Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Topic: Examine the cultural or historical context of a work of literature

Description: Analyze how the knowledge of the cultural or historical context can help a reader understand a particular work of literature better.

  1. Topic: Do cultural values enhance economic development in a state

Description: Discuss the implication of cultural values on the economic development of a country. Analyze the importance of cultural values, their role and why they should be preserved.

  1. Topic: Explain the conventions of a particular genre in literature

Description: Take an example of a Romance or Realistic novel and analyze how it subverts or meets the genre expectations. Also, summarize the effectiveness of stylistic features used.

  1. Topic: Is it acceptable to carry scientific experiments on animals?

Description: People have different opinions concerning scientific experimentations on animals. Summarize and analyze the effects of such experimentations on animals and respond to their implications.

  1. Topic: Negative effects of modern technology on university students

Description: Advancement in technology has both positive and negative effects. Analyze and summarize the negative impacts of technologies on college and university students and state possible ways of dealing with those issues.

  1. Topic: What is the cause of gambling addiction among students?

Description: Gambling is popular among college students all over the world. Dwell on the reasons why many students become gambling addicts and how this problem can be coped with.

  1. Topic: Reasons why it is harmful for women to have an abortion

Description: The number of women in the world resorting to abortions is alarming. Find out the reasons for that and analyze the cause for the increasing trend among the youths.

  1. Topic: Dual parent vs. single-parent families

Description: Describe the differences between dual parent and single parent families. Analyze the effects of single parenting on the experience of a parent and a child.

  1. Topic: Strict rules are important to students at all academic levels

Description: Rules are essential in any organization, and that is why schools adopt various procedures to confine students. Summarize the reasons for strict regulations for college and university students.

  1. Topic: Is honesty the foundation of any long-lasting relationship?

Description: Many relationships start and break because of various reasons. Analyze the cause of a relationship failure and the importance of honesty in building a long-lasting relationship.

  1. Topic: Examine a setting in a novel and explain it in detail

Description: Analyze the importance of the setting in a novel. Dwell upon how it explains a character or foreshadows what is to happen.

  1. Topic: Political and economic causes of early European exploration

Description: Analyze early European exploration of Africa focusing on the economic and political reasons for the phenomenon and its implications.

  1. Topic: What causes war between nations?

Description: Countries rage war against each other for various reasons. With the available materials, analyze the main causes of war and how to avoid escalating it.

  1. Topic: The cause of repeated destructive relationships among youths

Description: It is evident that the majority of youngsters get into destructive relationships. Analyze the reasons for the phenomenon.

  1. Topic: The remarkable influence of a book on me

Description: Reading books and watching movies influence our behavior. Analyze how a book you have read influenced you.

  1. Topic: The impact of genetically engineered food on human health

Description: Critically analyze the effects of engineered food on human health, the reason why such food is dangerous. Outline how genetically engineered food can influence human health in the next decade.

  1. Topic: What influenced the choice of an educational institution

Description: Many reasons make students select a place to get a higher education degree, and these reasons vary among students. Analyze what factors influence a person’s choice of an educational institution.

  1. Topic: How does traveling the world affect worldview?

Description: Critically analyze the effects of traveling on the person’s worldview. Provide examples that support your argument.

  1. Topic: What are happy relationships?

Description: Analyze what makes happy and healthy relationships. Summarize its effects on one’s behavior.

  1. Topic: Should men also be protected against domestic violence

Description: Men also face domestic violence. Analyze how this phenomenon should be addressed and what measures should be taken.

  1. Topic: Do smartphones have a positive impact on the youths

Description: There are various ways in which smartphones influence the youths. Analyze the effects of smartphones on teenagers.

  1. Topic: Do academic writing services have a right to exist?

Description: Many students rely on academic writing companies to have their assignments done and hand in well-written essays. Analyze if these companies should be prohibited.

  1. Topic: Why writing companies are gaining popularity among students?

Description: Many students in the world rely on academic writing companies to complete their assignments. Analyze why these writing services are currently on the rise.

