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Top 150 Topics for a Persuasive Essay or Persuasive Speech

You may be a student or a teacher who is in need of persuasive essay topics, and our team is here to help you out. We have taxed our brains to build this huge list of persuasive topics in accordance with today’s society. In addition, these topics can be used for persuasive speech project as well. We believe that this list will help you immensely.

Before we start off with our list, we must know what a persuasive essay is.

A persuasive essay – is argumentative writing that uses relevant facts and reasoning to show that one idea is more valid and justifiable than the other.

Its main aim is to persuade and convince a reader to adopt a certain perspective or to take any action in agreement with that point of view.

Following is the list of 150 persuasive essay or persuasive speech topics

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Politics
  4. Religion
  5. Art
  6. Education
  7. Jobs and Careers
  8. EDM Music
  9. Rock music
  10. Blockchain
  11. Cryptocurrencies
  12. Internet of Things
  13. Machine learning
  14. Facebook
  15. Google

Science topics:

  • There are other planets like earth.
  • Can moon support life?
  • The universe is coming to an end.
  • Robots will change the world for better.
  • Are there more women than men?
  • Blue is very rare in nature.
  • Bermuda triangle is a mystery.
  • Aliens do not exist.
  • The universe is infinite.
  • Is genetic engineering improving or destroying life?
  • Global warming is a real danger.
  • Is space exploration wastage of money?


  • Is technology invading the traditional values importance?
  • Should parents monitor their children when they use technology?
  • Media should not be trusted blindly.
  • Technological gadgets are the leading cause of cancer.
  • We are too much dependent on technology.
  • Genetically modified plants should come with a label.
  • Security cameras are an invasion of privacy.
  • Should digital books be promoted more than printed books?
  • Reproductive technologies should be banned.
  • Video games can solve real-world.
  • Does technology make people couch potatoes?


  • College students should actively take part in politics.
  • Should our country allow free visa to any country’s citizen?
  • Is terrorism a country’s choice?
  • Government is overspending.
  • Does real democracy exist or it is just a theoretical concept?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned?
  • Should families in our country have two child max rule?
  • Do India and Pakistan have a valid feud?
  • Should Pakistan and India make allies?
  • Should a country be judged on the basis of its monetary growth?
  • Should the drunk drivers who are caught lose their licenses for a year?
  • People in the army should be exempted from paying taxes.
  • Are working women treated equally at the workplace?


  • Do we blindly follow religious rituals?
  • Do heaven and hell exist?
  • Although Islamism is a religion of peace yet, it’s preaching violence.
  • Is God the representation of human weakness?
  • Children should be given a choice to decide their own.
  • Are modern and fashionable clothes a hindrance to religious practices??
  • Is science the primary reason for the increasing number of atheists?
  • Same-sex marriages should be banned.
  • Religion freedom is a law without practice.
  • Should religion play a role in deciding the punishments for criminals?
  • Should atheism be declared as a religion?


  • Artists face numerous challenges.
  • Art is not gender specific.
  • Graffiti is a form of art.
  • Graffiti should be legalized.
  • Taking art as a profession will not make you successful.
  • Should art be considered a profession?
  • Art does not pay.
  • What are the ways to market yourself if you are an artist?
  • Gothic art is the best left in history.
  • Gothic art is an evil art.


  • Should children be taught self-defense from elementary schools?
  • Should sex education be a mandatory subject in schools?
  • Should children be banned from learning to hack?
  • Is intelligence actually measured with marks?
  • Students should be taught handwriting in the elementary schools.
  • Children should not have to do homework on weekends.
  • Guns should be permitted in school campuses for safety reasons.
  • The current education system overburdens students with lots of home assignments.
  • Online education should be promoted.
  • Bilingual education is important.
  • Should elementary education be made free in countries with higher poverty rate?
  • Many ancient languages are on the verge of extinction.
  • Exams criteria do no match a student’s ability.

