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Definition of satire

Generally, satire is a literary device in which a writer makes use of humor, ridicule, and exaggeration to expose and condemn vices in the society. Many writers use satire to expose foolishness in individuals and vices in government or organizations. Even though entertaining, satires are employed to attract attention to particular social or political concern with the aim of effecting some change.

There are two major types of satires, formal and indirect satires. Formal satires involve the writer making use of a persona who speaks directly to the audience or to one or more characters in the work. There are two kinds of formal satire known as the Horatian and Juvenalian satires. Horatian satire gently uses play and light humor to gently criticize social vices in the society. Instead of using harsh and bitter tone, this kind of satire uses humor and clever mockery to address issues. The main goal of Horatian satire is to offer healing to situation with smiles instead of anger and bitterness. It is a reminder to take life less seriously and to use laughter to rubbish situations. Contrary to Horatian satire, Juvenalian satire uses anger and outrage to attack and expose vices in individuals, government, and institutions with less emphasis on humor. In Juvenalian satire, the writer significantly uses exaggerations to exhibit bad reputation of individuals, government or institution condemned so as to initiate some kind of change.

In indirect satires, the writer personally ridicules, mocks or criticizes a character in their work character himself. Menippean satire is a perfect example of indirect satire. Menippean satires focus on criticizing bad character or personality trait in an individual rather than focusing on norms of the society. Menippean satire is less aggressive compared to Juvenalian but more judgmental that Horatian. Menippean satire is employed to ridicule issues like racism, arrogance among other human flows.

List of 120 topics for satire writing

  1. How to succeed in school without studying
  2. Being homeless is not such a bad idea
  3. Why going to school is just waste of time
  4. Dropping out of school could be the best choice
  5. Best approaches on how to fail exams
  6. Students should not be punished in learning institutions
  7. Boarding schools should be abolished
  8. How to successfully avoid dog your chores
  9. Freedom of speech is not necessary
  10. We should believe our politician
  11. America and Russia are top allies
  12. Donald Trump is the greatest president of all time
  13. Brexit is good for Britain
  14. How to manage terrorism using peace messages
  15. Reasons why Voting is not necessary after all
  16. working hard do not mean better pay
  17. Fighting racism through encouraging intermarriages
  18. Why girls should be fit than boys
  19. Money is the beginning of evil
  20. Denial is the best way to deal with issues
  21. Gun control talks is overrated
  22. Office bullying is an extension of high school bullying
  23. Why teenage mothers are on the rise
  24. Social media is important for our lives
  25. Social media is a good platform for making friendship
  26. Video games are important in developing professional skills
  27. The fun of harassing employees
  28. How to convince someone to believe in your lies
  29. Women are the best athletes
  30. The world would be a better place without technology
  31. Why monetary system is full of flaws
  32. Communism and capitalism are likely similar
  33. We can still improve environment without recycling
  34. Why censorship is beneficial for free press
  35. How to terminate a relationship without saying anything
  36. How to make high school environment stress free for students
  37. Why our privacy should have limits
  38. How Kenneth Bone became successful on the internet
  39. How Donald Trump emerged the best presidential candidate
  40. Granting equal rights to all animals will be beneficial to society
  41. Why college education is not important after all
  42. Having a best friend is not necessary is you can have a pet
  43. Important guides on how to fail exams
  44. Things I don’t like about my parents
  45. Why it is important to connect with parents on social media
  46. Why communism is direct opposite of capitalism
  47. Why all nations should build walls on their borders
  48. How to enjoy voting
  49. Soccer matches are violent an should be held in closed doors
  50. Why steroids should be legalized for athletes
  51. Why it is wrong to ignore strangers
  52. Why you should follow stranger’s advice
  53. Do the rich also cry?
  54. Why being rich is more stressing than being poor
  55. Why social media is the best platform to terminate a relationship
  56. How to win an argument with your spouse
  57. Why women can do better than men
  58. Why men should stay at home
  59. Global warming is overrated
  60. How to conserve water in desert
  61. Conventional methods are better in improving soil fertility
  62. Benefits of reporting late in an interview
  63. Robots are more effective than human
  64. Google can save human life
  65. Why it is advantageous to be least favorite employee
  66. No pastor sins
  67. Even pastors are humans
  68. Watching football should be illegal
  69. Customers are not always right
  70. Divorce is likely after posh wedding
  71. Why slim people eat a lot
  72. It is easy to be stay at home mother
  73. Plastic surgery is best option when you lose your ID
  74. Which is the best cancer?
  75. Why pregnant women should travel
  76. Why having HIV is a dream come true
  77. Curing HIV is a myth
  78. What you eat should determine your body weight
  79. Why modern woman should not breastfeed
  80. Even bears love honey
  81. How to work smart without too much effort
  82. Why teenagers are good financial advisors
  83. Why robots will conquer the earth
  84. Soil erosion is overrated
  85. Why overcrowded burial grounds is an environmental threat
  86. Why the dead should bury themselves
  87. Why you should not brush your teeth to control global warming
  88. It would be fun to live without ozone layer
  89. Why using immigrant as free workforce will curb illegal migration
  90. The best way to solve obesity is to distribute food based on body weight
  91. If you have difficulty staying off fast food, then you cholesterol level will be of great help
  92. How to solve workplace conflicts through shouting competition
  93. Obama care is the best gift to Americans
  94. What do men and women expect in office
  95. How to use your time better than in school
  96. Why zero publicity is better than any kind of publicity
  97. Comic books help build certain professions
  98. How to write a book review without reading it
  99. How to be right even when you are wrong
  100. What if rats were to compete in “man’s race”?
  101. Why television is the best caregiver to children
  102. Questions to expect from a girlfriend and how to respond
  103. Guidelines for effective cyberbullying
  104. How to dodge being in a committed relationship
  105. How to challenge your boss and have your day
  106. My favorite daily chore
  107. How to be what we don’t like in our parents
  108. President Trump’s promises and his triumphant deliveries
  109. Choosing between environmental policies and expanding house projects
  110. How mathematics can be the best subject in school
  111. What I don’t like in my parents
  112. Should government employ students in college?
  113. School boards should be made illegal
  114. Why North Korea’s press freedom is the best
  115. How aliens built the great Chinese wall
  116. How to become annoying person
  117. What your boyfriend thinks about your hair design
  118. How to be successful nosy girlfriend without showing
  119. How to embarrass yourself in front of colleagues
  120. How eating is the best way to be slim
  121. Why everyone should think of going to space

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Five tips concerning best topic choice

Choosing the right topic may be very challenging. However, it is important that writer identifies a topic which he or she is comfortable with. The following tips which can help satirist to make good choice on topic he wants to write.

Ask: Seeking clarification and guidance from professionals and experienced satirists may be of great help in arriving at the best topic. You can approach an instructor and professor who have knowledge and experience in writing and follow their guidance.

Be passionate: it is important to identify a topic which you are passionate about. Choosing atopic which fits personal interest level makes you to perform better without struggle.

Check the facts: While selecting a topic, it is important to remember selecting a topic on which there are enough materials. Before making final decision about topic, it is best to confirm availability of credible resources.

Look in front of you: most of the time people take a lot of time looking for answers only to realize that it was right in front of them. You can easily choose a topic from personal hobbies and interest. This, however, requires creativity and sensibility to take advantage of the opportunity that is right before us.

Brainstorm: brainstorming is very important in choosing topics. Brainstorming allows the writer to put down important ideas about identified topics. This, therefore, allows the writer to eliminate certain topics which they feel they do not important ideas to express.