  1. Topic: Communication difference between women, men, and children

Description: In general, men, women, and children have different strategies and manners of communication. Describe the differences and reasons for them.

  1. Topic: Find out the background of an author in your favorite book

Description: Examine the author’s work and critically analyze how his or her life influenced what he or she wrote.

  1. Topic: The role of games in the education of children

Description: Analyze why and how games are used in the education of children.

  1. Topic: Can everyone write a good essay?

Description: Writing an excellent piece requires dedication and expertise. Dwell upon what makes a good writer.

  1. Topic: Is migration a good or bad phenomenon?

Description: Analyze the phenomenon of migration and outline its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Topic: Generation gaps between parents and children

Description: Analyze the reasons why there appear generation gaps between parents and children.

  1. Topic: Analyze the figures of speech in a poem

Description: Choose a poem, single out and analyze the figures of speech used there.

  1. Topic: What makes internet users choose certain search engines

Description: The choice to use a certain search engine depends on various factors. Analyze them.

  1. Topic: What strategies do people choose in conflicting situations?

Description: Analyze the strategies people use in conflicting situations. Focus on what the choice of the strategy depends.

  1. Topic: Environmental management strategy: mitigation and adaptation

Description: Environmental mitigation and adaption are two strategies used when dealing with environmental management. Describe the difference between the two and pros and cons of each.

  1. Topic: What influences people’s choice when online shopping

Description: Like any other type of shopping, in online shopping people are influenced by various means. Analyze what marketing strategies are used to impact the consumer’s choice online.

  1. Topic: Should elementary school children be made to wear a uniform?

Description: Discuss if it is essential for children in elementary school to wear a uniform.

  1. Topic: How does the society view body size in the modeling industry

Description: Plus-size modeling is now more acceptable than in the past. Elaborate on how the society views models of different sizes and the troubles that plus-size women face in the modeling industry.

  1. Topic: Is multicultural identity a burden to the American society?

Description: Analyze whether a person that represents more than one racial or ethnic group finds it hard to fit in as an American.

  1. Topic: How are sports and television changing the interests of its audience? Do players and fans still have a strong bond?

Description: Skyrocketing ticket prices are encouraging fans to lean on digital broadcasts to support their teams. How is the digital migration affecting sports? Do players still have a connection with their fans?

  1. Topic: Is there a connection between underdevelopment and obesity?

Description: The number of people with obesity keeps going up daily. Why are individuals not adjusting to a healthy lifestyle? Look into the effects of obesity to an individual and the society.

  1. The changes women have experienced in gender roles

The feminist movement has been fighting for equality between men and women for years. Give details on how the roles of both genders have changed recently. Do gender roles and equality affect relationships and growing families?

  1. Topic: Does ethnicity background influence your choice of music in America?

Description: Popular musicians are taking advantage of ethnic influences to create their work. Consider a musician who is using his or her ethnic background to impress the fans.

  1. Topic: What impact does high school movies have on teenage self-esteem?

Description: Do high school movies help students who are stressed and struggling? Highlight movies such as Mean Girls and Project X, if they are good for teenagers or have a negative influence.

  1. Topic: What are the family management strategies for single parent families?

Description: The high rates of divorce have led to many families being led by a single parent. Does it affect how children are brought up?

  1. Topic: Do multicultural families lead to social integration and co-existence?

Description: Intermarriages and adoption from different races have blended many families. Examine the challenges that mixed races families face in the United States of America.

  1. Topic: Homelessness: what are the right steps to avoid being homeless in any nation

Description: The government is involving the community to reduce the number of homeless people. Enlighten the audience on how the society and the government blend to eliminate homelessness.

  1. Topic: Does college sports affect a student’s attitude toward education?

Description: The importance of students’ involvement in college sports and how it can affect their attitude toward learning. Also, demonstrate if such programs have negative impacts.

  1. Topic: Why is drug use okay among musicians but disregarded in sports?

Description: The use of drugs by musicians is considered above board and is not restricted. How does fairness in competition translate from the world of sports to music?