Jobs and Careers:

  • Is working for a private company better than working for the government?
  • Should the wages of male and female workers be same?
  • Should women give priority to their career?
  • Parents should choose their child’s career.
  • Some careers are much more profitable than others.
  • Should modern and fashionable dresses be banned from workplaces?
  • Some career options are age restricted.
  • There should be a strict dress code in all the professions.
  • Unemployment is a growing concern every day.
  • Careers should overlook tattoos.

EDM music:

  • EDM creates noise pollution.
  • Club music is noise which does not have any sense.
  • Can we call EDM music?
  • EDM is as popular as DJ music.
  • Is EDM music underrated?
  • EDM helps you relieve stress.
  • EDM boosts one’s immune system.
  • EDM increases your pain threshold.
  • What makes EDM so popular?
  • EDM is more expensive than any conventional music.

Rock music:

  • Rock music fosters bad attitude in teens.
  • Rock music may be related to Satanism.
  • Rock music has a positive impact on the youth.
  • Rock music is not for sensitive people.
  • Rock music is all about fun rather than emotions.
  • Is rock music authentic?
  • Rock music does not acknowledge religion.
  • Rock musicians who changed the world.
  • People prefer rock music over melody.
  • Does rock music have a positive influence on society?


  • Blockchain as a revolution in banking.
  • Blockchain reverse revolution.
  • Does Blockchain improve trade finance?
  • Blockchain improves due to Brexit.
  • Blockchain use case: Payments.
  • Blockchain use case: Cryptocurrencies.
  • Can blockchain help the worlds’ poor?
  • Blockchain: what comes first – opportunity or threat?
  • Blockchain is a threat to world`s data safety.
  • Is blockchain easy to understand?


  • Cryptocurrency is readily available to the general public.
  • Cryptocurrency is safe and secure.
  • Cryptocurrency is not that private as you think.
  • Does Cryptocurrency promote black market?
  • Is Cryptocurrency a joke to the market?
  • Is it illegal to buy Bitcoins?
  • Cryptocurrencies are the best investments for future.

Internet of Things:

  • Does fog computing boost IoT?
  • IoT does not guarantee privacy.
  • Does IoT improve agricultural productivity?
  • IoT is controlled by artificial intelligence.
  • IoT is making us stupid.
  • IoT increases cyber crimes.
  • Does IoT vehicle simulation system promote accidents?
  • IoT does not promote environmental conservation.

Machine learning:

  • Does machine learning help in fraud detection?
  • Stock market prediction is enhanced by machine learning.
  • Machine learning is a resource that promotes communication.
  • Robotics is better than human labor.
  • Machine learning enhances the replacement of man with machines.
  • Can chip control our brain?
  • Robots are a threat since they have already replaced humans in various activities.


  • Students should be careful about posting on Facebook.
  • Facebook is a threat to privacy.
  • Do we need Facebook?
  • Facebook spreads rumors.
  • Facebook promotes a lazy and lethargic lifestyle.
  • Facebook is a waste of time and capital.
  • Censorship is promoted by Facebook.
  • Facebook addiction is a viral outbreak.
  • Identity thefts are common on Facebook.
  • Does Facebook promote cyberbullying?
  • Facebook is addictive.


  • Google has become our best friend.
  • We are dependent on Google.
  • Google has answers for everything.
  • Google reduces your ability to think.
  • Does Google make you lazy?
  • Google uses up a lot of memory.

Even though there is this big list, sometimes it’s not just enough because this might confuse you as to how to choose the right topic. It is as important as the content as if you don’t pick a proper topic, you might not get the result that you ever wanted. Worry not. I have the solution for that problem too. Along with the number of topics, I have gathered some tips that will help to choose the topic that is perfect for you.

Download all topics in:

Hence, following are the five ways to select the right topic:

  • It should be of your interest. Choose something that you are enthusiastic about so that you don’t have to force yourself.
  • Think out of the box. Don’t go for regular topics. It should be of least expectation.
  • The topic should be the one with which you are comfortable with and also confident about.
  • It should be easily understandable to you. You should have a clear idea on what it is all about.
  • Do not choose to a complicated topic since there is not much information on the internet. Opt for the one which is topical and arguable.