7.1 Chromosomes and Phenotype (8 review)

carrierorganism whose genome contains a gene for a certain trait or disease that is not expressed in the organism’s phenotype
sex-linked genegene that is located on a sex chromosome
X chromosome inactivationprocess that occurs in female mammals in which one of the X chromosome is randomly turned off in each cell
dominantallele that is expressed when two different alleles are present in an organism’s genotype
recessiveallele that is not expressed unless two copies are present in an organism’s genotype
phenotypecollection of all of an organism’s physical characteristics
alleleany of the alternative forms of a gene that occurs at a specific place on a chromosome
genespecific region of DNA that codes for a particular protein
autosomechromosome that contains genes for characteristics not directly related to the sex of the organism
sex chromosomechromosome that directly controls the development of sexual characteristics.
traitcharacteristic that is inherited