  1. Topic: What are the game shows effects on society?

Description: Game shows have become very popular among the middle class. Do individuals placing bets on games eventually end up as addicts? Give your personal opinion.

  1. Topic: Which properties of a TV series make an audience attached?

Description: What makes the show popular and which age group does the series relate with? Share your views on any particular TV series.

  1. Topic: Remarkable facts of the seven wonders of the ancient world

Description: What is the history behind the seven wonders? How do the governments generate revenue from the wonders?

  1. Topic: What is the significance of Egyptian pyramids to the society?

Description: How were the Egyptian pyramids constructed? Discuss how the pyramids have attracted tourists to Egypt and the positive and negative impacts of tourism.

  1. Topic: American revolution: how does it still affect modern America?

Description: What is the history of the American revolution? What was the role of women during the American Revolution war and industrialization?

  1. Topic: The societal views on social tolerance and homosexuality

Description: Discuss the publication that put a contrast between the ancient church and sexuality. Can one be a Christian and still be gay?

  1. Topic: Artificial Intelligence; setbacks in machine training in 2018

Description: With the introduction of artificial intelligence, do you feel that the number of jobless people will increase? How does artificial intelligence affect the economy?

  1. Topic: Is there a link between social media and mental health?

Description: The increase of depressed people who constantly use social media has been on the rise. Is social media a depressing medium to the society?

  1. Topic: America education system: should it be revised?

Description: The American education system has not been changed for over 10 years. The system lags behind in digitalization. What are possible solutions to revising the system?

  1. Topic: Teenage drinking: lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States

Description: Teenagers join college and start attending drinking parties. Since the legal drinking age is 21, many teenagers engage in identity theft. Will lowering the age minimize identity theft?

  1. Topic: Effects of modern technology: has it negatively impacted your life?

Description: Since 1980, people have been actively using technology. Modern technology has negative impacts on health. Has technology affected your health?

  1. Topic: Gun control: the thin line between self-defense and violence

Description: Guns make it easy for the owner to make regrettable decisions later. With the increase of mass shooting, should gun control laws be revised?

  1. Topic: To what extent should the media represent nudism in fashion?

Description: Fashion is an expression of feelings. The media has been showcasing fashion runways for a long time. What measures should the government implement to protect the viewer?

  1. Topic: Global warming: stop smoking! You are destroying the environment

Description: The complete ban on smoking in public areas will improve the condition of the environment and the health of those around you. What role do you play in ensuring we breathe clean air?

  1. Topic: Is working in college necessary? What are its benefits?  

Description: Working while in college is a good way to pass the time and earn some money. Does gaining work experience during college add value to your CV?

  1. Topic: Copyright in technology: how to sue a copycat company

Description: With the use of the internet on a daily basis, some people tend to use articles or graphics. Discuss how to protect work on the internet.

  1. Topic: Why is freedom of speech important in a democratic country?

Description: Speech is a crucial human right. Explain how the interests of the majority are voiced by student leaders.

  1. Topic: Can too much video games affect the behavior of a teenager?

Description: Video games have an indirect effect on young children and teenagers. Young minds like to practice what they see on the games. Do violent teenagers learn from video games?

  1. Topic: American health: it’s more than consuming meat!

Description: The obesity numbers keep shooting because of eating artificial and processed meats. Evaluate ways of educating the American people on what they should eat.

  1. Topic: Can video games cause long-term health problems? What is the solution?

Description: Spending numerous hours in front of the computer or TV playing games can cause strenuous back injuries. Is spending fewer hours on video games a permanent solution?

  1. Topic: Does the millennial age group depend too much on technology?

Description: Technology is a good thing but when overused it makes people lose touch. Is technology the reason why millennial cannot express themselves in real-world situations?

  1. Topic: Health issues at nursing homes: are the aged given good care?

Description: The homes for the aged have been on the increase. Are caregivers providing help effectively?

  1. Topic: Solar energy: how much can it save your bills? Is it dependable?

Description: Introducing solar energy can reduce how much electricity is used in a company or home. Should the world be receptive in using solar energy in place of electricity?