforms a space by bringing into items of symbolic significance. The artist treats the entire space as an artwork and transforms itTrue
Alex Calder was one of the first artist to explore the possibilities ofKinetic sculpture
olafur Ellison the weather project is an example ofSite specific art
Julio Gonzalez was the first sculptor to useThe welding touch
What is also called a substitution processCasting
Which work is an example of assemblagePablo Picasso bull head
Sculpture that is meant to be seen from all sides is called in the round orFreestanding
In high relied sculpture the prohection from the surrounding surface is slightFalse
Robert Longo compare wars is an example ofHigh relief sculpture
A typical example of a low relief sculptureA coin
In low relief sculpture more than half of the naturalFALSE