123helpme.com review

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is 123helpme.Com?
  2. Services Available on the Website
  3. Payment Options
  4. Downloaded Essay Review
  5. Essay Checker Tool Review
  6. Summary

123helpme.com review

Online essay writing websites have become a widely-accepted Hail Mary for students everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are in high school, college or even grad school. One of the best known of these is 123helpme.com. However, this site is nothing like other custom essay websites you will find online. Here is a little bit more about what makes it different and what you can expect should you decide to use the service.

What Is 123helpme.Com?

123helpme.com is an online database of pre-written essays and papers. It is designed to give students, researchers and curious minds access to thoroughly researched and well-written work. The site boasts of more than 400,000 ready essays on different topics including everything from terrorism to stem cell research. Some of the article formats you will get here include:

Unlike many other student essay sites, this one does not complete orders to be submitted for academic credit. The articles are meant solely for research and to be used as inspiration for more original work. In fact, the website and individual article writers maintain the rights to all work you purchase or get for free. They also do not have standby writers for customized articles which makes them different from most other websites.

Services Available on the Website

There are essentially two types of services available on 123helpme.com. These are classified based on the kind of articles you are allowed to preview. The first category is that of free sample essays. These are average quality articles on many different topics that you are allowed to preview and download at no cost.

The second category is that of paid pre-written essays. In this case, there are four subcategories based on the quality of the article you can expect. The four include good essays, better essays, stronger essays and powerful essays. The paid category also comprises term papers and research papers.

Payment Options

Initially, the website had a pay-per-article policy. They have since changed it to a subscription set up with monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. The monthly package will set you back 29.95 dollars each month. The annual one, on the other hand, costs 9.95 dollars per month while the quarterly subscription is 59.95 dollars for every three months. With the subscriptions, you are free to browse and view as many articles as you wish to.

However, one thing many users are shocked to find out is that subscriptions are renewed automatically. It doesn’t matter whether or not you prolong it. If you wish to cancel yours, the site requires a seven-day notice failure to which you will be billed anyway.

Downloaded Essay Review

To gauge whether or not 123helpme.com is worth the investment, I decided to pick and review one of their free articles. I chose a 5-page piece on terrorism and here is my assessment of the quality from the three pages I got to preview without a subscription.

  • Structure

The article was very well structured with a very organic flow to it. The writer did a good job of introducing the topic and explaining it as far as I could read.

  • Overall quality and value for money

As far as overall quality is concerned, the article was on the average end. It had a great balance between engaging yet formal and educational content. In a nutshell, it wasn’t exactly a Pulitzer-worthy piece, but it was pretty decent considering the fact that it is free.

  • Grammar

The grammar of this particular piece was more or less perfect. I didn’t come across any spelling errors or sentences that didn’t make sense.

  • Uniqueness

I haven’t read too many articles on terrorism, so I do not consider myself an expert on originality when it comes to this topic. However, it did provide a different point of view from what I am used to reading from newspapers on the same matter.

What is interesting is that when I checked the paper using different plagiarism tools, there were a couple of other articles just alike. However, given the site’s strict anti-plagiarism policies, it is more likely that the other two were copies of the original article on 123helpme.com.

  • Relevance

One of the greatest challenges with this site is that some articles and their sources become outdated with time. With this one, however, it seems that all the facts are pretty much up to date making it as relevant now as it was when it was written.

  • Final verdict

With more than 400,000 essays in their database, it is difficult to judge the site’s quality from just one article. This article, however, was pretty impressive for a free sample. If the quality I got is anything to go by, it is safe to assume that you might get the same standards of work from other free and paid articles on the site.

Essay Checker Tool Review

In addition to the ready articles, 123helpme.com has an essay checking tool. It is a pretty basic tool that allows you to edit your articles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have advanced tools including plagiarism and content quality checkers. I used the tool to check one of my papers, and I found it pretty effective. It highlights different errors, gives you reasons why the word, phrase or statement is wrong and suggests possible alternatives. Here are some of the specific things that the tool looks out for.

  • Grammar
  • Sentence logic and clarity
  • Spelling
  • Concision and redundancy


In conclusion, 123helpme.com has a lot to offer. It is the place you go when you want to write your paper or conduct your research, but you are running low on creative juices. However, it is important that you are careful about their tricky subscription policies. You also need to remember that the site takes plagiarism seriously and it would therefore not be a good idea to submit any of their work as your own.

All in all, if you plan on using the site as a research and inspiration tool, then it is definitely worth the investment.